The nightmare has arrived.

Look what parity hath wrought.

In a year where no team has looked worthy of a national title, no team is worthy of a national title.

Unfortunately the suits at FOX, owner of TV rights for the BCS, will insist on playing anyway. So, the pollsters and computers will render an unfair and completely arbitrary calculation. In other words, about like normal.

Who are the two teams most likely to play for the title? Probably not the two teams playing the best football right now: USC and UGA. Unfortunately, all USC and UGA have done is win football games, but USC lost a bit late to recover in the polls and UGA didn’t get to play in the SEC championship game.

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If I were voting, I’d put UGA in without question. I do have doubts about USC, but I can’t see Ohio State as a better team. LSU doesn’t have a leg to stand on—they lost to Kentucky and Arkansas on the final day of the regular season. You need to be getting better, not worse.

Oklahoma would also be an interesting choice. They played very well tonight in the Big XII championship game.

In case you want to read a bit more about the BCS fiasco, Best of the SEC has been complaining about the system all season. I’m sure he’ll provide additional commentary as the apocalypse has arrived.

Here are the game summaries from the big upsets and the SEC title game:

SEC Champ Game pictures:

No. 1 Tigers fall to Sooners in Big 12 title game

Pitt 13, West Virginia 9