Auburn’s coach Tommy Tuberville smarting from the ass-beating delivered by Marc Richt the last two seasons, and alarmed at the decline of Auburn’s recruiting in 2008 fired a salvo at UGA and UA via the Huntsville Times.

We work hard at recruiting. We’ve got good recruiters. We know who we want to recruit. Some we’re going to get and some we’re not going to get, but we’re going to do it the right way and not end up on probation in a few years.

“We don’t recruit at all costs. We recruit players that want to come to our place and get an education. I think it’s worked for us so far. We’ve got one of the best records in college football the last five, six years.”

Tuberville has decided to allude to cheating at his chief rivals to explain why he has failed to deliver much on the recruiting trails. Tuberville was off hunting, while Saban and other SEC coaches were recruiting. Maybe that explains Auburn’s recruiting woes instead of others sinning on the recruiting trail.

And considering Auburn’s track record with the NCAA, Tuberville would do well to worry about the beam in his own eye rather than a mote in his rivals.

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According to and, Alabama and UGA are contending for top classes, while Auburn lags its chief rivals substantially. While there is little doubt that Auburn will finish with a decent class, the class will look more like an Mike Shula class, depending heavily on commitments who may or may not qualify (and counting a couple of players from JUCO and prep schools who were previously signed).

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3 thoughts on “Tuberville: UA and UGA cheat”

  1. Tubby is whining simply because he inherited a goldmine at OPI with Alabama being on probation.

    He did an outstanding job reeling in superior recruits while we struggled to recruit end’s meat. Now that we’re officially cleared of the NCAA radar, things are back to normal and what Tubby moronically doesn’t realize is being the head coach of nearly ANY state’s second rate school is always going to get the sloppy seconds. Unless, however, the top program is limited when it comes to recruiting. Then the usual case is the second rate program takes what they can’t have.

    The barnies (who are over the age of 7), on the other hand, should be strongly accustomed to this.

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