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Why WAS Aycock not welcome in “The Fambly”?

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Apparently there is an Abarn player not welcome in the Awbuhn Fambly…but the bigger story here appears to be the predictable lack of investigation into the real story.

We often point out here at the biased coverage Abarn appears to receive around the state, with Auburn beat writers at state newspapers spinning, not covering.

One Charles Goldberg at the state’s largest newspaper seems to be among this band of brothers, and his latest lazy coverage of the Dontae Aycock “dismissal” falls right in line with all of his Bagdad Bob writing repertoire.

Contrast Goldberg’s coverage with Evan Woodbery of the Mobile Press Register:

Here’s Woodbery’s coverage (found here):

“Auburn announced earlier today that running back Dontae Aycock had been dismissed for a violation of team rules.

But his former high school coaches say they’re hearing a different version of the story from Aycock.
An excerpt from….
Former Chamberlain assistant Brian Turner said he has spoken at length today with Aycock, who indicated he went to Tigers coach Gene Chizik to request a transfer. Soon thereafter, his dismissal was announced.
“That’s the story I’m getting from Dontae,” Turner said. “That’s a great kid right there that never had any problems at all, ever.”
Aycock, a running back at Auburn who would’ve been a redshirt freshman this fall, couldn’t immediately be reached. Former Chiefs coach Billy Turner, Brian’s dad, was stunned when initially informed of Aycock’s “dismissal” today.
“What?! That kid never raised his voice, was never in the dean’s office, never cursed,” Billy Turner said. “He was at my house a thousand times. I would trust him with…heck, I would’ve adopted him.”

I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to reach Aycock so far today, so I don’t have any direct comment from him. If he cares to comment, I’ll post them on the blog.”

Now Goldberg’s coverage (found here):

“Auburn has dismissed running back Dontae Aycock for a violation of an undisclosed team rule, the university has announced.

Aycock was redshirted as a freshman last season, but figured to get into the running back rotation as a tailback or at the H-back position in 2010. Aycock worked strictly as a tailback in spring practice.

Aycock was a 5A All-State player as a quarterback in Florida as a high school senior in Tampa, but was signed as a running back by Auburn. He rushed for 1,406 yards and 28 touchdowns, and threw for 1,491 yards and 17 touchdowns as a prep senior. He rushed for 57 touchdowns in his high school career. He originally committed to Georgia Tech, but switched to Auburn late in the recruiting process.

Another player, quarterback Tyrik Rollison, was formally given his release by the university this week. He’s leaving on good terms, and is transferring to Sam Houston State. He announced his intentions in February and did not participate in spring practice.”

Strangely…amazingly…shockingly…Goldberg doesn’t give you anything beyond the surface of the situation…or more realistically, anything that didn’t come right off the Abarn press release. You also get some neat-o high school stats.

But not only that, in predictable fashion, Mr. Goldmine seeks to juxtapose Aycock’s dismissal with Tyrik Rollison’s (AU’s last “sure thing savior QB of the future”) transfer to Sam Houston State, pointing out that Rollison left “on good terms.” The unwritten implication here is that Aycock did not.  In spin 101, this immediately casts the negative light on the player, not the institution.

Which begs the questions…

Why not?  Is this true?  What happened?

As an expert character witness willing to be quoted in his home city of Tampa claims, did he get booted because he asked to transfer?

Why isn’t that player talking?  Is something or someone preventing this ousted player from talking to Woodbery (or others)?

Sadly, if Charles is in charge of your info, you may never know.

See, when a player leaves a program it’s news, especially in the off-season where any player changes, coaching appearances or team apparel deals gobbles up fan attention.

Though a beat writer is a dedicated to covering a given school, he’s still a journalist, and has a responsibility to inform his readers by doing his job.

You think if Star Jackson had been “dismissed” from Alabama under these circumstances it would go like this?  Heck no. Kevin Scarbinsky would have written at least two blogs and an article by now about the injustices and evils of a multi-million dollar empire not looking out for the good of a poor, individual student athlete.  Don Kausler would have done his job to cover every detail…not in an attempt to cast doubt, but to inform you, the consumer.

If Evan Woodbery has uncovered something, information like this is simply important to a recruit’s family when making a decision of where to attend school.  You’re not going to get this when a towel spinner is sitting in your living room.  Journalists receive paychecks to give us the facts, or at least make a yeomen’s attempt at finding them.

But in this state, when it comes to Abarn, unless those facts aren’t delivered via fax machine or inbox, you’ll never get them.

When Cappy attempted to point these irregularities out on the Paul Finebaum show, he was met with ridicule and disbelief…even outrage.  We’re telling you people, there is a 900 lb. gorilla in the room.

51 thoughts on “Why WAS Aycock not welcome in “The Fambly”?”

  1. Are you freakin’ schizo??? You think ANY school would release a false public statement saying a kid had been kicked off the team for violating a team rule when the kid actually simply requested a transfer??? Do you know how much liability that would open the school up to??? Do you know how easy a defamation case that would be??? Are you that paranoid???

    As to your “expert character witness” (whatever that is), I think you’d find the majority of HS coaches would sing similar praises for most of their former players. I bet even Jimmy Johns HS coach would have up to the day he was arrested for selling crack. Furthermore, it ain’t exactly a history making event for a really good kid to go to college on a fb scholarship and do something stupid. But the kid’s parents and coaches are always “shocked” when it happens.

    There’s also one final point your crimson glasses caused you to overlook. Aycock didn’t deny that he got busted for violating a team rule that would have gotten him kicked off the team. (and we all know there are certain rules that will get you kicked off for a one time violation, such as failing a drug test.) I don’t understand why Woodberry didn’t follow up on that. So maybe the kid asked about a transfer during the meeting when he’s told he’s being dismissed from the team. I suppose that would fall under the category of “requesting a transfer and soon thereafter his dismissal was publicly announced.” What’s the difference?

  2. The obvious answer is that Tampa Bay .Com – which I guess is the Tampa Tribune – is not fearing that god awful lawsuit that has your panties in a wad.
    So – why the hell would the News ? Answer – Suck ass bias.
    Case in Point – Scarbo’s Column Today. Auburn should celebrate that National Championship that USC ( Might) give them because of Sanctions.
    Complete Utter Shit.

  3. Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Yeah, I’ve already e-mailed dumbass Scarbuttski. The obvious answers to the ’04 NC question are multiple. 1. Basically the same but younger and less experienced USC team had already handed basicly the same Awbarn team their asses two years running. By what fucking equation do you figure AU could suddenly beat an even better USC team? 2. Oklahoma was ranked #2 and played for the NC. An Awbarn win over Va. Tech does not trump a loss to #1. 3. The NC forfiture for violations rule is NOT retroactive. It affects only what happens after, which is the last 3 years and the future. Or maybe Awbarn should give up their ’57 NC? 4. Oklahoma would have kicked Awbarns ass too. 5. You can’t be given what you haven’t earned. If #1 forfits the NC game, then #2’s loss to them also disappears and #2 who actually played for the NC inherits the title. 6. Sure Awbarn deserved a shot as much as OU. But it didn’t happen. So suck it up Barnies. RTR!

  4. Who said anything about a newspaper getting sued?? The University would be the one telling the lie about the kid, not the newspaper. The only way the Tampa Paper could get in trouble is if they misquoted one of the HS coaches. Pluto must be the planet you live on.

  5. lets sum up auburns football tradition. first off auburn was founded in 1960 so the 57 championship is for shit(ALABAMA POLYTECH) from 1960 til now we have multiple probations a couple heisman winners a few sec championships which ironically came from coaches the university ran off. a peoples national championship in 04. a towel waving spook. and last but certainly not least ………THE STREAK!!! auburn football is laughable at best. they can beat alabama 30 times in a row and still would not accomplish a damn thing on the national level. so auburn fans congrats on your rise to mediocrity.your stay will be welcomed there. RTR

  6. Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Well it is Sunday and undoubtedly the majority of Barner trolls are in their trailers fornicating wth their mothers, sisters, daughters and cousins after they’ve raped the cow, dog, pig and impregnated the sheep. Julietta on the other hand has no family who will claim him, or even open the door and let him in. So that explains his presence today. Never-the-less, my post above, while 100% true and accurate – was designed to stir up some shit. By this time tomorrow there should be 40 posts on this thread, the majority of which will be from Barnie trailer trash. Unless of course they have no pride and don’t care to defend their teams honor. Oh wait! That’s right. They’re Barnies. What honor? Bwaa Haww Haww!!! RTR!

  7. Chizznik hires Luper&Trooper, rented a pooper scooper and trouble would soon ensue. Remember all the booger laden fingers pointed a Alabama when the arrest record was up, well auburn will soon look like UcheaT. Pretty soon the only thing longer than their football careers will be their prison sentences. Some of ’em may ask Jimmy Johns why he wasted good talent on pit bulls and coke.

  8. Well Julia, we don’t know what the kid is saying because something or someone has him afraid to talk. So to say he isn’t denying anything, unless you’ve seen a story I haven’t is bogus. I’m sure you could produce references, like I did.

    Baghdad still doing okay?

  9. Now. Now…. settle down little Bammers.
    Aycock was obviously AyDick. That is the only reasonable explanation of the event.
    See Bammer trash…… Auburn only allow the finest….the creme de la creme (if you will) onto their campus.
    Aybock must have shown that he was not Auburn Man material.
    Unlike Bammer. Where Jimmy Johns is the status quo.
    It all has to do with tradition Bammers. Yall know what tradition is? I’ll tekk you what tradition is.
    Pat Dye.
    Terry Sullivan
    Bo Jackson
    6 in a row.
    Rolling Toomer’s corner.
    Now THAT is tradition. We dont need no stinkin’ 13 National Championships (all of which can be disproved).
    All we need is our Family and our tradition and our Creed.
    Just read the Auburn Creed sometime. And you will know why we are special.

  10. Aycock is a little pot head. Good riddance. We dont need bammer trash on our team. Hey trash, I hope we beat your asses to a pulp come Wed. and dont have any sympathy for your trashy asses along the way. You morons.

  11. Yes ITK, my reference is your “expert character witness” that claims to have spoken “at length” with Aycock. As I said, “Aycock didn’t deny that he got busted for violating a team rule that would have gotten him kicked off the team.” Did I misread that coach’s quote?? I saw the part about a transfer request and the part about “adopting the kid”, but I missed the part where he said Aycock denied being dismissed for violating a team rule. Maybe you can point it out to me. Strange, after such a “lengthy conversation” it seems that would have been a pretty important little snippet to mention if it actually happened.

    BTW, I’d still love to hear your response explaining how you think any school would be stupid enough to release a false public statement saying a kid had been kicked off the team for violating a team rule when the kid actually simply requested a transfer.

  12. Perhaps you can call Joey Knight of the Tampa Tribune, or call Brian or Billy Turner to get the details you’re wanting. but I don’t see an admission of anything about a dismissal..which of course gives you room to take that fact and rush, no, sprint, to your own conclusion. Because he DIDN’T say something, it must be true.

    This published account has named sources regarding what happened. Your account was extracted from your rectum, and smells accordingly.

  13. OH MY GOD…Did you seriously just accuse me of rushing to conclusions?? This coming from the person who just accused AU of fabricating a lie about a kid being dismissed from the team for violating a rule with no basis whatsoever?? (Contrary to your crimson interpretation, Aycock’s coach never accused AU of any such thing). This from the same person who repeatedly accuses AU of handing out cash as the reason for its success in recruiting with no basis whatsover?? This from the guy who fabricates quotes and attributes them to former Heisman winners?? Classic.

  14. Good stuff guys, keep arguing over irrelevant tech (auburn) kicking this kid off the team. Who cares, helps the depth chart for sure. Gussy didn’t need no stinking running back, he got Cammy. All their problems have been solved. Had a top flight recruiting year, gonna go undefeated for their record breaking (in Lee Co.) 2nd national championship. The dominance of west Ga. is just beginning, wait and see. Trooper’s statue is almost done, and will be unveiled on opening day.

  15. i have personally witnessed a former auburn player, who was playing at the time, recieve hundreds,if not thousands of dollars in tires, rims,service and body work to his acura legend from two auburn alums who own a prominent tire and auto business on university drive in auburn. the player tim carter. so auburns “family” has its own way of taking care of current players and recruits.its not just board members and coaching staff its area alum business owners and its just as illegal. hey who knows aycock might have been pushing cheesedik to ante up on his end of the deal and he couldnt call the bet and just decided to get rid of him. point is the guy is gone why would u not disclose why got rid of him?

  16. Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Stupid Mandible bitch. We already wiped that ass twice this year. Don’t even be stupid enough to think we can’t do it again. The barn has no pitching or defense. You’ll never get out of the regional without pitching. Bama on the other hand has good hitting and finally excellent pitching. And by the way baseball bitch – how about that Bama softball team? RTR!

  17. Sources, douche. They speak for themselves. I haven’t accused Abarn of anything. Called or emailed the two journalists who felt confident enough to put their journalistic integrity on the line yet?

    Didn’t think so. You’d rather sit in here and talk $?@#.

  18. Is there an bottom line here ?
    Hell yes.
    Media Bias that is edging toward the Unethical.
    Advertising is dictating Editorial Policy and Content.
    Want an explanation Julio ?

  19. What language do they speak on your planet, ITK?? “As an expert character witness willing to be quoted in his home city of Tampa claims, did he get booted because he asked to transfer?” Please show me ANYWHERE in that quote where that coach “claimed” Aycock got “booted because he asked to transfer.” No whimsical, saracstic responses that have nothing to do with the questions asked. Just point out where that “claim” was made. It shouldn’t be that hard to find. After all, it’s a “900 lb. gorilla in the room”, right??

    PS. If you’re not accusing AU of anything, what is this 900 lb. gorilla you’re saying is in the room??

  20. My gosh Julia, you get more stupid by the day:

    “Auburn announced earlier today that running back Dontae Aycock had been dismissed for a violation of team rules.
    But his former high school coaches say they’re hearing a different version of the story from Aycock.”

    Sentence #2 can’t be any more clear that the author is outlining the contrast between what the school announced and what the player told his coaches what happened.

    I honestly don’t know how anyone could overlook this contrasting statement, but you did. Well done, douche. Well done!

  21. Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Since the Awbie Baseball Bitch has nothing else worth gloating over, and the SEC tournament starts tomorrow in Hoover against the Awbies – then let me indulge her. We’re 2-2 against Awbie. One of those loses doesn’t count in the SEC, and the other 3 games were played during our 5-15 SEC slump and we still won 2 of them. I think we swept Vandy for the other 3 wins. Awbie has a very good but not super hitting team and their pitching and D is mediocre. Bamas greatest teams under Wells lead the nation in hitting, were top notch on D and had average pitching. That formula will get you to Omaha, and then an early trip home. The pitching killed us every time. Does that tell you something about your Awbie team? Don’t expect them to win any double-elimination tournament in which there are hard hitting teams who also have good pitching and fielding. Plus you will have a hard time judging the quality of this Awbie team since this may be the worst year in SEC baseball history. It’s pathetic when the defending NC (cont.)

  22. Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    (cont.) has to depend on KENTUCKY? to lose twice in their last 3 games just to sneak into Hoover. And it ain’t cause everybody is so good either. Only Florida and USCe have sparkling records. Myself, I’m thinking Gaspard is the man to bring Bama back. He has no team of his own yet and yet with Wells retreads he has fashioned a team capable of winning Hoover if the cards fall right. The UcheaT coach said as much and he had just finished going 1-2 against Florida and then got slobber bopped by Bama at home. Gaspard did what Wells refused to do. He brought in a pitching coach. And look. Norris has given Bama one of the top staffs in the SEC with Wells floppers. This may not be our year – after all we did flop against Samford and UAB, but we have very good hitting and fielding. And now we have top 20 quality and depth at pitching. The pitching alone could go a long way in getting us through a double-elimination tournament where hitters don’t mean shit after you’ve run out of stoppers. So I’m thinking that (cont.)

  23. Thank you for repeating Woodberry’s opinion. That’s not what I asked you. I asked you to show me me anywhere in the quote where “the coach claimed Aycock got booted because he asked to transfer” as you specifically accused him of doing. Still waiting. As usual, ITK changes the question and makes pathetic attempts at subterfuge with sarcasm and hollow insults.

    PS: If nothing else ITK, just fabricate a quote and attribute it to the coach. Based upon prior practice, we know you don’t have any ethical quandries with that.

  24. Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    (cont.) that even if the Awbie bombers touch us up tomorrow morning – we’ll still be around on the weekend and they’ll be hanging their laundry on the clotheslines behind their trailers in Lee County by Friday night. And on anothes note: Crystal Baby!!! We got it, ya’ll don’t! RTR!

  25. Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Oh fuck Aycock! ITK is pushing it to get hits on the website, and Julietta is indulging him like the typical brain-dead Awbie troll. As you can plainly see, nobody else gives a shit. Let’s talk about Baseball and Softball and our #1 and 2 state ranked Basketball recruits and Star Jackson and Doo Rag and even Lame Kittens 4 million dollar salary. Ya’ll are fighting a war over a nobody on pure conjecture. The guy probably won’t play for either of us. RTR!

  26. Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    WTF! How do you win the biggest most important championship in college sports – the one that pays the way for all the other sports – plus championships in gymnastics, softball, golf and I think men’s outdoor track and field, plus high final conference and national rankings in numerous other sports, and still finish 8th in the SEC all sports trophy rankings? I’m sure most people think the way they calculate the points is fair. Especially Florida and LSU and Georgia and Tennessee who have more to many more people than Alabama and a much much higher population to BCS university ratio. But in my mind giving the same weight and points to womens golf, wrestling and fencing as to the BCS football NC is pure unadulterated bullshit. There isn’t one school in the SEC except maybe Vanderbilt, who wouldn’t trade in every championship in every sport for the Crystal Football. Nuff said. RTR!

  27. Julia, what you define as “an opinion from Woodbery” the rest of the free world calls a quote from a source in a published news story. Douche, did you even READ Knight’s piece? Ummmm, no.

    See, the pretty red words in my original article that say “” is called a “hyperlink” that takes you to the journalist’s article that brought this claim to light.

    What you haven’t answered is why Chiznik would dismiss a student athlete (his account according to the source in the article that you didn’t read) just because he doesn’t want to be there anymore. That can’t look good for recruiting.

    Again, just going by the account (that you didn’t read) here.

    P.S. – I just wanted to say something extra here like you do as a little “add on”. You’ve really got this “extra” working for ya lately. Started to go with your favorite “BTW”, but then I thought I’d fall back on the ole stand by “P.S.”. And you seriously wonder why I call you what I call you.

  28. Julia, since you don’t know how hyperlinks work, let me help you out:

    “Former Chamberlain High quarterback Dontae Aycock, the 2008 Guy Toph Award winner as Hillsborough County’s top senior player, has been dismissed from Auburn’s football team for an unspecified violation of team rules.

    Or at least that’s the school’s version. Former Chamberlain assistant Brian Turner said he has spoken at length today with Aycock, who indicated he went to Tigers coach Gene Chizik to request a transfer. Soon thereafter, his dismissal was announced.”

    That’s straight from Knight’s article. Note the 2nd paragraph. Do you need someone to tell you when it’s daylight too, or can you just tell when the sun is up in the sky?

    What is Chiznik so paranoid about? OH! I get it…asking for the transfer WAS the team rule Aycock violated!

  29. Ok, ITK. I’ll try to type real slow so you can understand. See, a quote is where a journalist (don’t ask, you wouldn’t understand) repeats the words that a particular person says. Sometimes, they even surround those words by funny looking thingies called quotation marks. Now, sometimes reporters will precede a quote with a catchy headline or a quick opinion to catch the reader’s interest, but that’s not part of the quote. Woodberry was the one who said “or at least that’s the school’s version.” Not the coach. (See, Woodberry is the reporter, not the source. He can’t be both at the same time.) You seem to be under the impression that anything in print is a quote.

    All the coach said was that Aycock requested a transfer, and his dismissal was announced soon thereafter. Gee, ya think there’s a chance that the kid might have asked about a transfer during the same meeting where he was told he was being kicked off the team?? Can you begin to imagine a scenario where transfers would not be discussed in such a meeting?? See, that would fall under the whole “request a transfer, soon after dismissal is announced” thing. Oh, but it’s so much more fun to say that AU kicked the kid off the team BECAUSE he asked for a transfer, despite the fact that no one has claimed that (and despite the fact that no coach at any level would be either crazy or stupid enough to do that.)

    PS: Oh, I don’t have anything else to say…just glad to know that irritates you.

  30. dk the truth – but knowing the skankiness of this regime it is highly likely aycock was kicked off for wanting a transfer

  31. who give a rip about AyCOCK….. team rules are team rules….. Shows how f’d up you bammer are! You win the NC but you still are looking east. Get a life and stop worrying about Auburn

  32. I’m not sure if I care that Aycock is off the team now.
    I am glad that Allbarn could raise enough money to get a helmet that could fit Kodi Burns before he left. Good stuff..kept me laughing for almost two years. I think I’ll put on my NC hat and watch the championship again. Night all.

  33. Okay, Julia, you are now officially an idiot. Here’s my favorite:

    “All the coach said was that Aycock requested a transfer, and his dismissal was announced soon thereafter. Gee, ya think there’s a chance that the kid might have asked about a transfer during the same meeting where he was told he was being kicked off the team??”

    WTF???? Did you just pull a scenario right out of your anus AGAIN and throw it on the table like it’s fact?? And you accuse ME of this??? You’re fabricating crap right out of thin air!!

    What we have here is a reporter who writes that Abarn dismissed Aycock for “violating team rules,” then immediately states “at least that’s the school’s version”. He then goes on to give a second account where a named source…not a gay screen name like Julio on a blog…but a named source (former Chamberlain assistant Brian Turner who said he spoke AT LENGTH with Aycock “today”) says Aycock (told him) he was dismissed after asking for the transfer.

    There is nothing hard about this. This is not hard to understand.

    But then, you’re not trying to understand. You’re only spinning, and spinning is what AU does best, now ain’t it? Why focus on being the best (oooo, that hurts…sorry) when you can buy billboards?

    Wonder how long before we see “CAM CAN!” on a billboard? Ya’ll are good at billboards. It’s just that dang game of football that escapes you somehow (until you get a 1-AA to come to town).


    I just hope Aycock doesn’t get unafraid to talk in the near future. Or doesn’t get encouragement to tell his story from someone who cares. Dang that could hurt the house of cards called Abarn football.


  35. Goldy is a doosh. Anybody that makes a career out of beat writing for one team has no aspirations.

  36. ITK and Julio…I loved the discussion between you two. Although it got a little personal, you both made good points. I agree, it is a leap to conclude that the kids former coach knows the real truth about Aycock’s dismissal because he never came right out and said “the kid didn’t break a rule”. On the other hand, why would the coach speak out if he didn’t believe something suspicious was behind it all? He said he spoke at length with Aycock.
    Chizik may have been looking for a rule violation. The real question is would he dismiss any other player for the same rule violation?

  37. Deny, you have to understand the history between Julio and I. It dates several years back…before Bama had a Julio, I think. As Darth needed Luke, The Duke Boys needed Boss Hogg, and as Papa Smurf needed Gargamel, we share a unique co-existence. At the heart of it, we’re alright. Though it does get personal sometimes, and it shouldn’t. He’s just a lame brain when it comes to his affiliation with Abarn football. Otherwise I think he’s rather intelligent.

    And you nailed it. There is something more not being said about this situation that may or may not come out later. Just anytime a player is dismissed and he’s disgruntled about it, either he’s merely disgruntled or something behind the scenes made him that way. We’ll see.

    But rest assured, Julio and I are brothers. Not the kind you want to put side by side at the Thanksgiving table, but brothers nonetheless.

  38. Especially when you consider that the Iron Bowl is played on the day after Thanksgiving. You’d have turkey and mashed potatos thrown all over the room. Come on back anytime, Deny. ITK and I can usually find something to vehemently argue about even in the slowest parts of the year.

    BTW, am I Gargamel or Papa Smurf?

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  40. ITK you owe me $1,874.35 dollars. I copyrighted the term “Julia” when referring to the hysterical one.

    Then again, after spewing beer through my nose at your artwork on Brokeback Chiznik, you may use said term via permanent license. I just laugh my ass off to see people still use that word almost a year after I coined it. Yes, I enjoy self-promotion.

  41. CheeseNips&Towels

    I work with a friend of Aycock’s here in Auburn. He tested positive for marijuana. He also knew he wasn’t going to get any playing time and decided to transfer. Here’s the problem. He wasn’t dismissed for the drugs, just asking for a transfer. I know this because he isn’t the only player on that team smoking weed. I know this from another co-worker that plays basketball with the players at the ACT. Chizik & co. can claim a great family atmosphere in which they look after these kids and act as fathers to them, but they’re really nothing more than that cool uncle who looks that other way when you come home drunk and makes sure that the stars of the team stay out of trouble (not keeping them from doing bad things, just making sure they don’t get in trouble for the bad things). THIS IS TRUE: DARVIN ADAMS IS A POT HEAD BUT WILL NEVER FAIL A DRUG TEST OR EVER WORRY ABOUT TAKING A DRUG TEST WHILE AT AUBURN.

  42. CheeseNips&Towels…interesting stuff. So you’re suggesting that Auburn covers the trails of the transgressors on the team that produce, but dismiss the ones that don’t?

  43. You are retarded Alex Hugaman,
    You are retarded In the Butt,
    Get a f___ing life and concentrate on your own team. You would think that the Mullet nation would not be worried about AU if they just won a NC…

    Guess what that is about 50% of your articles are AU centric. At least Chizik kicks players off the team without the concern that it may lead to fall off in the football season instead of a 1/2 game suspension BS. Saban has no integrity, that is the bottom line. So go F yourself and maybe you guys secretly like BrokeBack Mountain and dream for a reach around or a Nasty Sanchez from little Nicky.


  44. Nick, why all the hostility? We’re just pointing out that our notoriety is well earned while Abarn’s is fabricated and manufactured by press releases, spin, towels, billboards and named weekends.

    You get a life, nick.

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