Why WAS Aycock not welcome in “The Fambly”?

Apparently there is an Abarn player not welcome in the Awbuhn Fambly…but the bigger story here appears to be the predictable lack of investigation into the real story.

We often point out here at capstonereport.com the biased coverage Abarn appears to receive around the state, with Auburn beat writers at state newspapers spinning, not covering.

One Charles Goldberg at the state’s largest newspaper seems to be among this band of brothers, and his latest lazy coverage of the Dontae Aycock “dismissal” falls right in line with all of his Bagdad Bob writing repertoire.

Contrast Goldberg’s coverage with Evan Woodbery of the Mobile Press Register:

Here’s Woodbery’s coverage (found here):

“Auburn announced earlier today that running back Dontae Aycock had been dismissed for a violation of team rules.

But his former high school coaches say they’re hearing a different version of the story from Aycock.
An excerpt from TampaBay.com….
Former Chamberlain assistant Brian Turner said he has spoken at length today with Aycock, who indicated he went to Tigers coach Gene Chizik to request a transfer. Soon thereafter, his dismissal was announced.
“That’s the story I’m getting from Dontae,” Turner said. “That’s a great kid right there that never had any problems at all, ever.”
Aycock, a running back at Auburn who would’ve been a redshirt freshman this fall, couldn’t immediately be reached. Former Chiefs coach Billy Turner, Brian’s dad, was stunned when initially informed of Aycock’s “dismissal” today.
“What?! That kid never raised his voice, was never in the dean’s office, never cursed,” Billy Turner said. “He was at my house a thousand times. I would trust him with…heck, I would’ve adopted him.”

I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to reach Aycock so far today, so I don’t have any direct comment from him. If he cares to comment, I’ll post them on the blog.”

Now Goldberg’s coverage (found here):

“Auburn has dismissed running back Dontae Aycock for a violation of an undisclosed team rule, the university has announced.

Aycock was redshirted as a freshman last season, but figured to get into the running back rotation as a tailback or at the H-back position in 2010. Aycock worked strictly as a tailback in spring practice.

Aycock was a 5A All-State player as a quarterback in Florida as a high school senior in Tampa, but was signed as a running back by Auburn. He rushed for 1,406 yards and 28 touchdowns, and threw for 1,491 yards and 17 touchdowns as a prep senior. He rushed for 57 touchdowns in his high school career. He originally committed to Georgia Tech, but switched to Auburn late in the recruiting process.

Another player, quarterback Tyrik Rollison, was formally given his release by the university this week. He’s leaving on good terms, and is transferring to Sam Houston State. He announced his intentions in February and did not participate in spring practice.”

Strangely…amazingly…shockingly…Goldberg doesn’t give you anything beyond the surface of the situation…or more realistically, anything that didn’t come right off the Abarn press release. You also get some neat-o high school stats.

But not only that, in predictable fashion, Mr. Goldmine seeks to juxtapose Aycock’s dismissal with Tyrik Rollison’s (AU’s last “sure thing savior QB of the future”) transfer to Sam Houston State, pointing out that Rollison left “on good terms.” The unwritten implication here is that Aycock did not.  In spin 101, this immediately casts the negative light on the player, not the institution.

Which begs the questions…

Why not?  Is this true?  What happened?

As an expert character witness willing to be quoted in his home city of Tampa claims, did he get booted because he asked to transfer?

Why isn’t that player talking?  Is something or someone preventing this ousted player from talking to Woodbery (or others)?

Sadly, if Charles is in charge of your info, you may never know.

See, when a player leaves a program it’s news, especially in the off-season where any player changes, coaching appearances or team apparel deals gobbles up fan attention.

Though a beat writer is a dedicated to covering a given school, he’s still a journalist, and has a responsibility to inform his readers by doing his job.

You think if Star Jackson had been “dismissed” from Alabama under these circumstances it would go like this?  Heck no. Kevin Scarbinsky would have written at least two blogs and an article by now about the injustices and evils of a multi-million dollar empire not looking out for the good of a poor, individual student athlete.  Don Kausler would have done his job to cover every detail…not in an attempt to cast doubt, but to inform you, the consumer.

If Evan Woodbery has uncovered something, information like this is simply important to a recruit’s family when making a decision of where to attend school.  You’re not going to get this when a towel spinner is sitting in your living room.  Journalists receive paychecks to give us the facts, or at least make a yeomen’s attempt at finding them.

But in this state, when it comes to Abarn, unless those facts aren’t delivered via fax machine or inbox, you’ll never get them.

When Cappy attempted to point these irregularities out on the Paul Finebaum show, he was met with ridicule and disbelief…even outrage.  We’re telling you people, there is a 900 lb. gorilla in the room.