By Shane from Centerpoint
Alabama head coach, Nick Saban, is on a mission to resuscitate a once legendary football program. The process continues this Saturday night when the “Nictator” takes his traveling show to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. The outcome of this gridiron war should provide Crimson Tide fans with a candid outlook on whether this season will be a stepping-stone in an attempt to regain national respect or a quick revival that says to college football, “Bama’s back”.

Saban’s return to the Southeastern Conference last year was at best, a struggle. However, he has had another off-season and recruiting class to wipe away the stench of the pathetic attitude that permeated the Crimson Tide football program. With a very average transitional year behind him, Nick and his Tide are being presented with an opportunity to grab the spotlight when they face off with the 10th ranked Clemson Tigers.

Admittedly, the opening game of the season usually involves a multitude of mistakes. As a result, the team who makes the fewest mistakes will usually win the game. Alabama’s performance Saturday will serve as an excellent indicator pertaining to coach Saban’s ability to extract discipline, poise, and consistency from his players.

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Most experts would agree that a quarterback’s performance is crucial to any offense’s continuity and overall success. Two big questions centered around that position will determine Alabama’s offensive success against Clemson: Have coach Saban and his quarterback guru, Jim McElwain, been able to re-program senior signal-caller, John Parker Wilson? Can J.P. eliminate those fatal errors and maintain his poise under fire in order to utilize Bama’s talented arsenal of weapons – which provide him with ample firepower and scoring potential. In fact, Wilson’s ability to maintain consistency will be the most important factor in determining Alabama’s offensive success against the Tigers.

Will the second edition of Nick Saban’s defense be good enough to keep pressure on Clemson quarterback, Cullen Harper – keeping him off balance and forcing him to turn the ball over? This year’s version of the Crimson Tide defense should be a better reflection of Saban’s philosophy. If the defense can confuse Clemson’s inexperienced offensive line early and limit their quarterback protection, the Tide’s front seven should be able to disrupt Harper’s rhythm and rattle him quickly. Regardless, Saban knows his defense must first prove it can shut down the tandem of Davis and Spiller – Clemson’s dynamic running backs. This game against Clemson features an abundance of talent on the Tiger offense. However, this second stanza of the complex “Sabanized” defense should be better equipped to meet the coach’s standards and create a dominant defensive personality.

Of course the game’s “wild card” is going to be which team has the better-coached special teams. Saban is a complete coach who preaches detail to the extreme and he pays close attention to every facet of football’s third phase as well. Both teams possess enormously talented return specialist, but Alabama’s Javier Arenas is a proven game-breaker. He could be a difference maker in any game.

This early season excursion to Atlanta is an excellent chance for the Crimson Tide to stomp a footprint on the minds of future opponents. A win by Alabama will only serve to enhance recruiting and perpetuate Saban’s process ahead of the expected pace. Is the Tide on the rise?

Anyway, here is my prediction for the final score: Crimson Tide 31, Tigers 21.

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  1. 1

    I agree with you. I can see we are headed in the right direction. Your prediction is about what I would call it

  2. 2
    War Eagle

    No way that Bama’s defense stays on the field with Clemson’s offense. You called Clemsons o line inexperienced. What do you call bama’s entire D? I like the score you picked but I see it being the other way around.

  3. 3

    Shane, I’m too lazy to go back and search, but what were your predicitons for the 6 losses Bama had last year?

    I believe the written rhetoric was the same last year before each loss. Your use of “Office synonyms” help tools has certainly improved.


  4. 4
    Ballplay Indian

    Shane, I know that you are being as objective as you can be, but come on dude……The only footprint that is gonna be stomped is the one in Bamas ass….The game diference will lie in Bamas front seven , for sure….In particular , their linebackers. If they commit soley to stopping the run,(wich may be necessary) Cullen Harper has a field day with screens and short passes. Clemson is gonna score…Can Bama win a shootout? I doubt it. Clemson has a strong defense. If JPW has a career day , you have a chance. I do see it closer than soe on my side though…And who knows , yall may pull it out…..Not by 100 points though. I see it something like…………

    Clemson 31 – Bama 23

  5. 6

    Do the Auburn Tigers have a “web site”? I guess what I am asking is why do all the Aubies continue to read your column Shane? They have nothing else better to do than to worry about Alabama – it is all they live for – it is all they have in their lives! Soooo Sad!. They can’t stand the fact that THEY owe everything they are to Alabama. Think about it. Bear Bryant trained Pat Dye. Auburn ran the wishbone – because Alabama did and won 105 games in the 70’s. The only reason you have the stadium you built was because of Alabama – so you could move the Iron bowl. It just kills them that they are ALWAYS second in the eyes of the rest of the nation in the state of Alabama. Saban has just begun to turn the “tide” with this class and his 09 class will be just as good and who cares if you win 6 or 7 or 8 against us – the streak will be broken, thats why they call it a streak and Alabama will win the SEC and YES Aubies they will play for and will probably win another title B4 you ever get another shot! If Alabama had been 12-0 in 04 they would not have been bypassed!

    Auburn “always the bridesmaid, never the bride”.
    Remember, the spread is not NEW and Franklin got his ass whipped everytime he went up against an SEC team with it at Troy so get ready because you will lose.

  6. 7
    Ballplay Indian

    Skyking….Your insane….In o4 …They would not have been bypassed ? Are you sayin “if ” yall were ranked 1 and 2 preseason and ran the table….No one in there right mind would believe that ….Oklahoma and USC went 1 and 2 all year. Bamas has been program wouldnt have made a difference. If yall went undefeated that year, youd have come in 4th. Behind Auburn. Yall still think its 19 freekin 77….ITS NOT……..BAMA STILL SUX……….GET A GRIP ON REALITY……….And yes , we cannot keep kicking yalls asses till infinity. One year, (in about 50 years), Yall will win an Iron bowl. Whipppeeeeeee !!!!! I really dont think you realise the lack of talent at Bama….This will be the least amount of talent that youve had in 15 years….The freshman WILL NOT be a factor yet…..Jones,,,,maybe. The rest, NO……

    And skyking, compare offensive production in the common opponents of Troy and Auburn…Troy outproduced Auburn. Against Georgia, Arkansas,and the other common opponents. So , like it or not, we will improve significantly on offense. Bad news for you. See if yall rack up over 450 of offense against Clemson.

  7. 9
    jack and coke

    Shane, What was your opinion of the Bammer player’s attitude when they beat Florida? You were on the bus then. Your foolish, idiot retoric never ceases to amaze.

  8. 10

    Do the Auburn Tigers have a “web site”? I guess what I am asking is why do all the Aubies continue to read your column Shane? They have nothing else better to do than to worry about Alabama – it is all they live for – it is all they have in their lives! Soooo Sad!. They can’t stand the fact that THEY owe everything they are to Alabama. Think about it. Bear Bryant trained Pat Dye. Auburn ran the wishbone – because Alabama did and won 105 games in the 70’s. The only reason you have the stadium you built was because of Alabama – so you could move the Iron bowl. It just kills them that they are ALWAYS second in the eyes of the rest of the nation in the state of Alabama. Saban has just begun to turn the “tide” with this class and his 09 class will be just as good and who cares if you win 6 or 7 or 8 against us – the streak will be broken, thats why they call it a streak and Alabama will win the SEC and YES Aubies they will play for and will probably win another title B4 you ever get another shot! If Alabama had been 12-0 in 04 they would not have been bypassed!

    Auburn “always the bridesmaid, never the bride”.
    Remember, the spread is not NEW and Franklin got his ass whipped everytime he went up against an SEC team with it at Troy so get ready because you will lose.

    Damnit HIGHKING can YOU PLEEEASE get some new material and go to the AUburn blogs and check out the mullethead bammaers there ROOKIE!!


    clemson by 6 to 8 points and thats if your defense happens to step up if not they win by 17

  9. 11

    Shane, I actually thought that was your best article then comes the prediction.I know your a homer but a ten point win,come on now. Clemson 31-Bama 27

  10. 12

    Skyking, you Bammers can be the bride all you want. We like being the Groom. And you know what the Groom does to the Bride…”Its rolling baby its rolling!”

    Seven is coming. Fear the Toes!

  11. 13


    I must appologize, I thought I was on the Finebaum site, at least that’s where I link to “Shane Says” from. I’ve said this before but none of you sharpies has a comeback so I’ll say it again. If you believe we Aubies (or anyone beyond you Bama Babies ) come here for real information, especially from Shane, you really are delusional. If anyone comes here for something other than absurb entertainment, gettin’ under a rivals skin, or talkin’ trash, you really need to get a life. Simply put, Aubies come here, probably through Finebaum’s site, to see just how truely absurd and slanted Shane’s next peice (of crap) is going to be and to get a good laugh. If Shane were to slip and hit his head on a block if ice, awaken from the coma and frost bite (from the freezer)and suddenly become an Auburn fan (GOD FORBID!), he would still be absurd, obnoxious and disrespected. Though I’m sure he would never become the icon he currerntly is with Alabama nation (THANK GOD!).

    I can’t wait until Bama gets the Crapstone beaten out of them this weekend. Then I can come on here Monday and see all the excuses that you goobers come up with as to why, ie: team’s young, only Saban’s 2nd year, new OC, JPW sucks, lingering cloud of probation, Clemson should be national champions with those 4 Heisman guys, Julio was playing hurt, Georgia Dome was too cold, Shula was in the stands, half the team is in jail…yada, yada, yada.

    Yes sir, it’s all about the entertainment for me, the joy I get out of watching you guys squirm, year after year, game after game, excuse after excuse. That’s the true reason why I read the stuff here, it’s damn funny to me!


  12. 14

    Like I said, read the above it is all you poor people have to worry about. God you AUBIES are really really sad. Most people outside of the SE think Auburn is in GA! It is so easy to get a reaction out of you!!!!!! It is just FOOTBALL for God sake! SAD SAD SAD!

  13. 15

    Skyking they fear the direction both programs are headed in.
    That’s why they are here!!!
    Hyping up their success and badmouthing Alabama’s decade of misfortunes while they have a chance.
    If they really believe Alabama will never see the success they saw in the previous decade then they wouldn’t bother running their mouths about every little flaw.
    The insecurity clouds their confidence and the overwhelming number of responses are proof.
    They don’t care about what API’s current state of condition is, they care that Alabama is on the rise stealing the recruits back and soon stealing the win streak.

  14. 16


    Shane, which of the following definitions (from does the title of your propaganda most fit the state of Alabama Football?

    1. the act of rising from the dead.
    2. the rising of Christ after His death and burial.
    3. the rising of the dead on Judgment Day.
    4. the state of those risen from the dead.
    5. a rising again, as from decay, disuse, etc.
    6. Christian Science. a rising above mortality through the understanding of spiritual life as demonstrated by Jesus Christ.

    SkyQueen and LCN(Lunatic Crazed Neo-Fan):
    Thank you for proving my point!

  15. 17

    OMG! Look at the inbreed barners coming out the woods to post on an Alabama related website. Do they get the internets in the trailer parks of Wire Road? Tools like “Shanes Pain” prove how bit the little brother syndrome still is at Aubarn. LOL.

  16. 19

    I know I’m just a girl so my opinion doesn’t really count (right guys?). If I understand all the comments that I have read this summer shouldn’t we beat Clemson really bad. Here is my logic.

    The barners beat them last year with an unproven freshman quarterback, running an offense that you guys say can’t win in the SEC. (see skyking’s post above “the spread is not NEW and Franklin got his ass whipped everytime he went up against an SEC team”) To top that off, the barners only practiced that offense a few times before the game.

    So, we have a senior quaterback, and we run a great offense. If Clemson loses to the barn under those conditions, shouldn’t we win by like 40???

    Help me out guys! What am I missing? Should I just go back to the kitchen?

    UA Class of 1998

  17. 20
    Phillip Brown

    Shane good article the problem with everyones argument that Clemson has this great “D” is yea they did have a great D, last year. They lost their main D lineman for at least 6 weeks and the rest of D line is very young. I believe the Tide will win but at a lower score. The sad thing with Auburn fans is well they’re just sad. They know more about Alabama than they know about their own team, which is pathetic in every aspect of being a fan of a team. Worry about your team and your big eared coach and leave Alabama and the real coach of the state alone. Thank you and keep up the good work Shane.

  18. 22

    Just don’t embarrass the SEC Bama. Different day, same Jessica Parker Wilson. Tigers 23- Julie “O” U 17.

    I read Shane Sez for the mere delusion of it all.

  19. 24

    Bama has a good chance of beating Clemson. Clemson has a good football team. Auburn won in overtime against them last year — it wasn’t exactly a blowout.

    If Bama wins, it will more likely be due to defense and special teams — not a superstar Freshman receiver.

    Julio will probably have a stellar career at Bama. He might serve more as a decoy in this first game. Bama has many other offensive threats that aren’t Freshmen.

  20. 26

    Good article Shane. But like all fans (not just Bama’s), your prediction is really just wishful thinking. But who knows who will win, thats why they play the game.

    Let me be the first Auburn alum and fan to wish Bama good luck. Clemson is good, but Bama is no pushover..

  21. 27

    Congratulations again for taking your stubby little crayon and writing an article without criticizing other SEC teams. Ignoring all the extraneous adjectives and adverbs in your scribbling makes your diatribe of nonsense more palatable to read; however, your grammar and syntax is still that of a sixth grade student.

  22. 28
    Eric, The Clemson Fan in Huntsville

    Forcing Cullen Harper into a turnover? How are you going to do that after 27 TDs and 6 INTs? Yell Fire?

    Arenas..Arenas..Arenas. PLEASE, Bummers, continue to not be able to see past your TIVO’d Atlanta Braves Logo and ignore Jacoby Ford’s stats!

    Shane, Bammer couldn’t score 31 if they were spotted 4 more quarters on offense than Clemson.

    I promise, when you get smarter: I’ll get nicer!

    BUMMA 17
    Clemson 28

  23. 31

    Shane…As usual, I think your column smells about like an after lunch fart from your local tire changer, come on now, use your imagination. You think you are big shit because you are Paul’s son, brother in law, cousin, friend, or that pube on the bar of soap that just won’t wash off? I’m glad that you have a site that prints your crap. As well as a newspaper, if I should even call that piece of dung such a thing. I know that we are all entitled to our opinion, but for you to come on the radio and pretend that you know more than anyone else, much less Tim Brando, Kirk Herbstriet, or anyone that does not kiss your schools rectum, give it up hanger on. You are nothing more than a pretender. You look like the type of guy that lurks in the background of a kids playground, in other words, you look like a pervert. But other than that, I agree with the margin of victory. Not the score mind you, I say 24-14 Bama. I said that on one of this sites columns months ago. Anyway, take it from me and change your picture and your look, unless you want to end up getting your ass kicked by Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC’S To Catch A Predator.

  24. 35

    Oh Lordie! A Bammer named Jughaid is smarter than every Barner on the Board!

    That should be enough to shame them into having a semblance of humility.


  25. 36


    Looks like you underestimated the Tide.

    I thought that Auburn had a big win just from hearing the score. After reading the game reviews, it appears that the “War Spread Eagle” laid an egg. I’ll have to watch the replay on CSS this afternoon.

    Congrats on the win anyway Auburn. I hope Bama and Auburn both come into the Iron Bowl undefeated. That will make the victory even sweeter.

    As a rule, I’m not a big fan of Hip Hop, but I have to admit that this video ROCKS!


  26. 37

    OK Aubies! BAMA KCIKED CLEMSONS ASS – Held “Thunder and Lightning” to 20 total yards and this is the team that you had to take to OT to beat! We won’t when them all but we are sure going to beat your SPREAD EAGLE in November and when we do it will be “thats ONE” with the middle finger! Oh Yeah, then we will kick your butt in recruiting again for 09 and then it is “all over”

    Let’s see what So Miss does to you. Of your 34 points, your defense had to get you 17 of those! What did Bama put on Clemson – over 400 plus yards!

    By the way when I say “Auburn always the bridesmaid and never the bride” and Aubies reply back that “they are the groom and you know what the groom does to the bride” YES I DO, she takes it all in the DIVORCE and the DIVORCE is COMING BABY! KISS MY A__ AUBIES!

  27. 38

    This hurts, but it must be said:

    Bama looked like men amongst boys.

    Or, in the words of Keith Jackson:

    WHOA NELLIE!!!!!!!!!

  28. 39

    Where are all you Aubies at now? Don’t have the testicular fortitude to come back and eat your words? What about you “Tony the Tiger” that said “BAMA HAS NO SHOT. THEIR DEFENSE WILL BE RAN OUT OF THE DOME. LITERALLY.” The only running anyone in orange did were the fans about half way through the 3rd quarter trying to get to their cars. Or maybe, AU fans are just too embarrassed at their own performance.

  29. 40

    I’m an Auburn Fan but I must give credit where credit is due. Bama looked energized, focused, and very hungry. Well done and congrats to all tide fans. Ya’ll looked great and represented the conference impressively! We have our hands full Nov 29.

  30. 42


    I am an Auburn fan and have aleady left my positive comments, as well as wishing Bama good luck before the game. Seems they didn’t need any help from me.

    If this game wasn’t a fluke, this could be a long season for the SEC West.. and East.

    Re: Auburn – 1. We all knew this year would be a slow start with the new offense. 2. Tubbs has always started out slow. Thre is no need to panic.

    Need I remind everyone that Bama started out strong last year and AU started slow. But I must admit Bama never looked this strong last year.

  31. 43
    Mike Evans

    Congrats to the Crimson Tide from the Ole Gator down here in Central Florida. You took the supposed ACC champion pick apart for our dealy belowed SEC.

    The “Dome” seems to be a great place for Saban since he is 4-0 there. I can only hope the Tide Fans don’t go into that fever that has earned them the worst college footbal fan tag.

    Saban is right, it is one game. The SEC looms ahead and no one will escape undeafeated going through murderer’s row that makes up the SEC.

    My Gators are going to be very good with Tebow coming into his own passing the ball. Do not discount those Bengal Tigers either since they still have more players than the rest of us.

    A poor performance by those AU Tigers brought in a 34 zip win over a team that brought back most of their starters and clipped the Tide last year.

    I know we are not swell headed yet and Tide Fans, as hard as it is for them, need to hold down the mental rush and play them one at a time.

    Your coach may be the only person up there with good sense.

  32. 44
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO, PEOPLE! Where are you, Aubies? Where are you, OMNIPRESENT? Where are you, “SHANE’S PAIN?” Where are you, “BALLPLAY INDIAN?” Playing with your…no, I won’t type that! WHERE ARE Y’ALL? C’MON! I WANNA HEAR Y’ALL SAY, “y’all got lucky,” and all the anti-Bama rhetoric I read from you Aubies! Don’t be afraid, just come out of the closet and face the music! What you witnessed Saturday Night is JUST THE BEGINNING! Go ahead, cry in your beer because your offense didn’t show up like it was supposed to against La. Monroe. Just be glad your defense came to play! ADMIT IT: ‘Bama EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS against Clemson and your precious Tigers didn’t live up to the hype over the weekend. There’s a lot of football left to be played, and all I’m hearing from you Aubums is rage and disgust over this system y’all were crowing about before the season started! ROLL TIDE!!!

  33. 45

    Great game Bammer! Very strong beginning like last year. Coaching and preparation seemed outstanding. You guys took the best the ACC has to offer and made them look bad. Of course the ACC is pretty pathetic and Tommy Bowden is even worse! Seriously, Shula could have had that team better prepared! I now realize the turn around Saban is leading, not once did I see JP even seem as though he was worried about his hair!

    Auburn was very vanilla against LAMO. Still nice to see the shut out especially with tightends playing defensive end. They seemed to “spread” the running game pretty well.

    Congratulations Bama on the best, most complete game from the Tide I’ve witnessed in a long time or at least since the LSU game last year. Aren’t real victories so much more enjoyable that moral ones?

    By the way, when did Bama decide to go with breastless cheerleaders? Must be part of the “process”. That was kinda weird!


  34. 46
    Ballplay Indian

    It was luck……No , not really. The name of the game is consostancy. If you guys can bring that level of play ewery week, yall will have a great year. The chest thumping could be heard all the way from Atlanta to Jordan Hare. You guys deserved it. Celebrate your victory.

    Does this mean your “BACK”?

  35. 47

    The BAMMER from St. Clair
    i believe we put 400 yards and 34 points against a team that beat yall last year.
    i will say that passing was horrible for us but what happened, we went to what yall bammers said we would go away from. the run. we will always have running backs. 330 yards on the ground. 3 players averaging more than 7 or 8 yards a carry. even kodi had more than 60 yards. also a freshman running back had over sixty yards.
    one thing i will ask you. defense making a qb fumbling the ball and us picking it up scoring a td or dunn running a punt back for a td isnt acceptible to you? points are points no matter if the offense gets them or defense or special teams. they are still points. anybody who knows football will say defense wins ball games. you dont like points scored by the defense, then when yall do it give them to the other team.

  36. 48
    Ballplay Indian

    Hey bammers….Im just glad we got out of Saturday noghts game against the warhawks with a W………You know, they are a pretty tough team right ? They can sneak up on a team if you dont watch it (pftttt). They have a dandy running back too…..What are some of the other excuses that yall used last year? Oh , never mind , we won 34-0….I almost forgot.

  37. 49

    Don’t worry guys. That “War Spread Eagle” offense is gonna put up at least 60 points per game.

    Tubby just didn’t want to show all his cards in the first game. He was holding back. That’s why they call him the Riverboat Gambler. He knows when to hold ’em and he knows when to fold ’em.

    They’ve got all kind of juice that we won’t get to see until later in the season — when it really counts.

    At least, that’s the bullshit line that I’ve been hearing since Saturday.

    Maybe we’ll get a glimpse of the “Real” Spread Eagle offense next Saturday. If not — then we’ll know that Tubby is just saving it up for next week!

    Yeah! That’s the ticket…

  38. 50


  39. 51


    You guys better just worry about that Golden Eagle Soppin’ Syrup eatin’ your biscuits next Saturday.

    The only “spread” they’re gonna be concerned with is a little sweet cream butter to smear on them biscuits!

    Auburn can’t be “back” — because they never have “been there” to start with.

  40. 52

    Ok, seriously I pick on the Aubies and they pick on us and most of it is in jest or fun. I do have a number of Auburn friends and they are good people just as most Alabama fans – with that said however, Auburn has to find a quarterback that can throw to make the spread work. Southern Miss will stack the BOX and slow down the running game and the QB will then need to throw. That is what makes the spread work. I think Auburn might be in trouble down the road if they don’t get that fixed. They be in trouble against SM but it is better to lose early than late – Auburn proved that last year.

    As for the TIDE, we had a great first game but as Saban said, it is “one game” and all we can do is take them one at a time and get better and “go forward” and not fall “backward”. If we get to Novemeber and we only have a loss or two going into the Auburn game that would be a GREAT 2nd year under Saban. If we beat Auburn then it will be an AWESOME year, but we have to play them all one at a time on the field and see where we are, although it is quite obvious that getting rid of the “problem seniors” from last year and the fact that this freshmen class is a “good one”, we will be better. If we get all the players we are after in 09 then the next several years in Tuscaloosa will be bright!

    RTR folks.

  41. 53

    i don’t see any of you barnies talking any more trash since the trashing the tide put clemson….one set of tigers down….two more to go….ROLL TIDE

  42. 54

    What I Like About Julio Jones

    I don’t mean to in any way slight the Upperclassmen, but I must say that I’m particularly proud of the performance of all of the Freshmen that played Saturday.

    They showed a lot of poise and maturity. They did their jobs and they didn’t make any foolish mistakes by trying to do more than they were asked to do.

    There was much hullabaloo surrounding the debut of Wide Receiver Julio Jones. Little did most folks know that he would be sharing so much of the spotlight with a young Running Back from Michigan. Mark Ingram proved that he deserved to be wearing the #22 Crimson Jersey made famous so long ago by Johnny Musso.

    But I digress. This post is about Julio. What impressed me even more than his diving 1st Down catch was the way he handled his first Touchdown catch in his very first college football game. He could have been forgiven if he’d drawn a penalty for celebration after that catch. Most folks would have understood if he’d done a little hotdog dance in the End-zone.

    But Julio Jones is not a wiener — he is a class act. When he caught that pass and then calmly proceeded to walk over to the official and hand him the ball — that was, in my opinion, one of the best moments of the entire game.

    I am proud to be a Crimson Tide football fan.


  43. 55

    We’re just waiting on Shane’s next absurd observation to fuel the fire.

    Weren’t you one of the many bozo’s that proclaimed Bama to be back after blundering past Arkansas, the “moral victories” against Georgia, Florida State, LSU, MS State and Auburn as well as those stunning victories against Houston, Vandy, Ole Miss and Colorado.

    MississippiBamaFan is kinda like wife=sister isn’t it?


  44. 56
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO, PEOPLE! “Shane’s Pain,” you’re picking on our cheerleaders? PLEASE. Didn’t your Momma teach you better? “Ballplay Indian,” no, I still say that we aren’t back, but we’re ON OUR WAY. “AuburnFan33,” I agree that defense wins championships. That’s why I said, “be glad your defense shown up.” Seriously, I realize that coming out of the gate an offense ain’t gonna show more than what they have to. However, you have to wonder why Tony Franklin was as apologetic as he was after the game. One has to think that things didn’t go as completely planned. You had your tune-up game, got the win and have some momentum going into the Southern Miss game. But BEWARE…Southern Miss can be a dangerous team to face. We Bammers know from experience what those guys are capable of; in 1981, they tied us 13-13; in 1982, they beat us 38-29. In 1990, they beat us 27-24 in the season opener and in 2000 they whipped us 21-0. Just be careful. As for ‘Bama, we need to be completely aware of the TASK AT HAND, and that’s Tulane. I know we should win but you can’t take any opponent for granted anymore! ROLL TIDE, y’all! Later.

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