The season finally ends. Hallelujah. I can’t wait. The season was substantially disappointing, but some positive momentum heading into the new year can be achieved with a win.

Here are a few previews and links:

Saban’s “said more” at his press conference than he thought, according to Cecil Hurt. Hurt examines the learning experience for the coaches and players in the 2007 campaign. He attempts to provide a few answers about why things went from so good to so bad. Ultimately, the experience of 2007 could help 2008:
“Thus, there will be two important things that happen tonight. First, as Saban said, there will be the outcome of the game itself. But, a few minutes after it ends, there will be the turning of the page. It will be 2008 very quickly, a season in which players and coaches will have the benefit of shared experiences. That will be the biggest difference coming out of Shreveport this year, as opposed to a year ago.”

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Ian Rapoport gives some extended quotes from Nick Saban on negative recruiting and recruiting in general. Saban’s best quote is this one:
“”That’s what we are going to continue to build on,” he said, “and I think there will be enough people out there that will want to be a part of that, that we’ll be able to attract the kind of character and quality people that want to get an education and be good football players and win championships that we won’t have to use any other tactics relative to what other schools do.”

Eight in the Box provides an analysis of the running game in the Alabama vs. Colorado game.

And last, here are the game notes: