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Shane: Let the games begin

By Shane from Centerpoint Forget the mundane drudgery in all the activities you associate with your normal daily life – the 2009 college football season is about to start. Leave those worries about bills, rising taxes, and your health in limbo for a while because it’s game week. Banks may be collapsing around you, but […]

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Shane: Brando’s ego shell-shocked

By Shane from Centerpoint Note: You can listen to the Brando vs. Shane conversation in the archives section at the Finebaum Radio Network website. Some people just don’t get it. Tim Brando – after allowing a critical tongue-in-cheek blog that listed him as the country’s #1 media wacko to crush his fragile ego – acted […]

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Shane: SEC from top to bottom

Shane’s 2009 final record predictions By Shane from Centerpoint Every year at this time I take out Shane’s crystal ball and forecast the final records of every Southeastern Conference football team. My rankings start with the worst and end with the best. If I pick two or more teams to finish with the same record, […]

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Shane: Top Ten Sports Media Wackos

By Shane from Centerpoint As a tribute to all the hard working sportswriters out there, and in light of the ever increasing popularity of lists, I’ve decided to compile a ranking of sports personalities. This list consists of a group of guys who, being allowed by profession to pontificate to the people, just might take […]

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Shane: Contenders and Pretenders

By Shane from Centerpoint With the 2009 football season quickly approaching, I’ve decided to start a new tradition. I’m going to open my crystal ball and see what lies ahead for some of the more popular members of the Southeastern Conference. I’ll cover teams, coaches, players, or anything else that pertains to college football in […]

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Shane: High hopes or pipe dreams?

By Shane from Centerpoint I’m beginning to get a sense of déjà vu. I’m having memories of the early Nineties, a period in SEC football history when the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Florida Gators met annually in the championship game. Both programs dominated their respective divisions, and the only question at the beginning of […]

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Shane: An opposing point of view

By Shane from Centerpoint Every year around the first of August I crack open my copy of Lindy’s SEC Preview magazine. This year’s version is loaded with details, and informative to say the least – especially the segment that highlights what opposing coaches (who chose to remain anonymous) think about other SEC teams and their […]

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Shane: Tidbits from SEC media days

By Shane from Centerpoint Once a year, during the “dog days” of summer, the media converges on the Winfrey Hotel near Hoover, Alabama to join the SEC coaches – along with a few players from each team – in a season kick-off event. The event is designed to allow the media to gather important details […]

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Shane: The pro-style advantage

By Shane from Centerpoint There are roughly seventeen–hundred roster positions available in the National Football League every year when the season kicks-off. Competition for those coveted slots is increasingly becoming more demanding on young athletes, and NFL scrutiny can be humbling. Since playing in the NFL seems to be the end-dream of every young college […]

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Shane: Race for the National Crown

By Shane from Centerpoint If the recent trend in college football continues into the 2009 campaign, there is no doubt in my mind that the Southeastern Conference has three teams who have an excellent shot at winning the crown. With the Florida Gators being the national pick as the pre-season leader, Urban Meyer has a […]

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Shane: Enough is enough

By Shane from Centerpoint That does it! I’m not going to sit here and let this one get by me. New head football coach Lane Kiffin has done some childish things since his arrival at the University of Tennessee, but his recent attempt to secure the commitment of an eight-grader leaves no doubt in my […]

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Shane: Tubby’s Revenge?

By Shane from Centerpoint With the kick-off of the 2009 college football season less than 70 days out, most of the questions that remain for the state’s “powerhouse” universities – Alabama and Auburn (sorry Troy and UAB) – are about to be answered on the field of play. I would suspect Crimson Tide fans are […]

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Shane: Everything but the kitchen sink

By Shane from Centerpoint It’s June 21st, Father’s Day. In spite of the fact that I’m sitting on my deck protected by a roof and ceiling fan, it seems like one of the hottest days (to officially begin the summer) in Birmingham Alabama that I can remember. It’s so hot I can see the creosote […]

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Shane: (repost) Chizik column

Shane was a little under the weather this week and is republishing this column. Chizik hire is a sham By Shane from Centerpoint The former Auburn coach sat there with a huge smile plastered across his face. Pat Dye appeared secure and comfortable for the first time in years. Jay Gogue, the current Auburn University […]

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Shane: Spotlight on Auburn football

By Shane from Centerpoint I know there are literally dozens of major sports–related topics I could cover in my column this week, but none of them seem very important when compared to the “earth–shaking” events taking place down on the Plains of Auburn. I strive to talk about the “hot” topics, and right now it’s […]

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Shane: SEC football-Lifestyles of the rich & famous

By Shane from Centerpoint Southeastern Conference officials, including coaches, athletic directors, and presidents just completed their annual spring meetings. These meetings were held down in some elite hotel resort located near Destin, Florida. Yes, one of those places down on the “Emerald Coast” – a place that is home to the most beautiful white beaches […]

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Shane: SEC Football Spring Preview

By Shane from Centerpoint It’s Sunday, May 24th 2009, somewhere around 100 days prior to the actual beginning of the college football season. This is the time of the year when I would normally be waxing poetic in the middle of some story about my summer vacation down on the Emerald Coast. However, a far […]

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Shane: Spurrier or Meyer?

Who’s the best coach – Spurrier or Meyer? By Shane from Centerpoint Legendary football coach Steve Spurrier has always been one of the best at using the media to influence the public’s perception of an opposing coach. During a recent live radio interview with renowned sports talk-show host Paul Finebaum, Spurrier opened up a nasty […]

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Shane’s new gig and new column

Note: Shane sent his weekly column in this morning and informed me that it will be published in the Call News in Citronelle. New Direction – Same Shane By Shane from Centerpoint Those who’ve read my stuff on the Capstone Report will have to forgive me for the first paragraph or two in this week’s […]

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Breaking: Shane ousted at Western Star

Shane from Centerpoint’s column will no longer be published in the Western Star. It was also learned Tuesday afternoon that he would no longer serve as the paper’s sports editor. Shane’s column began on the Paul Finebaum website, and beginning in 2007 was published online here and in the Western Star newspaper. Shane had been […]

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Shane: The Limo aftermath

By Shane from Centerpoint Webster’s dictionary defines the word “gimmick” as a clever gadget, trick or idea. When University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban or Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer enters a “Five Star” athlete’s home to secure his promise to sign on the bottom line, gimmicks, gadgets and smack-talk aren’t part of […]

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SEC has become a path to the NFL

By Shane from Centerpoint After watching National Football League draft experts make Southeastern Conference players their choice in eight of the first twenty-five picks, I remain convinced that no other college football conference compares to the SEC in its ability to consistently produce NFL-prototype athletes. Georgia Bulldog quarterback Matthew Stafford was the first player taken […]

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Shane: 2009 A-Day report & photos

McElroy showcases arm; Tide defense works to stop the spread By Shane from Centerpoint One thing was clearly evident as I watched three years of Nick Saban recruits take the field for the University of Alabama’s annual spring football game — this team is blessed with abundant depth and major talent, especially along both lines […]

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Shane: Alabama football is back on top

By Shane from Centerpoint Like a huge tidal wave that rises from the flat ocean surface after an earthquake explodes underneath, University of Alabama football is quickly rolling forward while establishing itself as one of the top-three college football programs in the nation. Nick Saban (the Tide’s earthquake) appears to be as relentless as his […]

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Shane: Who will be the SEC’s best quarterback?

By Shane from Centerpoint One of the most accepted doctrines of SEC football is that a team’s most important player is the quarterback. A great signal-caller’s performance is usually the deciding factor in the victory when you review the post game stats, especially after two of the league’s top-tier programs clash. In essence, the fortunes […]

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Shane: Hiring of Grant is historic

By Shane from Centerpoint With the introduction of Anthony Grant as the new head coach of the Alabama basketball program, the university has hired one of the best young coaches in America – at least according to most of the experts and well known basketball consultant C.M. Newton. During the process, the Alabama fan base […]

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Shane: Football less forgiving than basketball

‘March Madness’ mild compared to football’s ‘Total Insanity’ By Shane from Centerpoint The “real” college basketball season doesn’t begin until March. That’s when the tournament begins. Prior to the “Big Dance”, teams spend about three months trying to earn a spot in the final field of sixty-four. As long as a team plays a respectable […]

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Shane: Spring Break—Saban style

By Shane from Centerpoint Alabama head football coach Nick Saban might’ve just started his Spring training session, but he already has a keen insight into how certain players have adapted to his system because he closely monitors his famed “fourth-quarter” program – a conditioning technique Nick uses to weed-out the best from the rest. It […]

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Shane: Is the ‘Spread’ worth it?

By Shane from Centerpoint If you’re the country’s number-one ranked wide receiver coming out of high school and you’re planning your post collegiate NFL future, why would you consider signing with a college football program that operates out of the “spread” offense? Most importantly, this offense will not prepare you for the League because the […]

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Shane: Tide’s outlook for 2009

Crimson Tide will win it all in 2009 By Shane from Centerpoint I’ve been hearing the talk since the moment Nick Saban’s feet hit the ground in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The issue is not if but when Saban will lead Alabama to its thirteenth national championship. Most of the national pundits are in agreement that the […]

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