AP: Sports fans around the country are facing costlier or longer rides to the game because of a recent federal regulation that restricts the use of public shuttles that people take from train stations or offsite parking to the stadium.

One other element to note, the Tuscaloosa Transit Authority says on its website:“The Tuscaloosa Transit Authority WILL NOT provide transportation to and from the Alabama home football games due to changes in the FTA charter rules. Tuscaloosa Charter Services will be the private charter company that will transport to and from the stadium for the home football games.” Here’s the AP story detailing the federal regulation forcing teams in the NFL and college to change their bus service to sporting events.

4 thoughts on “Federal rules change NFL, college gamedays”

  1. “Why should taxpayers subsidize for-profit organizations like professional sports teams that can well afford to pay for shuttle services?” FTA spokesman David Longo wrote in reply to the AP’s questions.”

    typical blather from a pasty white, horned-rim-glasses-wearing bureaucrat.

    because these “for-profit organizations” (can’t you almost hear the contempt in his voice when he says that?) pump a hell of a lot of tax revenue into the economies these local transit authorities are providing service to, you freaking dumbass.

    and why is it when i read a story from the ap i get the funny feeling i’m not getting the WHOLE story???

    like a comment from an independent operator who’s getting shut out from the shuttle market by the local transit authority?

    hey, i fully understand what’s going on here. apparently somewhere, someone feels they’re not getting a fair shot at the business because they can’t compete with a publicly funded transit authority. but don’t give me that bullshit about “for-profit org’s” and imply this move will benefit the fans.

    this year, a lot of fans are gonna be walking. great benefit. and when they can find a private company to provide the service, it’s gonna get more expensive.

    this is just another small example of how when government involves themselves in something that’s working fine and benefits we-the-people, more often than not, they f**k it up.

  2. What a crock of BS!

    The even worse news is, now that this rule has gone into effect, there will be NO parking spaces available on campus this season.

    And for those coming off the Interstate onto McFarland, you’d better be there bright and early, as the sun is rising, or else you can bet traffic is going to be even more ridiculous than ever!

  3. At last,
    the playing field is leveled. And the locals will stop making those absurd requests for public transport.

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