Reaction: What’s being said about AU

The firing of Tony Franklin by Tommy Tuberville generated enormous comment on the Internet. Here’s a sampling of what’s being said.

Dawg-gone Blog

….Auburn and the big-eared dumbass that runs their program has fired Tony Franklin…..but the real question for right now is if Bobby Johnson is the new Sylvester Croom? Does a loss to Vandy equal an automatic reshuffling of coaches?


So now what?
It has to comfort Auburn fans that a head coach known for his defensive expertise will be the one with a bigger role in the offense after chasing off accomplished coordinators like Borges and Franklin.

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The Slophouse

Tommy Tuberville’s midweek firing of offensive coordinator Tony Franklin at Auburn doesn’t have the Arkansas coaches in as much a frenzy as you would think. Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino fully expected the Tigers to run the ball plenty this weekend anyway, and Franklin’s departure further confirms that.

Eight In The Box

As I type this it is being reported by Paul Finebaum and the Opelika newspaper that Tony Franklin has been fired. Wow! A change in offensive philosophy after the 6th game of the season. That could be a problem, but I guess they already had huge problems.

Auburn Football Stuff

Auburn fires Franklin….Tuberville next?
Tuberville has Only 1 SEC championship in 10 years, and another 4-5 loss season. Gee I wish I can have that job performance and keep my job. 4 failures in 13 tries and never getting in the top 10 each year.

Dawg Sports

It’s hard to tell what type of disruption this causes Auburn this season. It’s never good to retool your offense during the heart of your conference schedule. Especially on a Wednesday. But if you’re going to go out and wing it against any SEC opponent right now, Bobby Petrino’s Arkansas Razorbacks are as good a choice as any, especially when you get them at home. Bottom line, Tommy Tuberville made a mistake. He’s trying to correct it. Tony Franklin made a mistake. He’ll move on and survive. But this will not go down as the more sterling moment of either man’s career.

The War Eagle Reader

Why was he kicked to the curb right in front of reporters and cameras in the middle of the day, like a man walking to the gallows? Is this the best way that it could have been handled? Firing the guy just in time for Paul Finebaum to report it as breaking news on his afternoon show? I can just imagine what that hairless asshole had to say today about this sorry scene today. It’s like we handed the story to Finebaum on a silver platter.

Why did Auburn University do this to Franklin in such a public and embarrassing manner? Good God! What an idiotic, childish way to handle this. Why wasn’t he given the pink slip Sunday night?