Tim James tweeted a denial that he would fire or attempt to cut Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban’s salary.

Here is the tweet: “Dispelling another untruth from the Byrne camp: I will neither be firing nor cutting Coach Saban’s salary if elected.”

Anyone who believes this is a fool. James is in bed with the Alabama Education Association (you know, the people who like corruption in the form of double-dipping). Tim James is without principle and an Auburn fan. He does not have the best interest of Alabama or the University of Alabama at heart.

The fact the campaign responded to a rumor discussed on message boards and talk radio makes this into a big story. Will it sink the James campaign? It should.

UPDATE: The Paul Finebaum show today is very interesting to hear the Auburn fans defending Tim James.

35 thoughts on “Tim James out to harm Alabama, Saban?”

  1. Not from this one….I think that James is a no-go for the office of gov. of Alabama. I really dont care if he is an Auburn fan, alumn, booster, or whatever else. He is in the sack with the liberal democrat run A.E.A, therefore he is an enemy of the conservative movement.

    I really dont give a rip what a coach makes. If he brings more revenue into the University, city , and state , via winning, then he is worth his wages.

    What people like this dont realise is that these programs are funding other sports and activities that the Universities would otherwise have to flip the bill for. In the process , these winning programs actually SAVE the taxpayer money in the long run.

    Did I mention that the A.E.A. has 99% of all teachers brainwashed into thinking they wouldnt exist if it were not for their good graces ?

    Tim James shouldnt even be able to run on the Republican ticket.

  2. paul is really after james for some reason. this kind of reminds me of when paul turned on franchione. now that i think on it, it reminds me A LOT of when he turned of franchione.

    i know paul likes artur davis. in some ways i think paul likes to keep the republicans running in the spotlight on his show to keep davis and sparks out of it. but it definitely seems as if he has a special place in his heart for james.

    paul got really animated last week defending himself from being called a liberal. got me to thinking……ever hear anyone accuse him of being a conservative???

  3. Not this one either. What in the #$@! has that idiot ever done that makes him qualified to be governor other than be Fob’s son?? If his name was Tim Smith, he’d be just another hick from Butler County.

  4. my problem with james is he proports to be running as a businessman, therefore NOT a politician. yet since the anti-illegal driver’s license ad which vaulted him ahead in most polls he now refuses to debate byrne.

    that’s what the political handlers TELL YOU TO DO. if you’re ahead, you have nothing to gain and everything to lose by debating.

    in other words, james is talking like a businessman but acting like a politician.

    throw on top of that the aea money in his campaign and that basically makes him a snake in the grass.

  5. This is Classic PRRN Bullshit . The Fact that people are being duped by all of this is Classic PFRN.
    You are right about this being Paul’s Hubris .
    Oh by the way. I’m not voting for James anyway.
    The Doctor from Tuscaloosa is making an impression.

  6. you’re right pluto. i heard paul earlier say he “hated to inject himself” into a political race, well, that makes it easy paul……DON’T.

    paul knew before the show started EXACTLY what he was going to do.

    remember how he’s refused in the past to propogate rumors???

    didn’t slow him down a bit today, did it?

  7. and by the way, i kind of like bentley too. but honestly, i’m afraid he’s unelectable.

    why? he’s boring. he reminds me of the midwestern couple in the painting with the pitchfork.

    the best thing bentley could do is an ad telling everyone he was coach bryant’s doctor. he too principled to do that.

    (now my saying that means there’ll be an ad next wk)

  8. shit, now it’s impeach obama. paul’s holding him over.

    does anyone hear really believe paul voted for mccain???

  9. pluto, that’s the funniest damn post you’ve ever made. froot loops on the keyboard.

  10. anybody messes with nick or terry would get taken out by a crazy redneck – fo sho – just ask bill curry

  11. My mother and father were on Fobs staff when he was governor. Were personal lifelong friends of he and Bobbie. And I was friends with Tim. That’s as much as I’m saying because you don’t have any business knowing who I am. Anyway, Fob was a good honest man and governor who tried to run the state like he ran his very successful businesses including DP exercise equipment which he founded. However, the State cronies wouldn’t leave him alone and even threatened the lives of his family, which is why he got out of politics. That being said, he was an All American at Auburn and his whole family are diehard Aubies. Haven’t seen Tim in many years so don’t know if he absorbed the Christian values of his parents or not. I sure don’t like what I’m reading though. And Saban and Bamas football program as probably the States most profitable business, should be untouchable. RTR!

  12. Is this the same guy who said English should be the only language on the drivers test? Is this the same guy who was even told off by Fox? Which is a very conservative news network. This guy is a total fool. News networks have said that if he gets elected that his policies would make Alabama become bankrupt. Having another 12 languages offered on the drivers test is to also bring jobs to Alabama. Most people who take it in that language didn’t get into America illegally and they boost the economy. This guy thinks that only illegals take the Spanish drivers test. You also cannot just throw those tests out the door. It would again, cost Alabama millions. The Alabama DMV currently receives federal subsidies tied to multilingual licensing exams. You can certainly tell that this guy is an Auburn Alumni and a fan. Don’t vote for this guy, he is a lunatic. Not to mention that Nick Saban again brings a bunch of money into Alabama. A politician SHOULDN’T GET INVOLVED IN FIRING SPORTS COACHES! Also this is to Tim James, “This is America, we can speak any language we want to.”

  13. Earth – you obviously started drinking early today. Tim James could care less about what language the driver’s test is in. All he’s looking for is the platform to get his name on every front page in and out of Alabama, pushing him to the top of the list with every cracker in the state.
    E.G. – I usually enjoy your posts, but Fob was a fool who thought you could run a state government like a business. The only business state government is like is a brothel, where the top guy is the pimp. There was proration every year he was in office, and he had absolutely no control over the legislature, the budget, or his own advisors. I will defer to you regarding Tim James’ friendliness or upbringing, but I wouldn’t vote for him for dogcatcher.

  14. Paul could never vote Republican. He is a Jewish dyed in the wool Democrat and that is okay because this is America and that is the way we roll in this country,you have a choice. Paul will vote for Congressman Davis because of the connection of Paul and the supporters
    of Mr. Davis.

  15. ITK, one of those rare occasions where we agree. I’m really sick of the media not skewering these idiots over the garbage they spew, also. Driver’s license tests in different languages?? Yeah, languages like Korean (Hyundai), Japanese (Honda, Toyota), German (Mercedes, Thyssen Krupp), etc. Gee, ya think another state might use that moron’s ad against Alabama if we are competing for a manufacturing plant from a foreign corporation?? What a freakin’ moron.

  16. I was not promoting Tim or Fob. I was only stating the facts about the quality of person Fob was. Whether his politics worked or not, he was honest and tried. And the fact that it didn’t work is very likely the result of the cronyism control of the legislature thwarting him at every turn throughout his term in office. Not interested in arguing politics. It sucks. Ya’ll vote for who you want. I live in Mexico thank you very much. RTR!

  17. They are politicians for pete’s sake, they only do what they can to get elected, then go back on everything they said, or worse try to follow through with it, no matter how bad the idea.

    Living in Mexico is the only way to get away from living in mexico.

  18. Ok so Tim James is from allbarn? No wonder he is horrible at politics, so far. He is average. Just like Allbarn.

  19. Plenty of scumbags have graduated from both universities. Lets not get into a comparison. Their is plenty of corruption to go around.

  20. I dont know if Tim’s a scumbag, pretty rough words.
    I do know he is bad at politics. His commercials make republicans look like clowns and they are entertaining. Like-spew mountain dew out of my nose after I watch his ads-funny. He’s definately from allbarn.

  21. Finebammer – if the doctor is unelectable then u should vote for him – that’s what makes it happen and cancels out the whole idea of voting – there is no such thing as a wasted vote

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