Friday Morning Update: The consensus reports from Arkansas and from Auburn press is that Tuberville to Arkansas is most likely a done deal. Hawgsports.com has reported sources point to Tuberville, but they aren’t confirming it yet. Why? The involvement of Jimmy Sexton. Multiple reports have Tuberville angry with Auburn’s latest contract offer.

PRAVDA:Tommy outraged by reports Neither he nor his agent, Jimmy Sexton, Tuberville said, has had any contact at all with Arkansas officials about the job vacated by Houston Nutt. That just means Tuberville and Sexton have talked with boosters and others in the background.

Multiple media outlets in Arkansas are reporting Tommy Tuberville will be the next Arkansas football coach. The reports cite ” multiple sources.” Stories are available at KNWA and Video here.

UPDATE: AU propaganda press cites sources who reject the reports.

Bandwagon: KLRT reports sources confirm deal near for Tuberville

False Start: Morning News reports no deal with Tuberville. MORE…

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The Morning News report quoted U of Ark AD Jeff Long: “I will say that many of the reports about an SEC West coach are extremely premature and actually aren’t even premature,” Long said. “They’re fantasy.” MORE…

The Morning News quoted a source close to Tuberville. Two guess who that source was. I’m betting his agent Jimmy Sexton. Here’s the specific attribution, you decide: A source close to Tuberville told The Morning News on Wednesday that the Auburn coach is a candidate to replace Nutt. But the source said Tuberville did not meet with Arkansas officials on Thursday.

13 thoughts on “REPORT: Tuberville next Hawg coach”

  1. Leverage and payback, that is all this is. I’ll believe he is going to Arkansas when the ink on that contract is dry. You never know what will happen with a Jimmy Sexton client.

  2. I agree. This doesn’t make ANY sense.

    The only way it could possibly make sense is if Tuberville is trying to screw Auburn over his treatment at Jetgate. But isn’t that really petty?

    I don’t see this helping him at all in his talks with AU officials. This can only backfire.

  3. Capstone, you are usually dead on bout most of this stuff with the media makin up BS. Is there any truth to this? How could this be a step up?

  4. My gut tells me Tuberville would stay in Auburn. But something else is gnawing at me tonight.

    Much of this is starting to remind me of Franchione’s departure.

    What are the reasons for Tuberville to leave?

    1. Arkansas is home, and he could finish his career at that place.

    2. Auburn powers would never embrace Tuberville for many reasons. Tuberville could win six in a row over Alabama, but he’ll never really be accepted by the Auburn Family.

    3. If Tuberville had lost to Alabama, he would probably be forced out anyway. He knows that. He was close to being lynched after the losses to USF and MSU.

    What are the reasons to stay at Auburn?

    1. Good job. I’d say Top 15 in the country. Arkansas isn’t in Top 30 jobs.

    2. Nice six year stretch over chief rival.

    3. Nice salary.

    4. Security with the big buyout.

    5. Staying pisses off Pat Dye and a few trustees.

    What other reasons are their to stay and go?

  5. This could be good, but simultaneously this could also be bad — very bad.

    What people fail to realize is Tommy Tuberville IS NOT a simply put: good coach. He’s mediocre at best and his inconsistent track record proves it. He only managed to gain brief above average success at Alabama Polytechnic Institute due to, in large part of the NCAA, Dennis Franchione, Albert Means, and Mike Shula. Notice how during Alabama’s first official season out of the probationary shadow, Tubby compiles another mediocre record at best. They blamed this past season on “jetgate” but anyone with more than half a brain could tell you otherwise. Not to mention we (Alabama) are back to form, already owning API in recruiting.

    API’s crucial loss to UGA and being a missed field goal and dropped/intercepted touchdown pass away from losing to Alabama only goes to show his days of riding the Barnie family’s pedestal are shortly numbered.

    However, do we as Alabama fans really want him to go? I still view Tubby as the coach who once prowled the sidelines holding his head down in shame during the 4th quarter just prior to losing to Alabama. NOT the coach running amok like a little girl holding up fingers on the sideline, who also managed to gain brief success by filling Alabama’s void courtesy of the NCAA. Seeing how Mike Shula only lost to this guy by an average of 7 points or less, and in 3 of those 4 miserable seasons, Shula lacked having several of his key players play in those games, Tubby still doesn’t intimidate me at all — especially knowing we have a proven head coach who is in the process of bringing in a train load of ridiculous talent. If Tubby leaves, a huge gamble will be taken. They will either replace him with another Tubby at best in Paul Johnson, Mark Mangino, or even Dennis Franchione (all three not probable). However, this may call upon the return of Bobby Petrino and God prohibit this from happening, but if it does, Alabama could be in serious trouble.

    Either way, as said, a huge gamble is being taken. If Tubby stays, 8-4 or 7-5 will be all he achieves at best from this season forward for however long he stays at Alabama Polytechnic Institute. But I don’t see what on Earth possess him to actually say he enjoys that rundown so called “city” full of jacked up truck driving, snuff spitting rednecks, rodeos, and no nightlife whatsoever. Then again, Tubby has that down home personality, so living in a college town full of cow pastures, catfish ponds and chicken houses sounds heavily appealing to his interests. Though I’ve never been to Fayetteville, I’m sure it’s a much more enjoyable place to reside in than Aubarn. And seeing how it’s Tubby’s native state, I don’t see why not.

    Let’s pray API brings in another Terry Bowden or Doug Barfield. Heck, I’d even take another Pat Dye or Shug Jordan seeing how they both were overrated and neither of them compiled an overall winning record against their father, Alabama.

  6. I don’t think Petrino is leaving Atlanta.

    To be honest, if Tuberville is trying to screw Auburn, this is the best year to leave. Auburn is a good job, but with Michigan (soon to be LSU open), and Nebraska—it is a tough year to snag a top-tier coach.

    Who would the leaders be? Paul Johnson of Navy and maybe Muschamp off the present staff? What about Grobe of Wake?

  7. What about LSU? Is Sexton in the ears of LSU for a “Tubby to Baton Rouge” move? To me that would be a step up from Cow College. Are they stalling the Arkansas deal til after the SEC Championship?

    Tony, I agree with most of what you said. But I give Tubby a little more credit as a coach. Yes his 6 streak over Bama can be a little related to Bama’s problems. But not only has he beat weak Bama teams, Tubby has beat several very good and talented teams over the past 3 or 4 years. And it’s not so much that he is a good coach, but a good administrator. Tubby surrounds himself with good coaches.

    I’m a diehard Bama fan, and honestly the only reason I don’t like Tubby……He’s at Cow College!!!

  8. I thought Tuberville loved Auburn. Isn’t he in an “Auburn Man”? Now don’t tell me its about the money! It just can’t be. Its a known fact that most coaches would work in the little village for free. Me thinks Tubby is getting his pound back over a little thing called “Jet Gate”. Good stuff. Stick it to them Tommy and keep up that snipe hunting in Arky while Nick is recruiting his ass off.

  9. This doesn’t make any sense to you people? It’s a BUSINESS NEGOTIATION. Being a HC at a major college football program is akin to being the CEO. Tuberville would be an idiot not to negotiate hard for the best deal for himself and his staff. There are certainly no guarantees, year in and year out, that ANY coach will continue to have a job.

    If he stays at Auburn, fine. If he leaves, everyone will wish him well. There won’t be the wailing and whining that accompanied Franchione’s departure from UAT. What you people need to be worried about is Saban. Because I firmly believe he is going back to LSU if Miles does indeed leave for Michigan. The happiest I’ve seen him in talking to the media over the past few months was when he was waxing nostalgic for Baton Rouge right before the LSU game, and talking about all his “good friends” from there who were staying with him in T-town. Every other time the guy is talking to the media, he’s been miserable. I think he realizes he had it pretty good in Baton Rouge — total control of the program, total control of the talent pool in LA, plus some of TX, and no “fishbowl” like he and his family have to deal with in T-town. I think you all should be VERY afraid.

  10. If you believe it is all negotiation then you are deluded.

    Negotiations are like a family disagreement. You have to carefully weigh the benefits and risks of every word you say.

    Tuberville and his camp were fools if they thought this wouldn’t harm recruiting and otherwise injure his standing with the Auburn leadership.

    They’ve made a deal almost impossible. Something they apparently want; and it is something a faction of Auburn’s leadership wants.

    You talk about Alabama’s problems; however, you can’t see the beam in thine own eye. The Auburn family is very dysfunctional.

  11. I’ll tell you this much: Auburn won’t have to run around the country BEGGING someone to take the HC job there they way UAT had to last year. Saban told UAT to bend over, and UAT said, “yes sir!” Especially after every other candidate turned them down.

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