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Best holiday wishes to everyone

Media bias
It wouldn’t be a holiday without a media smear. And AOL’s fanhouse is the offender this time reporting on the Saban’s accident, but then throwing this comment in for good measure: Reports say it was a downed tree so we can shoot down those drunk driving cover-up conspiracies like hmmmmmmmmmm right now.

Apparently, this blogger decided that since there haven’t been any conspiracies thrown around, he’d bring one out of the bottle. This is the epitome of irresponsible journalism, and AOL and its fanhouse team should address this outrageous and absolutely dangerous assertion.

A media outlet should know making this type of statement is tantamount to endorsing the view—this guy is just playing sophistic games in his attempt to attack Nick Saban.

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Rankings has Alabama with the #2 recruiting class in the nation, and has Alabama ranked #3. It is a slight change with an improvement at Rivals, from when we mentioned it last week.

Enjoy the holiday!

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