AP Top 25: SEC with six ranked teams

AP: The SEC leads all conferences with six ranked teams, and Georgia has the other five on its schedule, plus a trip to Arizona State on Sept. 20. The Tide is ranked #24. Here’s the lowdown on the rankings with special emphasis on the Georgia Bulldogs:


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    GA is overrated. They were inconsistent last year, and their pounding of Hawaii was just sooo not impressive. Why? Because it was Hawaii. Sorry, but Hawaii was unbelievably overrated and should never have even been in that game in the first place. Yet GA benefits from it going into this season? I don’t think so.

  2. 2
    Bama Fan in NYC

    I agree with your statement about Hawaii never deserved to be in that game, but blowing out Florida and API only showed they meant business.

    Yeah, they had a hiccup against UT and USC, but they progressed mightily with time and I believe they were the best team in the conference by the season’s end.

  3. 3
    Auburn Man

    Hello there Fellows,
    I would think that every team in the top 25 is over rated and that Auburn should be given every spot in the poll by default.

  4. 5

    Kevin you idiot, if Ga is overrated that makes the Auturd program look that much worse after the complete embarassment you all took last year.

  5. 6
    Ballplay Indian

    Cant argue with you on that one Bamaman…..They whipped us pretty bad. They also whipped up on Florida….Georgia will be good this year…They wont run the table , but still may get to go to the Big Game…

  6. 7
    Ballplay Indian

    How is it that lowly little brother is going into a CFB season with a first year starter at Q.B. ? After all , arent we the “other ” university in the state ? Isnt this a “down year ” for us ? The national media seems to think that yall are the “other ” university in the state. That yall are “little brother”. How can this be?

    Let me guess, yall are still in a “weakened state”, right?

    Next year is “OUR” year. In 09 we will be loaded for bear…Sorry Bammers, if you dont do it this year, itll be 8 in a row befor you can. If you dont believe me, look at our roster….We are probably the youngest team in the top ten. Check for yourself, dont take my word for it.

  7. 8

    We will probably play more freshman this year than you, so when you get beat down this year by us, it will be by the weakest team you will see for the next five or six years. Think about it. . . .

  8. 9
    Ballplay Indian

    Your out of your mind Bamaman…..I know that your freshman class is good ,but no freshman come into the SEC and dominate, ever….So , your point is moot,, again..

  9. 11

    LOL Good point Bamaboy. He sure did shut the Tigers up last year. I am sure it wont happen the same way this year.

  10. 12
    Ballplay Indian

    Knowshawn is an exception not the rule…. It is unlikely that any more than 1 or 2 freshman in the country will have years like those….That Crabtree kid from T. tech was the other freak freshman……All Im sayin is that it is never a good thing to put your hopes on freshman…EVER……

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