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    I believe it was Kevin who claimed Bama fans know nothing about Forbes. Whether that insult out of mere pity is precise or not, the one thing that is, is all the Aubums know everything there is to know about the “Second Fiddle” magazine from front to back.

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    Dark Illusions

    Let’s not follow in their footsteps people. We should praise Tuberville for receiving such a prestigious honor, instead of ridiculing him.

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    Tiderinside: The whole “second fiddle” BS is so 1970s. Last time I checked, this was the 21st century. And you are another prime example of a semi-literate bammerhoid.

    But I’m sure you all can find a way to claim another mythical NC based on the sleazy photo of Saban on Forbes. Rock on, rednecks.

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    Yeah!!! cause our national championships are better than your mythical national championships. War #^$%, @&%#, @%^$, &^%*, Eagle!!! 1957 boys!

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    Kevin, Thanks for always bringing up our National Championships, because all of you Auturds certainly do more than us, just eat’s you alive don’t it. . . .

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    If I had a penny for every fat ass, yellow teeth, no teeth, false teeth, wife beater wearing, Bear Bryant swearing, toilet paper on a tide box on a stick, limp dick redneck I saw, I would be on the cover of corrupt….I mean Forbes magazine. I’m glad you have those national championships. It is a awesome feat that you have accomplished over the years. Now the question must be asked…how much have those titles meant the last decade? Not a whole hell of a lot. Welcome to the 21st century Bammers. Win something on the field before you start running that cocaine and alcohol and text book scandal mouth of yours. Yeah, I know, we have not beaten yall by more than 7 points since you got railroaded and gang raped by the NCAA, but I know the reason for that. During your so called glory years, anytime you had a tough time against a lesser foe, “Oh, we play down to the level of our competition”…..well thats all Auburn did against Bama, we played DOWN to the level of our competition. The truth hurts huh? Too damn bad you couldnt play UP to LaMO ain’t it. Sorry bout your damn luck.

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    Shane is a BLOGGER

    sabin to appear on the 2009 cover of FORBES FAILURES. He will be signing the cover at the foot of Tommy Tuberville’s Statue at Tuberville/Dennie Stadium.
    Clemson 44
    scum 6

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    Wonder if anyone thought how many REDNECKS bought Forbes for the first and only time just to see OL’ SLICK on it?
    I mean the media can make or break ya..
    lets see what that MUG looks like after Clemson……..


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    Bama Fan in NYC

    If I had a penny for every backwoods, Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute rodeo thrown for ever Ford F9000 driving, cowboy hate wearing, Wire Road trailer park, sister loving, mud riding worshiping, John Deer tractor riding, rebel flag supporting, Opelika Barnie incest trash I see each and every time I visit that landfill known as Opelika, I’d have enough money to put Bill Gates to shame.

    I’m happy all you backwoods Wire Road incests are loving the fact that Tubberredneck made the cover of a mythical magazine. It only goes to show that win or lose, insecurity and inferiority is still present in the mind of every brain-dead Barnie.

    Focus more on rodeos, being second-fiddle, and KKK fraternity parties down at The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute and your miserable lives will seem A LOT more pleasant!

    Go Wire Road Eagles!

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    “well thats all Auburn did against Bama, we played DOWN to the level of our competition. The truth hurts huh? Too damn bad you couldnt play UP to LaMO ain’t it.”

    It seems you’ve “played down to the level of your Iron Bowl competition” since Pat Sullivan was the quarterback at Barnyard U. When Alabama equals what you are, after being “raped” by the NCAA and a myriad of different coaches, we’ll show you how to properly beat a team below your stature in the same fashion as 2001 and in those seven meetings throughout the 1990’s. Just remember technically “LaMo” beat us worse than API did. Keep those false hopes flying because API’s in for a very disturbing awakening when “LaMo” places the beatdown of the century on y’all. I wonder how the Aubarn Gauntlet crew will react to such an embarrassing loss because it’s coming? Those rebel and API flags won’t be flying proudly atop those monster trucks after that untimely thrashing takes place.

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    I just wish you 2 ( bammer in NYC& cris)
    would get a room and some new material!

    I mean really do you really think UAT is not the WHITE TRASH NATIONAL CHAMPS?
    I ll bet most of America does,You guys
    should include trailer in you rant
    ROLL TRAILER ROLL ! look around not only is you fan base bigger (BAND WAGONERS) but its probably 75% WHITE TRASH AND RACIST …..have ya seen Shanes latest he will prove my point fer ya!


  12. 13

    And if we lose to LAMO i will return to this site one last time and its to take my beating and i will never return …save your jokes and stupid adjectives…FUK BOYS


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    Like I said, the truth hurts. So much so that you have to rip off someone elses blog. Thats ok though, after we show you how to dispose of LaMo, I will have plenty more bloogs for you to rip off.

  14. 16

    Finebaumjackass, the truth is you have a coach that has one SEC to his name in fourteen years and that is all he will ever have in your empty ass trophy case loser, so piss off Auturd!

  15. 17


    Switch to decaf, Cletus. It’s just a football forum.

    And BammerNYC: Haven’t we talked about that tired, worn out stereotypical rhetoric, son? And sorry you keep having bad times in Opelika, but you should try visiting Auburn sometime. I’ve never been to a rodeo, and I don’t wear “cowboy hate.” And you’ll be shocked to know that there are actually more cows in Tuscaloosa county than there are in Lee county — and I’m not just referring to the UAT cheerleaders.

  16. 18
    Bama Fan in NYC

    This is why it’s GREAT TO BE AN API COWGIRL:







    And Kevin, referring to Aubarn as Opelika is actually a compliment to that underfunded “city” located next door, which is practically a coed version of Opelika, only with more trailer parks, and more woods.

    PS: More cows in Tuscaloosa County? That’s a disgrace to the school you so loyally support. There are more cows, chickens, and sibling lovers located on the campus of The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute than any other college campus known to mankind, where as the trailer park inhabitants and the 18,000 students who attend rodeos (more than the student attendance for football games), are the ones who artificially inseminate those manner of spectacles that the Barnie students worship as if they were a god of some sort.

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    Auburn Man

    Real Auburn men do not frequent rodeos. We like our champaigne and Caviar at the Lee County Yachting Club or on the green at the local Robert Trent Jones.
    It seems everytime time AU gets a little prestige going for it, some low life jackass holds a rodeo and promotes the Cow college stereotype. Being an Auburn man means being a cut above. I am talking Harvard, Oxford, Johns Hopkins.
    Not incestous, trailer park antics at a questionabley bestial themed get together of the the lowest common denominator of humanity. I am Auburn Man
    the guda cheese of football fans.

  18. 21

    Aubarn, Alabama is the state of Alabama’s nearly exact version of Moultrie, Georgia – except it’s in the form of a public university loaded with a variety of local rednecks, in state rednecks, foreign rednecks, and even rednecks of other ethnicities.

  19. 22


    Drunk posting is another thing you shouldn’t do, right after drunk driving and drunk dialing.

    And I’ve warned you more than once, son, about that old material you use. One more post referencing non-existent rodeos and mythical relationships with farm animals and you WILL get detention, son.

  20. 23

    Omniprick, if you narrow down the list of which of your uncles fathered you let me know so I can kick his ass for letting you get into the gene pool.

  21. 24

    Does it really matter, people? We all live in the South and we’re all members of the biggest redneck conference in America. No team is spared when it comes to the redneck to civilized ratio. When an LSU fan calls Florida fans rednecks, all Floridians can do is laugh because Cajuns are no better. Same thing goes with Alabama and Auburn. I live in Columbus, Georgia which is about 30 minutes away from Auburn and all I can say is there are just as many, yellow toothed mullet head Auburn fans around here as there are Georgia and Alabama.

  22. 25

    every team has their own unique brand of redneck fans but only one school primarily consists of rednecks and that’s alabama tech. all you barnies should take pride in the fact that the city of auburn blocks off the streets of downtown just for an annual rodeo hosted by alabama tech. or even seeing some obese guy in overalls throwing used toilet tissue in a tree after a game. i bet the only place that stays in business down there is auburn off road and the landlords of wire road.

    Count this as my signature:

  23. 27
    Ballplay Indian

    Who doesnt love rednecks? I know I do ….People I know actually used to park on the side of Hwy 77 by the Talladega track just to see the necks put on a show, they didnt even go to the race. They just watched the necks….Kinda reminds me of this blog….

  24. 30

    I guess your so stupid bamaman as to think OMNIPRICK is an insult and im sorry Just the shear number of fans makes it impossible for anybody other than UAT to have the mOst trailer trash
    fans its that way in south alabama anyway
    see ya in NOvember but Sorry not Dec or Jan!!!!
    oh yea it was my mothers, grandfatherinlaw,sons,nephews daddy who did that…….

    ya still reading


  25. 31

    Ballplay, it was in reference to the ridiculous prediction that Shane is a booger eater keeps posting on BAMA’s site.
    Omniprick, I am sure you don’t consider that name as an insult because it is the truth you low life scumbag.

  26. 32

    Buttman would be a better name for you. After all, you have had to break out the lube and spread your cheeks the last 6 years havent you?

  27. 34

    Even though you had to hop in Doc Browns Delorean to go all the way back to that 9 in a row thing, as much as I hate to admit it, you are right… I did take a couple of good ones. In fact, I think you may be a product of one of those reamings. In other words, you may be my son. After all, I know for a fact that you were a asshole baby….

  28. 35

    Consider you words before you chose them bamaman (now thats an insult of a name)
    Omni meaning All Prick Meaning Well we know what it means,soooooooo allprick is exactly what your looking for…..soo your a girl and your name is Freddie. You sissy Bitch I bet your voice is high to aint it ???

  29. 36

    You two Alabama obsessed cowards, I will be glad to meet you anywhere, anytime and then you can go home and tell your mommies that a baby and sissy bitch just beat the hell out of you.

  30. 37

    LOL you take this way too seriously Bitchman, but for the record, I will be glad to meet you boy. I would like to see you try to beat my ass.

  31. 41
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    sabin got his a$$ tore up when he stopped suddenly and Shane’s nose rammed into his booty hole. Of coarse Shane liked it but sabin could not sit down for a week.

    Clemson 44
    scum 6

  32. 42

    Finebaumjackass, you are nothing but talk, filthy at that, which shows me you are a low class scumbag. I will use my gas to drive to you and everybody reading this can see who shows up and then you will get an opportunity to tear up my ass. Put up or shut up coward.

  33. 44

    First of all, calling me Finebaumjackass and someone else Omniprick, your mouth doesnt exactly reek of lifesavers either man. I will meet you if thats what you want, although you may not like the end result. How big of a man does it take to get so pissed off over a football blog, to throw down a fight challenge? Over the internet no less. How old are you? Do you have any kids? If so, picture the example you are setting for them. Because someone does not agree with you, it’s ok to throw a punch over it? There are some cool people on this site, and although I disagree with some of them, I don’t think I have ever threatened to kick their ass over it, nor have they me. Enter you. My, how things change. Say we did go at it. I can’t see myself explaining to my kids why I opened up a can on this other person. Or, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and you do bust my head open. How do I tell my kids that it was all because of a football blog? How would you do it? You think I come here looking for a fight? Sorry, but I come here because I love football and enjoy joking around with others. As for me putting up or shutting up, you are the one that threw down the challenge. The ball is in your court.

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