By Shane from Centerpoint
The Alabama Crimson Tide cruised through Saturday’s dominating victory over Bob Petrino’s Arkansas Razorbacks like a bull elephant, stomping the Hogs with surprising ease. That’s two years in a row that Nick Saban (actually Kirby Smart) has made one of the nation’s best offensive minds look clueless. Petrino entered Bryant-Denny stadium with the nation’s second ranked offense and left with a team that looked shell-shocked after spending sixty-minutes in Saban’s meat grinder.

One thing is certain, Arkansas’s talented young quarterback, Ryan Mallet, received an instructional lesson about the type of defenses he will face if he makes it to the NFL. Smart and Saban confused Mallet from the start with complex alignments. The Tide’s defensive pressure and excellent coverage caused a major meltdown by the Arkansas signal–caller. Mallet completed only 12 of 35 (34%) of his passes for 160 yards and one touchdown. He also threw an interception and was sacked twice by star defensive-back Javier Arenas.

Alabama’s defense shut down Arkansas’ only weapon and the Tide offense burned the Razorback defense for three explosive (52, 50 & 80 yd.) touchdowns. Super-back Mark Ingram added two more to deliver the knock–out blow.

Actually, Petrino should’ve just packed the bus and left when he was down 14-0 at the half. The game was over from a physical standpoint, because it was more than evident that both of Alabama’s fronts had forced Arkansas to quit along the line of scrimmage.

I said before the game that Julio Jones and Mark Ingram could’ve gone fishing and the Crimson Tide would still crush the Razorbacks. I was right. Neither plays defense and Javier is always around to light it up. Seriously, the statement about Julio and Mark was made to point out how talented and deep Alabama really is at every position. By the way, Jones and Ingram are “superstars” – they’ll both excel at the next level.

This Alabama team puts on a consistent, high-energy performance every time it takes the field. Saturday was no different. External factors do not seem to affect this team’s focus on the task at hand. The team definitely reflects Nick Saban’s relentless nature and actually appears to get stronger in the second half of games.

The fact that winning seems to be a product of flawless execution bodes well for this football team because it displays a “killer instinct” and desire for precision on almost every play.

However, the best indicator that this team is going to win championships doesn’t originate on the gridiron. I got a clear picture in the post-game press conference of what this Alabama team is all about. Every single Tide player in that media room spoke the same message, almost as if they had one heartbeat.
They all wanted to make it known that they are only about one thing – doing the best job they can to help their team win.

For example: I asked Julio Jones if the double teams he has had to face each week negatively affect him? He answered calmly that as long as those teams choose to give him all the attention, other players would have the opportunity to make big plays. Jones is a class act and a team player.

I also asked senior linebacker Cory Reamer how the injury to Donta Hightower would affect the team. He responded with true concern for his fellow defender, but also said that he and the team would step up and insure that the defense continues to perform with the same excellence.

I watched Greg McElroy, who was surrounded by a horde of reporters, handle the spotlight like a seasoned veteran. His ability to give credit for his production to his fellow players is a sign that he is their leader. This Alabama team feeds off of Greg’s poise and knowledge of the game. Greg also stated that “efficiency” is his number one goal as a quarterback – so far he’s been deadly efficient.

In the SEC most of a team’s success is based on quality play at the quarterback position and its defense. Respectively, the Crimson Tide has two of the best in college football.
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

64 thoughts on “Shane: Through Crimson-colored glasses”

  1. The most telling thing came from Petrino. He said that “Arkansas didn’t believe it could win “.
    The Mystique is back. They are starting to fear playing us.

  2. I love it! I told everybody last year that you just think you hate Alabama now.Today, everybody knows what I meant by that. I can’t wait until Saturday to watch Auburns first game, which they will lose. The best team an Auburn opponent (1st 4) has beaten is Vandy. Ball State lost to North Texas 20-10, but scored 30 on Auburn. Reality is going to sink in this weekend that Auburn is not as good as advertised. All the coaches and voters know it too. RTR

  3. Definitely not a sign of good coaching when you go into a game believing you can’t win.

    I’ve always liked Petrino as a coach, but that kind of mentality really makes me think otherwise about him.


    1)Alabama….without question
    2)Auburn… a hair
    3)OleMiss…..I just don’t believe they’re done
    4)LSU… 6 inches
    5)Miss State…..they will beat somebody they shouldn’t beat eventually
    6)Arkansas…..No defense. Offense overrated.

  5. Elephantdump……nice critique of Auburn, dooshebag. How bout Miss State, you know the team we hung 49 on and the number 4 team in the country (LSU)only hung 30 on?? And came 6 inches from losing to all together?? Twenty of those 30 points from Ball State came in the second half after Auburn let the entire bench play. No one has ever said Auburn was deep, but their 22 starters can play with anyone.

  6. AUROX,

    I’ll man up and give credit where credit is due. I think the SEC West WILL be decided by who wins the Iron Bowl.

    Not to take anything away from Chizik, but Gus has done a PHENOMENAL job with the offense. Take it for what it’s worth, you guys haven’t played a defense ranked above the 30’s, but compared to last year he deserves coordinator of the year!

    The real test will be Saturday, but I think Auburn wins that one with ease.

    It takes a lot for me to man up and say that, but the truth hurts sometimes and regardless, you can’t say what Gus has done with the offense isn’t impressive.

  7. Bama is a great team. Cant deny that. I knew that Arky didnt stand a chance, and if you dont believe it look at my previous posts on the subject. One suprise was the way VT handled Miami. I stand corrected on that one. Its almost friggin impossible to rate the ACC teams as they are so inconsistant on both sides of the ball. They may or may not show up depending on who they are playing.

    Bama has a phenomonal defense. The Hightower injury will hurt a little, but not overly so.

    Again , for the fourth time in four games Auburn doesnt show up in the first quarter. This is driving me nuts. If we do that against LSU Bama or even Ole Miss or Arky, I fear that we will not be able to come from behind.

    Our defense is as inconsistant and weak as its been since Bowden.

  8. FloridanBlogger……I agree with the Iron Bowl prediction. Whoever wins goes to Atlanta. At THIS point, it will probably be Alabama. Home field could be a huge advantage by the time Nov 27 rolls around.
    I’ve been saying since summer that the Iron Bowl will tip the scale between the two teams.
    Auburn’s competition hasn’t been all that great yet, but, as you eluded to, it’s HOW Auburn has won that’s been impressive. They can completely switch attacks with ease, and that’s hard to defend. The pace will also increase as the players become more conditioned.

  9. Well, I said early in the season that Saban was building a “War” machine. Got some heckles over that; what say you now?

  10. Elephant dump, Nice. I think Auburn is the kind of team that will be like Shula,s, They will be competetive, but lose a couple of heartbreakers. They don’t have the depth. 7-6or 8-4.

  11. YO! The Tide ROLLED in the second half against Arkansas, AU coasted to a win over Ball State, and LSU BARELY BEATS MISSISSIPPI STATE! What is wrong with this picture? Seriously though, the Bulldogs from Starkville really played their arses off and came up a half-foot short. These guys could be VERY GOOD in 2010. However, good teams FIND A WAY to win and give LSU credit. IT COULD BE VERY INTERESTING in the West this season.

  12. The Iron Bowl will not even decide the West. That will be decided at T-Town when Sir Nick and his Knights send Less Mild and his purple kitty kats home for their second lose in as many years to BAMA. Aubbies just don’t have the quality depth needed and will not be a factor at the end of the year.


  13. Right now the west is Bama’s to lose.
    Plain and simple.
    There are some decent teams in the west but Bama is just that good.

  14. Truthfully , the west is as weak as its been in a long time. Ole Miss ? Thats a joke. They will upset a few, but lose a few. LSU ? Miles is starting to show his true colors. I dont think that his first two years were so succesful because of Sabans talent as much as those Saban players having a Saban mindset. Auburn, we simply are not there yet. But Im still proud of what we have accoplished so far compared to last year. Though we do need to find a “D”. Missy St ? enough said. Arky ? Mallett is the best player on the team. Make that the only player on the team.

  15. I’m still hearing a lot 6-6 and 7-6 predictions for Auburn. Might be right. The only toss ups/probable losses I see remaining are @LSU, @Georgia and Alabama. Tennessee has struggled. You better believe Malzahn will have a plan for Arkansas….he has something to prove. Love the intangible. Kentucky is just Kentucky, Ole Miss has to come here, and Furman will be a nice tune up for Georgia. 9-3 is likely. 10-2 is possible.

  16. Aurox, looking at the schedule, this is what I see.

    Definant wins: Furman, Kentucky.

    Probable wins ( should be favored ) : Tennessee and Arkansas

    Could go either way : LSU , Ole Miss , Georgia

    Will be favored to lose : Bama

    I truly believe we will beat Tennessee and Arky. That puts us to 6-0. But , hey you never know , we could drop one of those.

    Kentucky comes up next, that puts us at 7-0 or 6-1.

    I think we take at least one of the Ole Miss , LSU games. That puts us at least at 7-2 or possibly 8-1.

    In rolls Furman 8-2 or 9-1 are a real possibility.

    Then the home stretch with Bama and Georgia. We will lose one of those, (Bama) possibly 2 of those.

    I see a minimum of 8 wins with 9 being very attainable, and 10 wins being a well above average year for what the expectations were.

    But, who knows , we could easily drop a game we should win. 7 wins would be a dissapointment. But very possible.

    IMO 8-9 wins are very realistic.

    Bama on the other hand could run the table. Though I think it would be a really long shot to do it.

  17. By the way Shane’s an idiot. Did I hear him on Baldy’s show dis Brando cause he didn’t play college ball? Hell Shane boy didn’t play ball nor take any english classes or journalism classes but claims to be a journalist. So as stated above HE’S A FREAKING IDOIT!!



  20. JW I’ll keep this simple so you can understand it; you and Shane are just Homers and Shane trying to pass himself off as a journalist is a JOKE. As Brando said he’s a glorified caller to a Homer radio program based out of a Homer town. I read this blog just to see how stupid and myopic he is and he never lets me down. Besides I’m not an Auburn fan but that doesn’t matter to you Bammers, you guys think that Uncle Nick invented football or at least put laces on the ball. Get over yourselves. Nobody outside of Alabama gives two rips about ua@t

  21. Oh and by the way, I miss seeing you and your brother on TV wearing those overalls and holding the toilet paper rolls and the tide box on a stick. You guys should have taken that act to Vegas

  22. God, where do I start. This upstart Barner team has brought out so many cow humping fantasizers that you can’t get a word in on a board anymore! Aurox, anybody who questions the quality of Bama’s first 4 games versus the Barn’s just doesn’t have a freaking clue. North Texas waxed Ball State and Bama played the whole bench for a full 30 minutes against NT and only gave up 7. The Barn played reserves for about 15 min. and gave up 30 against a much worse team! What’s more North Texas had 550 yds. of offense against Ball State and gave up less than the Barn did – about 230. Any other comparisons after that are senseless, but let’s go on. Mississippi St. is the worst team in the SEC and has been for many years. What they did against LSU only shows how far LSU has fallen, just like Ole Miss against So. Carolina. LSU is no more the 4th. best team in the country than Ole Miss was!You can think West Va. is a name team if you want, but the fact is they are unranked and they tore your D a new asshole. Has La. Tech even won a game yet? Forget N. Texas and the fact that thet ripped up Ball State. Forget FIU and their talented O. Arkansas had the 2nd. best O, the best passing attack in the country and the highest rated QB in the SEC. Key word HAD! VT has shown their quality with wins over Nebraska and 8th ranked Miami. We are the only team to beat them and the only team to dominate them. We beat the 7th ranked team in the country, who is now the 6th. ranked team. Don’t give me any shit about our schedule moron! Screwbama – see above asswipe! Realitycheck, you are the dumbest of all. Saban will probably leave tomorrow thanks to you! Dumbass! I guess he signed a 3 year contract
    extension that will cause him to lose 5 million dollars if he terminates early just because he’s stupid! When he signed it he said he is coaching in the best place in the world, he and his wife are very happy in T-Town and he intends to finish his coaching career at Bama! What’s that I hear — the sound of 50’000 dull knives being drawn across the wrists of Barners from coast to coast! ROFL! Look the Barn has a good team with a few very talented athletes. But get real. From coast to coast this Bama team is already being compared to some pro teams. Those skinny legged recievers and running backs you have that look like they have AIDS are gonna get used to make a wish when our D gets ahold of them. Our backs and recievers are faster than yours and a hell of a lot bigger and more muscular. Case in point. Your skinny little Florida freshman RB that you think is so fast – Our freshman’ Trent the “Gorrilla” Richardson was the Florida state sprint champion. In other words our monster is faster than your midget! I kind of hope the Barn is undefeated in the Iron bowl so we can make it hurt that much more. But it ‘aint gonna happen dudes, not with your D. Finally for all you tards who blasted GMAC and ridiculed me when I told you he would be one of the best and could contend for the Heisman!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Guess who’s on the Heisman watch list!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh by the way I don’t want to hear anymore shit about Star Jackson either!!! Roll Tide Roll!!! Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, We’re gonn beat the hell out of everybody!!!!

  23. By the way I’m almost always on the road and my new cellphone won’t let me post on CR. That”s why you haven’t heard from me lately. And this will be my last post for quite a while. So bash me if you want too. But I think I said it all and it’s all true. So adios and Roll Damn Tide Roll to Pasadena!!!!!

  24. EG, Saban will lose nothing if he leaves because his contract contains no penalty for Saban leaving for another job. Are you truly so stupid that you think another team wouldn’t pay him whatever Bama was paying him if he decided to leave?

  25. Egg white, Egg white, Egg white. Once again you come unhinged before you know what you’re talking about. I’ve had bammer number 1 in my SEC west standings since the season began. And I don’t recall saying much about their opponents. We don’t yet have a real accurate reading on any SEC team based on their opponents.

    Your point about LSU not being number 4 is comical. Although I don’t believe they are number 4 either, it’s funny to me how, whenever convenient, we use the polls, or discount the polls.

    What’s even more comical is how most of you bammers completely wrote Auburn off after last years dismal performance. Apparently, y’all believe a team is only as good as last year’s record. If that’s the case, let’s see just how good Bama and Auburn’s opponents have been thus far. Bama has played VaTech (10-4 last year), Florida Inter…something (6-6), North Texas (0-12!!!!) and Arkansas (5-7).
    Auburn has played LaTech (8-5), MissSt (4-8), West VA (9-4), and Ball St (12-2).
    I think strength of schedule definitely goes to Auburn.
    Something tells me their will now be a complete revision on how we rate opponents.

  26. For those bammers who just have 10 toes and 10 fingers, bammer’s competition went a combined 21–29 last year.

    Auburn’s opponents went 33–19!!

    And Shane and most of you knuckleheads believe bama is the best team in the land! Dipshits.

  27. I guess when you can’t post on those fucking Aubie sites – you just have got to show that ass here. My Oh My.

  28. Aurox, you are truly on crack you little dipshit, aub will be lucky to go 6 and 6 this year and comparing last year’s finish with strenght of schedule this year shows what an idiot you are. Arky will put up big numbers to easily win the game against aub’s pitiful d, what is it like 69th in the country? and all I heard is how Cheesewip would have aub’s d scary this year since that is his expertise, what a joke and if you think Aub could beat Vtech you are delusional.

    Julio, please come to grips with the fact that Saban is not going to where did you say USC, Notre Dame? You and I both know he will retire here and dominate Aub until then so take a pill and learn to deal with it, you will feel beter.

    Ballplay, hate to break it to you in your earlier post above but Tenn is favored against Aub and I believe Tn will win even though I want them both to lose

  29. YO! AUROX, I think someone spiked your Kool-Aid! “9-3 is likely. 10-2 is possible?” AU WILL NOT WIN 9 OR 10 GAMES! Y’all will win 7 games, 8 if y’all get lucky! REALITYCHECK, I do agree that Shane IS A JOKE OF A JOURNALIST, but you need to spend more time concentrating on being a good UAB FAN! Spend some time thinking up ways to get people to EVEN CARE that UAB has a football team! Y’all wouldn’t even HAVE a team if it wasn’t for certain politician(s) WASTING TAXPAYER DOLLARS!

  30. EG WHITE

    You are a bigger idiot than Shane. 2 years ago, FIU was 0-12. Ball St. went undefeated in the regular season last year, and like Bama choked in their conference title game and their bowl game. If you watched the Auburn Ball St game, you would have seen that 14 of the 30 points that they scored were gift wrapped. A muffed punt in the first quarter and Caudle’s pick in the fourth quarter. As for LSU, all Finebaum and the rest of you idiots have been saying for weeks is that Auburn has “no chance” against LSU. Well, the Miss St. team that we destroyed took LSU to the wire. LSU can match Bama at any position. Their problem is that they have a fool for a head coach.

    Your schedule is a joke. Say what you want about it. You did beat Virginia Tech, but I don’t hardly consider 34-24 “domination.” That game was a ball game and had Darren Evans not been injured, could have been a different result.


  31. Dude, what planet are you from? With Saban’s new contract he will lose a 5 million dollar bonus if he leaves early. Not even the Sabanator is that stupid. With that bonus he would have a salary equivilent to 5 millon a year and other incentives. To get him away from Bama someone would have to have a better opportunity to excel and be willing to pay him much more than 5 million a year with no buyout or penalty. Bro, those 2 situations just do not exist. Especially not both at the same school! Read it and weep football world! RTR!

  32. Eggy…………Gotta love your enthusiasm, but dude. I agree that Bama is an elite team. But for you to be talking up your strength of schedule because of FIU and N Texas ?!?!?!?!?!?

    Surely you are smarter than that ( or not ).

    Two teams that you have played are legit. Really one. That would be VT. Arky isnt very good at all. Mallett is a very talented , but young QB. He has zero support.

    But hey, good to hear from you.

    Bamaman…..You are a mongoloid….We are already 4-0 With wins over Furman and Kentucky ( definant ) we are 6-6…
    Are you seriously saying that we cant win one of the other 6 SEC games ? If you are that dumb, then there is no hope for you. We will probably beat Tenn. this weekend. Then what will you say ? We could be 7-0 going into the LSU game. We will be at least 6-1, guaranteed. I think anyone that wouold favor LSU in any SEC game that they have left would be foolish. Miss ST gave them that game. LSU does not have an offense. Miss ST turned the ball over like 4 times and still should have won. Ole Miss is winnable as well. The only team that I dont think we have a good shot at is Bama. But I dont fret too much, because the Mullett Master Saban will drop a game he shouldnt , hopefully against us.

  33. Screwbama, you’re a screwball! Who gives a damn what BS did last year! BS lost their entire offense from last year and they haven’t won a game this year including getting stomped by 1 win North Texas. Now com’on moron, make some more excuses for BS and why the Barn gave up 20 more points and 50 more yards to them than last years winless North Texas! Sir don’t you realize that overdosing on illegal drugs can kill you, or is it normal for you to rant in a demented manner? The LSU nation thinks that Miles is better than Saban. And if he is better than Saban and has equal athletes, then LSU would be better than Bama. No tard, LSU does not have equal athletes at each position. That’s just plain stupid! They thought they had a better QB. Duh!!! Not!!! Tell you what, you name me LSU athletes equivalent to all the following and I’ll kiss your ass: Greg McElroy, Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson, Julio Jones, Marquise Maze, Colin Peek, Javier Arenas, Rolando McClain, Terrence Cody, Donta’ Hightower & Kareem Jackson. RTR!

  34. BP, I absolutly have not talked up Bama’s SOS with regards to NT and FIU. It’s your people who have been talking down our SOS in regards to NT and FIU and this after you had trouble with BS who Chattanooga could probably stomp and that VT is in all likelyhood better than 11 teams on your schedule. Look, much as I hate Auburn, I’ll grant you that Cheezenip has done a fine job, and you Barners deserve to be enthusiastic. But damn this nationwide posting of negative bs about Bama in comparison to Auburn, which is exactly the opposite of how it really is. It only makes the Barner posters look extremely desperate and stupid. I mean look people, Fla and Tex are idle this week. Bama will take over 2nd in at least one poll. But the Barn in spite of the fact that they are 1 of only 4 undefeated SEC teams is still unranked by anybody. That’s terrible. But it tells you what everybody thinks about them and their SOS. And there is no conspiracy to screw Auburn. Though there ought to be! ROFL! RTR!

  35. By the way I was premature last night when I said I couldn’t post on CR with this cell. This morning I found a browser that allows me to do it, though it limits the keystrokes on each post. Anyway, bad news for the Anti-Bama crew! I’m back, and I’ll be whippin’ this Barner infested board back into shape in no time. You Volunqueers, Corndogs, Gayturds and Webels had best put your nut cups on too! LMFAO! RTR!

  36. Bamaman, you wrote….

    “Aurox, you are truly on crack you little dipshit, aub will be lucky to go 6 and 6 this year and comparing last year’s finish with strenght of schedule this year shows what an idiot you are.”

    That whole sentence makes you look like an idiot. Auburn has averaged 8-9 wins/year for nearly 25 years. Last year they went 5-7. To say Auburn will be lucky to win 6 games this year is contrary to all logic. You are putting way too much emphasis on last years record, and very little emphasis on long term trends.

    I simply stated, if you want to rate how good a team is this year by simply looking at what they did last year, well, let’s see how good bama and Auburn’s opponents are this year.

    Bama’s opponents went a combined 21-29. Auburn’s went 33-19. According to your own method of determining how good a team is, Auburn’s 4-0 record looks better than bama’s 4-0.

    I hate to get all logical on you, but you really have no basis for predicting a 6 win year for Auburn, especially after the first 4 games.

  37. Eggy……good to have an enemy that can take shots as well as he gives them. Bring it on BEEEYOOOTCCH !!!!!!

    As you have no nuts, you will not require a nutcup. Just a thought.


  39. It’s official. Auburn has been voted number one in the Einstein Poll. Hey! Don’t knock me! I’m just as legit as the Eufaula Tribune who gave them the crown in 2004.

  40. Aurox, please tell me what difference it makes what teams that played other teams combined records gets you from last year, not shit that’s what. The only thing that matters last year is the current Iron Bowl winner score which was the 36-0 ass stinger.

    Tn is favored Sat and I will assure you that TN and Arky will whip Aubs ass, if not i will be on here to say I was wrong, guaranteed.

  41. Hell, I’d hate to have to put my money on who will win the battle of the defenseless! By playing Ball St. last week the Barn sorta backed into the offensive top 10 spot that was vacated because Arkansas played you know who! In any case Arky showed signs of having at least half a defense which means the Barn may have to live or die by the pass. Whereas the Barn D (as in Barn Door, left open), hasn’t shown much sign of life on either phase. If Mallet has a Georgia day against the Barn, it will be Katy bar the Barn Door! LMAO! As for the Volunqueers, I think their D will do to the Barn O what our D did to Arky’s O. The Volunqueers problem is the poor bastards can’t buy a TD on offense! However, in this game the open Barn Door could conceivably make Crompton look like a Heisman candidate! LOL! Wouldn’t want to put my money on this game either. However, if I were to bet it – it is in Neyland Stadium. RTR!

  42. WOW EG You say were are gonna get on defense what you guys gave ARK on offense…..AND THEN WOULDNT BET ON THE GAME????????? Then SHUT THE FUK UP!!!! Your surely a BETTING MAN if your SO sure that AU is gonna get a defensive ass whippin BET!!! Bet ME!!!>???????

  43. If nobody outside of Alabama cares about Bama football, why is every football show debating whether the Tide is #1, #2, or #3? The Barn is 4-0 and isn’t even ranked.

  44. What about the fact that ark’s crappy d-fence held ala scoreless for the first 20 min. of the game, shane didnt talk about that, thats 1/3 of the game. The td run by T. Richardson was a result of poor tackeling by the same crappy d-fence.

  45. Omnipissant, if I bet on losers, I’d bet a third on each of them and a third on you! ROTFL! I see you failed Barner English 101 again while I was gone! I said IF Mallet has a Georgia day! The truth is I think your both gonna give each other a defensive ass whipping. Something like 49-42 either way. Also I don’t think Erik Berry’s gonna let you score more than 17 against the Volunqueers D. However, that’s not saying you won’t score some points off inteceptions and special teams. But if Crompton lays off the dumb throws, I think your D gives this one away in Neyland!. RTR!

  46. Did you guys see what GMAC told the media about his Heisman hype? He said he was honored to be thought of like that, but Alabama is a team, not an individual and the most important thing is championships. Now compare that to Miami’s asshole, Jacory Harris who said before the VT game: “I can’t wait to get back to Miami. I’m going to buy a pink tux to wear to the Heisman ceremony”. Duh!! Not!! What a dork! Open mouth, insert foot! RTR!

  47. No Nads from Arab, you are the epitomy of a nutless dumbass. Arky didn’t stop shit for 20 minutes. Bama stoped Bama for 20 minutes. GMAC’s first 3 perfectly thrown passes to wide open recievers who never missed another pass the whole game were simply dropped, and that is what stopped Bama in the first quarter. 2 were to Peek and 1 was a 70 yard TD that Maze unexplicably let fall right through his hands. So the score should have been at least 7-0 in the first quarter. That being neither here nor there asshole, don’t you worry about the Arky game, cause your team doesn’t have anything that can stop our O, and you won’t even score on our D. So STFU! RTR!

  48. I’m making a rare appearance to state my opinion about the Auburn vs. Tennessee game. First, I want Auburn to win the game. Yes, it’s more about my hatred for the Vols (my true arch enemy)than anything else. Hey, at least I’m honest.
    The game: Tenn. ran the ball on Fla. well. They do have a very physical o-line and Auburn can’t seem to stop the run. The Tigers are 82nd nationally vs. the run. However, Auburn can load the box with 8-9 defenders to stop the run because Crompton couldn’t hit a receiver in stride if someone had a .45 pointed at his head. He is literally an interception waiting to happen. Kiffin will run the ball in order to control the clock (shorten the game) and keep Auburn’s offense off the field. Bryce Brown may burn Auburn 4 or 5 times. That crowd in Knoxville will pump Bryce and the O-line up. Auburn must stop Tenn.’s running game fast to prevent them from starting quick or gaining momentum early.
    On the other side of the ball, Kiffin did a fine job of slowing the Gators down. He will have a solid game plan for this game as well. Tenn. has a real good defense – very physical and aggressive. I think the Tigers will be forced to throw the ball. The hostile crowd is going to be a real test for Todd and the offense from a noise standpoint.
    Auburn is about to enter into it’s first knock-down, drag-out battle of the year.
    Final score: Tennessee 28 / Auburn 17

  49. Shane—Auburn could not stop Noel Devine, but it wasn’t enough. Difference is, WVU had a better QB than TN. Malzahn will have offense finally running 80-85 plays, and the TN defense will be shot by the fourth.

    AU 33 TN 24

  50. Shane you are a damn dipstick AU is gona lose to TN – Yeah right and the sky is fallin too – dumb goofball


    here i am, I just finished a big ol plate of crow, you were right, and i will even throw this in as much as it pains me.

    Auburn is better than i thought they were

    Chris Todd is better than i thought he was

    Malzahn is a offensive mastermind and Aub will have a hard time holding onto him now, pay him whatever he wants.

    That hurt a little, but the jury is still out on the Arky game but i’ll be back if necessary.

    A man that will hold his bet with me on your sign in name will definately get the same promise back from me. We have chatted together along time and i believe you to be a good person and you sure know how to piss off us Bammers from time to time. Hope you see this soon, catch you later, you know I don’t post as much as I used to. I even saw someone sign in like “BamaMan” that is not me. Later BI

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