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SEC: The real national championship

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By Shane from Centerpoint
Kirk Herbstreit’s opinion isn’t something I usually agree with. However, when he followed my daily call to Paul Finebaum with the opinion that this SEC championship game is the “true” national championship, Kirk reiterated my earlier take. For me, as a longtime observer from the South, to make that statement is predictable. For Herbstreit, it was a chance to drop his Big 10 bias and tell us what he really thinks. Anyway, I think we’re both right. I’m sure most southern football fans agree.

About the game, I don’t see what the pundits or those self-absorbed Florida fans are so confident about. Considering that Florida choked at home against Mississippi, I’m not sure why the talking heads believe they can’t be beat.

In spite of the Crimson Tide’s number one ranking, there are many who feel that the Tide doesn’t have the horses to beat the speedy Gators.

Alabama has a thirteen game winning streak going, which shows that they know how to win. Florida has been a juggernaut since getting upset by the Ole Miss Rebels earlier this year. These are simply the best two programs in the nation.

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The winner of this game will be considered the favorite over whomever they face in the BCS title game. I believe the SEC is destined to produce the national champion for the third year in a row.

Say what you want about the various disparities involved with the BCS, but this game serves their purpose – they’ve got their championship semi-final.

There have been some legendary gridiron match ups between the Florida Gators and the Alabama Crimson Tide, but this one is the biggest ever.

Regardless of the incessant harping by the ESPN pundits at the beginning of the year about the greatness of USC, Ohio State, and Texas – Alabama and Florida are the best two teams in America. You can bet the farm on that!

34 thoughts on “SEC: The real national championship”

  1. Alabama may not be considered the best team in the nation just yet, and maybe I have my doubts. I can say this without resorvation, we are currently 12-0. Playing in the conference that is known to be one of the toughest, (even though it is somewhat down this year), of all. A Coach that demands respect, focusing on details and demands everyone to do their job and play as a team. EXPECTATION every Saturday is to win. Something that Bama Fans have been missing for the last several years. We now think and expect to win them all. Regardless of what others think, we will not look to get rid of Saban should he only win 8 or 9 games a season, it is the fact that we expect and have faith that we can we them ALL.
    ROLL TIDE!!!


  2. if we look back we see a lot of teams that were supoosed to outrun us. We SHUT DOWN Knowshon Moreno, Spiller, Davis, Fannin, Mccluster….get the point?
    yes Florida is fast, but bama is pretty damn fast in its own right. And Bama is big and physical. I think Florida might figure that out by the 3rd quarter. It should be a good game … yes…. the real national championship… Either of thest two teams would wipe up the floor with the big 12 or pac 10.

  3. I dont Think so I used to think FL could win the NC BUUUTTT Im not sure of it anymore I mean They are good and all but
    DAMN OK looks good!

  4. Can anyone guess who the only team to go undefeated in the SEC this decade was?

    2004 Auburn Tigers…..biatch!

    Not bad for a second tier program.

    Oh yea, is losing the game that counts part of the “process?” Maybe it is a grand scheme by the Saban to keep his team motivated for next year. Seriously though, this loss could not have happened to a more deserving team. Maybe that wet behind the ears freshman QB can lead ya’ll to glory next year.

    WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!

  5. One more thing…..and I really hate to keep harping on the defeat. What kind of play calling was that fake field goal attempt? That looked like a desperate high school coach.

  6. bamasux… you are an idiot. You’re just pissed off because your team put up a gaping goose egg in the Iron Bowl after a pathetic regular season…


    on the fake field goal, Tiffin was hurt and couldn’t kick. Tiffin is the only good placekicker Bama has. They were forced to try something on the spot.

  7. The real NC game is in January. Ok and Texas are better than Bama. Ya’ll played a hell of a game tonight. You should be extremely proud of those young men.

  8. Alabama is a better team by far than Texas and Oklahoma and any other team in the Big 12. The big 12 is a joke of a bcs conference with no defense.

  9. Tittymax….your team lost to LA MONROE YOU FUCKING ASS!! Maybe Saban should have called our former coach for pointers on how to beat Florida. Tubby beat the Heisman trophy quarterback, National Champ FL Gators the past 2 years. Should have been part of his “process.” Did you get the feeling during the post conference that even Saban was tired of talking his bullshit psyhco babble “process” crap.

    By the sound of your last post, you Bammers will probably wait a few years, define winning a National Championship as going undefeated during the regular season, and proceed to claim another. What’s it up to now, 46?

  10. Bamasux can you make a single comment regarding SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED THIS SEASON?

    You’re just pissed because Saban is 10x the coach Tubbs ever tried to be. It took him just 2 years to be competing for the SECC & NC.

    If AU played Florida this year they wouldn’t even get the ball past their own 40 yard line. You and your sorry excuse for a football team are a fucking joke.

  11. btw I went ahead and sent my resume in to the AU athletic dep., think they’ll bite? It’s not like they’ll get anyone worth a shit anyway. I think I’ve got a good shot!

  12. You’re right tittymax….you aren’t worth a shit.

    A Bammer telling me to talk about the present????? That’s hilarious.

    You guys couldn’t finish, get over it.

    As Shane pointed out at the beginning of the season about Auburn(and I was wrong not to believe it), don’t expect much from a freshman QB in the SEC. I’ll be very surprised if BAMA wins 8 games next year. Back to mediocrity!

  13. No NC for the psychotic, egotistical, self enitilement, Alabama Crimson Tide. Such a shame after all the smoke Shane and Finebaum have been spouting out for the past 2 months. You would think that Alabama could be the New York Giants.

    Anyways, back to reality, Alabama is still an 11-1 team (pretty good), I give you props going to the Sugar Bowl to face probably the Big East champ. Could be worse…

    Just remember that the so called “little brother” in the state who actually is the “big brother” when you look at the school size and caliber of education is still here and we wont have a freshman QB next year.

    JPW is a sore loser and BLOW TIDE!

  14. you dumbasses Alabama won’t have a freshman QB next year. McElroy will be a Junior, he burned all Chase Daniels HS records when he took over after him, and burned your corners this year at the Iron Bowl. He’s already a more developed and mature QB than Cody Burns will ever be. Also, they are 12-1 not 11-1 jackass.

  15. Tittidius Maximus,
    I just let out a dumpus maximus, very touchy arent we?

    12-1 excuse em woah…. Still that is the point eh? 12-1, at least AU could finish the job in 2004 and we werent the media darlings either.

    Good luck with the Utes, that would be pathetic if UA falls to them as well.


  16. Hilliard, get bent over. The only time you need to use “finished” and “AU” in one sentence is if you’re describing your relevance in the state of Alabama, or the SEC conference.

  17. Tittymax……yea, you are right. McElroy will be a “junior” next year. When talking about SEC quarterback experience, however, I don’t think the number of semester hours completed in the classroom is relevant. Bama will have an inexperienced QB next year, but a junior nonetheless…..

  18. actually hillard, AU only won the Sugar bowl in 04. NOT THE CHAMPIONSHIP. Bama will accomplish the same thing with a loss that auburn had to have it’s greatest season to do!


    Congratulations Bama for showing up and playing a better game than I anticipated. The offensive line was better than I expected. Now having said that, and it really doesn’t matter that I said it, 1 man, Tim Tebow beat the Tide. He didn’t have to, he wanted to. Had Percy Harvin played he would not have felt as though the Gator Nation was on his back and the game would not have been near as close as it was. Had Coffee or Jones been hurt (as was Harvin) the Tide would obviously suffered tremendously and possibly been shut out. John Parker Wilson is just not capable of taking a game over or leading a team to any victory of consequence. You can tell by his demeanor, or lack there of, and you can see it in his eyes.

    As for this article, the guy that writes it must be on staff in the Alabama Department of Fan Relations. The people that respond must be enrolled in that mental institue in Tuscaloosa. You guys actually believed Bama had a chance to beat the Gators. These Auburn people that respond are just being obnoxious because that’s all they have going for them at the moment. That’s the way a rivalry should be. I can’t bash Tommy Tubberville, the Urban Assault has never beaten the Tigers. He did just put a beating on Nick Saban. I wish he had lifted two fingers after the game just to stir the fire. This SEC Championship was just that, the SEC Championship. It was by no means the National Championship as this goober blogger writes. With the horrible state of the Bama program over the last 10 or 15 years, it must be some sort of moral or mental justification to believe Alabama, while having an incredible, amazing year is on the same level of dominance as the Florida Gators. Saban has had one good recruiting class, Meyer has had four! Bama came out of nowhere and reaped the benefits of others to climb to the spot they were in. Florida was already there.

    Florida will beat Oklahoma for the National Championship, they are well rounded enough. I don’t think Bama could beat Oklahoma, Texas, Texas Tech or Missouri, they can’t outscore any of them, they all have much better quarterbacks, comprable running backs and better recievers compared to Bama, but none come close to Florida.

    Point being, Mr. Sez worded his little question wrong to open his lopsided article. The question should be something to the effect of, “If Alabama can pull off a miracle like Ole Miss, can Alabama go on to win a National Championship?” or “When Florida beats the Tide will they go on to be National Champions?”

    Good luck with the Utes, they remind me of Florida’s practice squad!

  20. shane blows paul daily


  21. Tittymax….Auburn didn’t win the SEC CHAMPIONSHIP in 2004? Dude, why don’t you do yourself a favor, take the next year off, study up on college football, and we’ll chat with you next year. Putz.

  22. I meant they didn’t win the National Championship. Sure they won the SEC, but they still didn’t get enough respect to go to the big game.

  23. Great Coaches are not interviewed. Auburn must learn from big brother. Curry, Dubose, Price, and Shula were interviewed. Rodriguez was not!! Saban was not!! Rodriguez had verbally committed to Alabama before Saban was hired. He had a dismal first year at Michigan but so did Saban at UA. When he gets his players and his system in place Michigan will be back. Saban was next. He was not on a short list! He was simply next. A proven coach that is highly intelligent and can recruit. Auburn is traveling down the same road as Alabama and they will end up with years of frustration if they don’t go after THE man. Can you imagine anyone calling Pete Carrol to interview him… to learn of his core values and football philosophy. That’s insane! They already know that for crying out loud. Good coaches are interviewed not great ones. If Auburn believes Patrino or Johnson is the man and money is not an issue… go get him and stop this interview crap. Auburn, until this year has generated more money than Alabama every year for the last 10 years. What are they thinking? They have never had a problem getting players. Saban sold 92,000+ tickets for A day. Auburn could do the same with THE man. And finally for Shane and Finebaum to endorse Pat Sullivan as a potential coach for AU speaks volumes of thier hopes that Auburn will hire the wrong man. Sullivan is a good coach but if he were a great coach he would be winning at a major college. Not many great ones but there are a few. It appears that Auburn may settle for good until a great one comes available…like big brother. Enjoy the next several years of winning Alabama because AU didn’t learn a dog gone thing.

  24. Kreskin,
    Good luck next year with mediocrity at QB. Kodi Burns made a lot of freshman mistakes because he is a freshman QB. I guarantee he will be as good as Jason Campbell his senior year and then we will be back on top as we should be.

    Alabama-Utah, there is only a moral victory here. Even if AL beats them, nothing is gained. If AL loses then the redneck nation will be the ones bent over.

    Lets talk about finished…AU is just getting started. If we hire Turner Gill, Nicky will have his hands full recruiting. We will see who gets hired, but as of now Finebaum and Shane the gimp boy can only hope we pick some loser coach. As far as talent on one team, we can match up with anybody, we just need an offensive mind with a great defensive coordinator.

    By the way, we are the only team besides Ole Miss to beat the Gators in their prime, not UA and sore loser JPW.

    BLOW TIDE. Your days are numbered.

  25. Hilliard….the Tide’s days are numbered indeed! I hear the NCAA recruiting violations inquiry is heating up. It appears that several boosters have taken it upon themselves to help saban land some blue chips. Saban is a good coach and recruiter, but let’s be honest for a minute. Stay tuned for more details.

  26. Hey hilliard, in case you missed it, McElroy and Marquis Maze, a freshman, blasted Auburn’s best defensive player for a 34-yard TD without even trying. Maybe you turned the TV off before then, but it happened.

    Kodi Burns is a tremendous talent, but you don’t have the supporting players or the coaching to help him be everything he could befire he graduates. You might as well hang that one up. Speaking of that, I wonder how all of those kids recruited for the spread will play out next year?

    Good luck with turner Gill making any recruiting inroads, if you ARE lucky enough to get him. He’s not from the traditional south and he will have a hard time getting caught up, much less equal footing with Saban and the other SEC coaches. If he tries to hit Texas for his home roots, he will be competing with Brown, Stoops, and other strong recruiters.

    Finally, given the fact that former Auburn commitments are bailing on the Dead Spread Eagle for Alabama, I’d be concerned about just trying to hold on to what you have, never mind what you don’t have a shot at to begin with.

    Bamasux, If anything, we’ll be BETTER with McElroy at QB. He’s not content with being a game manager.

  27. Kreskin…I recall another “hotshot” freshman (inexperienced) QB put into a game in the fourth quarter. He proceeded to score 8 or 10 points only after Tubbs had called off the dogs and the defense was exhausted from pounding Brodie’s ass into the turf all day. Afterwards, despite the loss, the bammers were on cloud nine thinking this wonderboy would lead them to championships in the years to come. Remember? 2005 Iron Bowl. Don’t put too much stock in what you saw McElroy do to Auburn in the final minutes of this year’s Iron Bowl.

    As we all know now, the wonderboy led bama to zero championships.

  28. That’s quite nice of you, and I appreciate it. It has been a long time since we’ve had this sort of success, so even in the wake of the Florida loss (grr) I am truly grateful for the way things have worked out.

  29. The fact is, Saban is moving Alabama into the ranks of USC, Oklahoma, Florida, and Texas. Teams that have the capability to compete for a national championship year in and year out. If he did THIS in his second year, with 9 scholarship seniors, think of 3 and 4 years down the line, when his full classes are competing in Crimson.

    Be ready to do the same thing in the coming years that you did this year, Auburn fans: rooting against Alabama in all hopes that they stay out of the national championship game. Because what was seen this year is just the beginning

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