By Shane from Centerpoint
Note: You can listen to the Brando vs. Shane conversation in the archives section at the Finebaum Radio Network website.
Some people just don’t get it. Tim Brando – after allowing a critical tongue-in-cheek blog that listed him as the country’s #1 media wacko to crush his fragile ego – acted in his typical cowardly fashion by using the “bully pulpit” of his national radio show to exact verbal revenge on the writer.

Certain that his verbal trashing of the writer and every other blogger – as well as almost every other medium but his – wasn’t enough, Brando (like all egomaniacs) felt the need to press the issue even harder. He staged a conversation with the writer on the Paul Finebaum Show in order to put the blogger in his place for good.

Apparently, Brando never considered that he just might be stepping out of his element. He, like most self-important media elitist, engaged the writer (now caller) and tried to give the impression that he “used” the blog to prove a point about how the “new” media is damaging journalism.

The end-result wasn’t pretty. The host didn’t buy his bizarre concept. The audience didn’t believe him; and the writer was amused that Brando had no clue what he was talking about.

Here’s the bottom line: Tim Brando got upset and angry because he took the blogger’s commentary seriously. His tender ego was bruised and Tim started to lash-out any way he could. He said he wanted to meet the guy on live radio, slam him to the ground and make him cry “uncle”.

As usual, Brando wrote another check with his mouth that his tail couldn’t cash.

The caller stayed on point, keeping the conversation centered on Timmy’s rather childish rant and personal insults, where Brando took some nasty shots at him.

Due to the fact that Tim wasn’t in his studio and didn’t have his glass wall around him (with his red cut-off button) for protection, the writer proceeded to expose Brando’s truly condescending nature, as well as his arrogant general disdain for all who resided beneath him.

Game – set – match. Without raising his voice and with the precision of a surgeon, the blogger left no doubt that Tim Brando was everything that he called him in the blog and more.

By the way, Tim was still trying to spin his way out of the embarrassing situation he put himself in the next day. Believe it or not, this clown spent a large portion of his show trying to convince someone (maybe himself) that he was above the fray that he himself created.

Imagine that! Brando was able to take some criticisms originally written in jest about him and make them real. Now that takes talent.
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

36 thoughts on “Shane: Brando’s ego shell-shocked”

  1. Shane………You do realize that you just wrote a story about yourself , refering to yourself in the third person, dont you ? Whats next Shane ? Are you gonna relace J.R. in the WWE as a rasslin match caller ?

    The only thing that Brando did wrong was even talk to you, thereby giving you undue credibility.. Why would he act like or think that he is light years ahead of you proffesionally ? ummmmm….That woulld be because he is light years ahead of you professionally…..

  2. WTF? DAMN….. @least you didnt write ANOTHER blog on how uat was gonna finish first again. But hell your gonna ride this one to the WILD BLUE YONDER too huh?
    Are you jealous of Brando? I personally think hes an ASS to. But YOU….You are some kind of character. You know if your a Chef you dont try and belittle other Chefs right? I cant say your not a writer becuase you are published in Citronelle but YOUR NOT A WRITER!!! But you still shouldnt JUDGE your own idiot!
    It really makes you look like the LITTLE MAN you are…..


  3. Shane in writing what you have here you have made yourself out to be the exact person of which you accuse Brando of being.

    I have news for you little man, Tim Brando, you aint, nor will you ever be.

    Better stick to your ice route and leave the real writing and reporting to the professionals.

    I can take your opinions, but when you start trying to elevate, “YOU”, to that of a true columnist you have gone to far.

    You are in fact, just a caller, and not a very good one at that. You, idiot man, and straight jacket jim, are all what you accused Brando of being, a legend in your on minds.

    I will give you this though, as hard as you try to put on the, “radio voice”, when you call, it doesn’t work, so I would say you’re a better writer than talker, but not by much.

    You are to full of yourself to ever get much respect. You along with the other two mentioned above are sooooo full of it, I don’t know how either of you ever get out of the bathroom.

  4. Shane keep up the nice work.Hell you know who these people are.BARNIES.Lick balls and that Omni BOY need to move the hell on.And do not make me mad boys i might roll your assesss in toommers what ever the hell you dumb assesss call it… RTR…

  5. Shane, Actually I thought Brandork subtly kicked your A$$ on the radio.

    And Rampage Jim, Well he simply went on yet another rampage.

    Quit try to brag about this $hit, It is getting, or rather has become very tiring.

  6. i listened to this from an interesting perch. i think they’re both goobs. whoever won, i couldn’t lose!

    with that said, shane exposed brando for the shallow egomaniac i learned he was long ago.

    brando believes that because he sucks a coach’s dick for an interview, that makes him more knowledgable than the great unwashed.

    his knee-jerk defense of mark gottfried in the latter days of his woe-begotton tenure as alabama’s basketball coach is just one of the latest of many examples.

    brando didn’t hide his contempt of those who dared to be critical of his friends.
    he stated once on finebaum’s show if you were critical of gottfried’s coaching, well, you just didn’t know basketball.

    o k, i may not know how to make soup, but i know if it’s crap when i taste it.

    brando piously believes the “new media” is what’s wrong with journalism and news today when in fact it’s he and the elitist media members like him that’s the problem.

    recall dan rather and the bush national guard forged document fiasco. in an earlier time, he and cbs would have gotten away with that. but the “new media” and specifically a blogger exposed rather’s farce and got his job. (and rightfully so)

    walter kronkite did the same thing. he decided that from the blindered view in his little box reporting on the tet offensive that we were losing the vietnam war. nevermind the fact that the vietcong got their ass handed to them in that ill-thought-out campaign. we lost about 4000 soldiers to their 25,000 or so.

    but kronkite not being one to let a few little facts get in the way came back and reported to the nation vietnam was unwinnable. the american people believed the lie and it was downhill from there.

    58,000 american men and women lost their lives for nothing but a lie.

    after we pulled out some 2.2 million people died in that theater.

    how many lives might have been saved and how many might not have died in vain if a blogger had been around then to stand up to kronkite’s big lie??

    right now the pentagon has under contract paid by you and me a firm “rating” reporters stories from afghanistan. of course they’re not doing this to influence news coverage from that theater……..of course not!

    but where is the link, you ask??

    from abc? nbc? cbs? cnn? msnbc? fox?


    “The new revelations of the Pentagon’s attempts to shape war coverage come as senior Defense Department officials are acknowledging increasing concern over recent opinion polls showing declining popular American support for the Afghan war.”

    now if it were not for the internet, would you know about this story, at this moment??

    likely not.

    look, i know it’s a stretch from brando’s knee-jerk defense of mark gottfried, his condecension(sp?) toward anyone who dares challenge him to the demonstrably false reporting from vietnam.

    the connection is the thought process. many in the media believe they know better than you.

    and it can have disastrous results.

    power to the people!

    (even shane)

  7. YO, PEOPLE! I just finished reading Shane’s latest ATTEMPT at journalism and ONCE AGAIN I’m CONVINCED that he AIN’T a journalist but ALL OF US bother to take a “look-see” at the CRAP he’s slinging! Hey, we ALL need a “TIME-OUT” for a good laugh! My take on this is that Brando NEVER should have responded. If you’re in his position the LAST thing you need to do is give someone like Shane the “time of day,” but SINCE HE DID I’ll say that if I had to pick a winner in this little debate (if you can call it that), I WOULD GIVE a slight edge to ol’ Shane. Brando’s DISDAIN for blogs SHOWS that HE has a problem with something that most common men & women value: FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Yes, sometimes you have to “SIFT THROUGH” the BS, but a blog is what it is; a form of communication, the exchange of ideas and so forth. I’ve dealt with people who work in the media for quite some time, and while some are quite pleasant & fun to work with THERE ARE THOSE who are arrogant and COMPLETELY take THEMSELVES TOO SERIOUSLY. When Brando said that the “blogosphere” was RUINING journalism, my thought was something like, “GIVE ME A BREAK!” As for Shane’s latest attempt at journalism, I guess we SHOULD HAVE EXPECTED HIM to give himself a pat on the back.

  8. BATONROUGE …….Crawl your coonass illiterate self back to that cesspool in La. an stay away from here. I feel like I need a shower for just responding to you.

  9. What I find funny is the fact that Shane thinks he beat Brando on the show. If anything Shane got his butt handed to him. I mean how pathetic is it that he asked Brando to apologize to him?

    Brando is a legitimate journalist and commentator, Shane…well he is just a blogger. And don’t cite his little articles in that newspaper no one knows about or cares about. People know who Bando is, only callers on Finebaum know who Shane is.

    if we get down to it, Shane is just jealous of Brando. He wants the recognition that Brando gets, the money and the fame. It had to really anger him that Brando still will not say his name on his show.

  10. To Finebammer – One of the best and most insightful and exposing blogs I’ve seen on these columns in a long time.

    To Alabama37 – I don’t think Shane was attempting to compare himself or his stature to Brando but, instead, was exposing Brando as the egotistical jerk he really is — and Shane had a grand old time doing it. Cudos to Shane for accomplishing his mission!

  11. Our you touting Shane as the mouth peice for Tide football ?

    Surely not….

    The funny thing is that he claims to have crushed Brandos ego. How stupid.

    Shanes ego went through the stratoshere by just being able to talk to Brando on the phone . Now , tell me again who has the fragile ego ?

    Shane , you didnt even put him in his place. I really feel that Brando had pity one you. It was like talking to a 5 year old. He couldnt necesarily go off on you. That wouldnt have been fair.

    then Jim from T town gets on there and gets phsyco. That guy needs meds. Hes all proud about chewing out Brando too. He just sounded like a barrroom drunk going on a rant. No substance, just loud and crass.

  12. Another update on that Big Time BARNER of all time, BOBBY LOWDER. lol

    “Colonial BancGroup seeks BANKRUPTCY”

    How many people do ya figure will lose their jobs when the dust finally settles in this MEGA Colonial BANKRUPTCY?

    Man I’m gonna miss COLONIAL.

    You shouldn’t have let all those employees down, Bobby Lowder!!!!!

    ROLL TIDE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



    “Internet companies and civil liberties groups were alarmed this spring when a U.S. Senate bill proposed handing the White House the power to disconnect private-sector computers from the Internet.”

    “The language has changed but it doesn’t contain any real additional limits,” EFF’s Tien says. “It simply switches the more direct and obvious language they had originally to the more ambiguous (version)…The designation of what is a critical infrastructure system or network as far as I can tell has no specific process. There’s no provision for any administrative process or review. That’s where the problems seem to start. And then you have the amorphous powers that go along with it.”

    first, they’re asking americans to snitch on each other.

    now this.

    god help us.

  14. Camel this is a football site. Even though you bring up a scary subject, take this $hit to a Rush Limpdick Blog. Remember Rush got caught with Viagra in a return trip to Haiti. THAT is disturbing!!!!!!

    Keep it down home Cuz, and Shut up about Brandork Shane!!!

  15. CMON BATONROGUE Im asking again

    IS THAT ALL U CAN BRING? YOur gonna SWINE flu his ass? hmmm Karate? PIGS?
    I dont know BUT YOU ARE AN AMATURE!

  16. OK I listen to the show and DAMN Shane you are an IDIOT, You may make it to someones show but I doubt it and you will be a JOKE MAN if u do (not saying your funny) but it sounded like a HACK COMIC interveiwing a PRO. You guys listen at the 14.50 minute mark. SHane drops a word ( DIATRIBE ) he learned somewhere like a punchline and waited on a remark from Brando.. STUPID then listen to 16:07 🙂 priceless

  17. YO, OMNI! Yeah, its AMAZING how someone’s vocabulary improves when they actually LISTEN to what another person has to say. All ol’ Shane is trying to do is “broaden his horizons.”

  18. This is the most idiotic space on the internet. And I have just put myself int he middle of it. No…

  19. Realitycheck, check your facts idiot, Bama has as many SEC’s in the worst ten years of their existence, ONE, that the fudge packers at Aub have in the best ten years of their existence, ONE.

  20. Julio,
    You seem to say that with pride. If all you aspire to be is a good as Auburn then you’re there. Congratulations! Mean while Florida, LSU, Georgia have passed you by. But dont let that bother you, YOU’ve been as good as Auburn in the last ten years! RTR right?

  21. rc,

    I don’t think that is what Julio was or is saying. You are the one who made that comparison first. You know what he meant and this Saturday night, you along with the rest of the nation will get a look at what Bama aspires to be. Enjoy it, and get used to it, cause its a preview of many years to come.

  22. the next thing on the agenda is a blog written in the 3RD PERSON….dude, you are just a half-assed writer who’s main purpose in putting out the published word is to belittle Auburn….expand your mind…just a little advice

  23. With the same effort put into this site, one could be a journalist, but not while the sole purpose is anti-Auburn propaganda. It’s a flawed concept to think that slamming another team lifts yours up in any way. It’s low road marketing to the lowest common denominator, and with that choice you can’t blame real journalists for not taking you seriously.

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