SEC: The real national championship

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By Shane from Centerpoint
Kirk Herbstreit’s opinion isn’t something I usually agree with. However, when he followed my daily call to Paul Finebaum with the opinion that this SEC championship game is the “true” national championship, Kirk reiterated my earlier take. For me, as a longtime observer from the South, to make that statement is predictable. For Herbstreit, it was a chance to drop his Big 10 bias and tell us what he really thinks. Anyway, I think we’re both right. I’m sure most southern football fans agree.

About the game, I don’t see what the pundits or those self-absorbed Florida fans are so confident about. Considering that Florida choked at home against Mississippi, I’m not sure why the talking heads believe they can’t be beat.

In spite of the Crimson Tide’s number one ranking, there are many who feel that the Tide doesn’t have the horses to beat the speedy Gators.

Alabama has a thirteen game winning streak going, which shows that they know how to win. Florida has been a juggernaut since getting upset by the Ole Miss Rebels earlier this year. These are simply the best two programs in the nation.

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The winner of this game will be considered the favorite over whomever they face in the BCS title game. I believe the SEC is destined to produce the national champion for the third year in a row.

Say what you want about the various disparities involved with the BCS, but this game serves their purpose – they’ve got their championship semi-final.

There have been some legendary gridiron match ups between the Florida Gators and the Alabama Crimson Tide, but this one is the biggest ever.

Regardless of the incessant harping by the ESPN pundits at the beginning of the year about the greatness of USC, Ohio State, and Texas – Alabama and Florida are the best two teams in America. You can bet the farm on that!