Transitioning to basketball would be easier if it were possible to get excited about Alabama’s basketball team. Last year, everyone’s hopes were on the rise, only to be dashed upon the rocks of inconsistency and the cliffs of poor performance. How can we expect anything better this year?

We can’t.

So why even bother paying attention to a sport that hasn’t been worth following most seasons since Wimp Sanderson exited the Capstone?

So until I have a reason to care, I’ll just quietly monitor the basketball season hoping Gottfried is able to find a miracle and make this season something worth watching.

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On to a few links:
The Independence Bowl is a new start, Saban says. “”We are kind of going back and starting all over,” Saban said. “I think it’s never too late to start the season over.” I’d suggest the 13th game of the season is a little late. But that’s an interesting philosophy. There’s an element of optimism in it; I hope it works and pays some dividends going into spring practice and next season.

Here’s Saban’s press conference video:

Guess what? Saban is impressed with the team he will face. That headline belongs right up there with dog bites man.

Arenas looked healthier in practice.

In high school news, Josh Niblett was hired by Hoover as its new football coach. Niblett’s began his speech by thanking Jesus Christ, the Birmingham News reported.

Here are capsules on the NFL games this weekend including the Pats vs. Dolphins and Lions vs. Chiefs.