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Texas A&M deserves better than foolish Johnny Manziel

Highlights of texas A&M 52 Rice 31 Impressions of Texas A&M and Johnny Manziel Johnny Manziel returned to Johnny Football Saturday, but it was a disgusting display of narcissism. Texas A&M went to bat for an obviously guilty Johnny Manziel during the autograph scandal, but Manziel repaid that loyalty with a self-centered display on the […]

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GameDay: Key to Alabama-VaTech? Apparently it’s AJ’s boot

AJ McCarron showed up in Atlanta wearing a protective boot, and Twitter exploded. ESPN broke in with stories on the footwear, and virtually every news outlet made the boot a story. I had a close friend hit me up for information while refusing to hear the truth of the situation. Him: “AJ showed up in […]

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Something is wrong with college football

Something is wrong with college football. It is not the fans. It is not the media. It is not talk radio. It is not Paul Finebaum. It is not the Internet. So, what is wrong with college football? The people involved with it. Players are acting like immature, entitled brats and the leadership acts like […]

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Is LSU the best team in the country? What is Steve Spurrier thinking? What is wrong with USC?

Will Les Miles help or hurt LSU this season? Will Steve Spurrier ever find a quarterback? What is going wrong with Lane Kiffin’s USC football team? Sean Salisbury examines these issues in a Total College Sports report.

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