Tuberville in talks with LSU?

Auburn has decided to play tough with Tommy Tuberville, if reports from and are accurate. According to both of those outlets, Auburn has offered Tuberville a two-year extension; however, Tuberville would only earn a $200,000 raise next year as stipulated currently in his contract. Unless something is missing and left out of the reports, this is a big screw you to Tuberville.

I suspect this offer would’ve been better had Tuberville and his camp not waged a war in the press by making him a candidate for every major job open this season. Well that isn’t fair. Tuberville isn’t a candidate for Michigan. But Tuberville’s people have been pimping him for the A&M job, and now the Arkansas job. The truth is A&M decided early on to not go after Tuberville. How do we know that? Even before the Franchione coup de grace, Pay Dye let slip his source at A&M said Tuberville was not a serious candidate.

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According to multiple media reports, the Auburn offer is essentially the same one delivered Tuesday, and it does include improvements to facilities.
Is Tuberville a serious candidate for Arkansas? Possibly. But couldn’t this be similar to the Steve Spurrier to Alabama smokescreen, when even seemingly reliable sources were saying it was a done deal?

It would seem an ideal smokescreen if a report from is accurate. posted a report which cited sources close to Tuberville saying, Tuberville’s agent Jimmy Sexton has already been in talks with LSU, and that there was mutual interest provided the buyout could be reduced.

Of course, Auburn says the buyout is ironclad.

But wouldn’t an Auburn trustee pay the buyout if he was given the chance?

This situation is either a Tuberville miscalculation, or a fractious family squabble. It would seem at this point, with Auburn’s offer and Tuberville’s imitation of a prostitute, there is little chance he could return as an effective leader of the Auburn football program. How can you recruit after a disaster like this? How could you hire assistants after a disaster like this?

Auburn Joke:
The funniest person I know gave me a joke to share with everyone. Here it is: How do you get an Auburn graduate off your door step?
Pay for the pizza.

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9 thoughts on “Tuberville vs. Auburn”

  1. If LSU truly is in hot pursuit of Tommy Tuberville, they should seriously reflect upon their mental ability before taking any further steps. LSU could possibly if not the, one of the most attractive jobs in the country for coaches. Most likely, they could literally snag any coach they wanted. So in my very own personal opinion, I’m certain they’d fish for a guy who’s proven himself both in the win and championship column.

    Oddly enough, last Monday, after Tubby got number 7 (7-2 overall) over the Tide, Alabama Polytechnic Institute was preparing to offer him the world. Today, they seem to be a tad bit silent and not as willing to sacrifice their first born to retain Tubby as they were a weekend ago.

    Personally, I don’t believe Tubby will leave the wonderful city of Aubarn; however, after all that’s gone down in recent days, I’m beginning to think otherwise.

    Looking ahead, I’d say a worthy successor to Tubby would have to be Ed Orgeron. After all, each of his losses to UA at Ole Miss were only by an average of 3 points — and seeing how their seasons evolve around ours, rather than national attention, they’d love to snag a guy who could potentially defeat UA on several more occasions.

    But the big question remains: could Coach O bare the smell of cow turds for more than a day?

  2. I find it interesting that in the nine years Tubby has been at Auburn, he has NEVER been a serious candidate for another coaching job. Oh sure, someone may hint at his name from time to time, but we find out later that he was never a serious choice. Could it be due to his big contract with Auburn, or could it be that he really isn’t the greatest of coaches, and that his recent success has been due to the disarray of the Alabama program?

  3. I am buying the smokescreen theory. As much as I dislike Auburn, I would rank it as a much better job than Arkansas.
    Jimmy Sexton is very shrewd and is using Arkansas like he did with Steve Spurrier to Alabama.

    I can believe Tuberville and LSU have already been talking, and there is interest on both sides. There is enough influential people on the plain that want him gone that the buyout will not be a problem.

    Roll Tide,

  4. Tubs will be at AU for a long time. Miles is staying at LSU. Aburn AND LSU will both continue the beat down of the Tide ( along with the occasional ULM…)


  5. Tubs will be at AU because he can’t go anywhere else despite the fact he obviously wants out (why else does he want no buyout???) and the Auburn family doesn’t want him (trustees, Pat Dye, etc.)

    As for winning, Auburn’s days are numbered. UGA is poised to dominate the Tigers—so get ready for many 8-4 seasons with AU winning no more than 4 games against Alabama every decade.

  6. Whatever…..6 in row now…

    Tubs wants to break the Bear’s record of 9…I am thinking 10+ get used to it (if not already)

    Tubs/Sexton are just good businessmen. Why would you not want similar pay / facility committments to the others in the SEC that you have winning records against??

    Give it a shot for a couple weeks, get more of the AU family on the same page and get ready to have really special years the next 2-3 years and beyond..


  7. LOL, and people call Alabama fans deluded. I’ve never seen more delusion. No wonder Tubby wants to get away.

  8. I am curious though, seriously, all teasing aside.

    Do Auburn fans, rank-and-file Auburn fans, care the way this has been handled in the media?

  9. “Whatever…..6 in row now…

    Tubs wants to break the Bear’s record of 9…I am thinking 10+ get used to it (if not already)”

    In response to such an absurdly delusional comment, I’d like to ask if you’ve just finished up with middle school? Though not being given any other facts, I’d sure say so.

    Obviously you don’t realize your coach has made a fortune off of Alabama’s misfortunes. The only problem is he’s squeaked by in 4 of those 6 games only winning by seven points or less mainly due to costly mistakes on our behalf. Also keep in mind in the majority of those games, Alabama lacked the vast majority of their starting players due to injuries.

    If your head coach has to rely on luck to defeat Alabama (see probation and injuries and two forced fumbles setting up 2 easy 10 yard touchdowns for Albarn in 2006 and a missed field goal and bobbled pass in the endzone in 2007) while in the waning hours of their darkest days which are slowly but surely brightening, I guess you refuse to look ahead and accept the fact that with an arsenal of amazing talent coming in, we’re going to have a field day full of cake and ice cream with Tubby and company.

    Trust me when I say that we ARE preparing for “special years” in the forthcoming future. You should be prepared as well… For the return of Alabama as well as the return of Alabama Tech — the Alabama Tech we saw prior to the year 2002 or prior to our probationary period. Got 4 out of 12? Absolutely hilarious!

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