Death of the HUNH; NCAA proposes rule changes

ITKThe NCAA is reportedly considering rule changes that would mean the beginning of the end of the Hurry-Up-No-Huddle offense, a gimmicky bush-league offense that depends on a sucker-punch type mentality for success.

Under newly proposed rules, an offense would not be allowed to snap the ball for the first 10 seconds of the 40 second play clock.

According to the NCAA website, “The offense will not be allowed to snap the ball until the play clock reaches 29 seconds or less. If the offense snaps the ball before the play clock reaches 29 seconds, a 5-yard, delay-of-game penalty will be assessed. Under current rules, defensive players are not guaranteed an opportunity to substitute unless the offense substitutes first. This part of the rule will remain in place in scenarios where the play clock starts at 25 seconds.”

The NCAA Football Rules Committee meets each spring to discuss adjustments to rules where needed. The defensive substitution rule, along with targeting rules were on the docket.

In addition to the substitution adjustments, when instant reply shows a player did not commit targeting, the automatic 15-yard personal foul penalty will be retracted.

In other words, common sense is prevailing in Indianapolis, and those depending on miracles and sucker punches for success will have to look elsewhere.


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