Moore should pass baton to Hallman

By Shane from Centerpoint
There will come a time in the not to distant future when the University of Alabama athletic program is going to need a new leader to take the Athletic Department to a higher level so the Crimson Tide can count themselves among the nation’s elite once again. I believe Gene Hallman would be the logical choice for the job. Alabama needs an injection of youth and someone who understands how to run the program like the large corporation that it has become. Alabama also needs one of it’s own, someone who has ties to the institution. Hallman, who currently runs established sports enterprises, fits all the criteria I mentioned above.

The Alabama Athletic Department has already stepped up to the plate in football with the hiring of head coach Nick Saban. This was a fantastic hire by current A.D., Mal Moore and serves to cap-off a magnificent job by coach Moore with the athletic facilities improvements as well as his accomplishments in the fund raising field. Mal has made sure that Alabama can compete with anybody in the country when it comes to providing for student-athletes.

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When Moore finally hangs up his cleats, Bama is going to need to make the leap into the modern era. Everybody knows there are many things that can be improved upon concerning Tide athletics. This will be a time when an innovative leader can make the necessary changes that will only enhance our chances in every aspect of competition.

Gene Hallman knows the Crimson Tide football program well. He is already deeply entrenched in one of the most difficult parts to manage – the traffic, parking and game day experience for home games. His handling of the restructuring of the entire deal and the sheer number of responsibilities that accompany it shed a positive light on Hallman’s capabilities.

Some things in life are just meant to be. Yes, I suspect Hallman would probably have to take a cut in pay and he does seem comfortable in his current career. Nevertheless, if momma calls, Gene will simply have to listen. Alabama needs men of his caliber to guide the program forward. I think his business expertise, along with his love of Alabama football, would be a potent combination.

I’m sure there are other excellent potential candidates for the post, but none like Hallman, who is made for the job. The Athletic Department’s next leader needs to understand what the program has been through this decade so that he will know where to enact change. Gene has been as close to the program as any anybody.

On the national level, Hallman would cast a long shadow and the perception of the institution as a whole, would instantly take a huge step up the ladder of progression. He is well known throughout the South and liked by all. I also believe his leadership capabilities encompass every aspect the job would require – including the hiring and firing of coaches.

Some people have called for Mal Moore to step down. I’m not one of those who think that is true. I just believe it would be wise of someone at Alabama to start communicating with Gene to influence him so he might begin to think about all the great things he could do for his University. A forward thinker who is involved in the decision making process could possibly sign up one of the best potential Athletic Director’s in the nation.

Look, I’m not nominating Gene Hallman for President of the United States, but I think he would make an excellent Athletic Director for the Alabama Crimson Tide.


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    I think the new AD should have a good understanding of the legal system if Saban is going to continue to recruit the type of players who are going to deal crack and rob students at gunpoint in the athletic dorm parking lot.

  2. 4
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO! And now a message/comment from a BAMMER! This is an interesting choice for a possible candidate when Mal decides to step away, but I don’t think its very realistic. A cut in pay is NEVER an enticement so I really don’t think that Hallman is a potential candidate. However, I think that former Tide WR Ozzie Newsome said at some point in the past few years that he would be interested in the ‘Bama AD job. He would be a great hire, but then again you’re looking at a cut in pay with him. I agree that whoever that person will be, he should have some ties with the University. We all remember the Bob Bockrath fiasco some years back and we don’t need a rerun of that. Later!

  3. 5

    More delusions from Shane.

    Let me make it clear for you: Gene Hallman will NEVER be the AD at UAT. Why? MANY reasons. Not the least of which is he doesn’t need to put up with the incredible load of CRAP that comes with that job. Beyond that, he would have to take a cut in pay (DUH!).

    Hallman has one of the best gigs in Alabama right now. Becoming AD at UAT would be a HUGE step DOWN for him.

    You need some new meds if you think this is even a remote possibility.

  4. 6
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Seriously, if I were in charge of finding some canidates, I would make a Bee Line to Bart Starr’s house for some recommendations. He’s a class guy and would not be sidetracked by all the Bear Bryant loyalists.

  5. 7
    jack and coke

    We should not be so hard on Shane. After all, with all the complications his regular job entails, it’s obvious we’re dealing with a genious. I mean, how many of us here can make ice. That takes skills beyond most peoples wildest dreams. Only a select few individuals have what it takes to freeze water. The rest of us will wallow in mediocracy. Shane, you’re the man…

  6. 8
    Ballplay Indian

    Dont be so quick to chunk big Mal Moore under the bus Shane. lets face it, there aint too many men of character who came from the capstone to be the chief. Lets run down a list of potential candidates.

    1. Kenny “the snake” Stabler.

    2. Joe “I wanna kith you” Namath.

    3. Jimmy ” the snowman” Johns

    4. Richard ” white collar ” Scrushy

    5. Don “the gov” Siegalman

    6.Barack “change” Obama

    7.Shane “the doosh” from centerpoint.

    8. Charles “psyco” Manson

    9. O.J. “the juice” Simpson

    10. The dude off of the oxyclean or mighty putty commercials.

    From these ten , surely we could find someone with the qualifications to run an orginazation like Crimson Tide athletics.

  7. 10

    Until the Ronnie Bruno Company (aka Alabama Sports Foundation) becomes more transparent financially – I will pass on Ronnie’s #1 paid Stooge.
    Outside of the select few that eat and drink well with Gene etc. – nobody wants Gene as AD. Take a damn poll during the staged and orchestrated Game Day and you will find out.

  8. 12
    Ballplay Indian

    Well Shane , As I hear the crickets chirping, I cant help but feel that you struck a nerve amongst the Bammers. The bricks will be flying through your window in 5…4…3…2…1….

  9. 14

    Wow! I didn’t think Auburn fans liked Shane, much less read his columns. Every one of you AU blogger’s are losers. You can’t wait to read Shane’s next post! By the way…. Gene Hallman will never be AD at UA.

  10. 15
    Bama Fan In N Y C

    David, just out of sheer curiosity, how many of those current players, who’ve had recent run-ins with the law, were Saban recruits? Better yet, how many of Saban’s recruits at UA have caused trouble off the field?

    Thank you! Come again!

  11. 16

    What about Ozzie Newsome? Hasn’t he expressed interest in the job in years past? I’d surely take him over another Mal Moore, that’s for sure.

    Or we could hire someone of Jay Jacobs’ legendary caliber:) In a matter of three more years or so, Jacobs’ greatness, world renowned name, and list of life-changing accomplishments will have the US Senates knocking at his door with a bona fide job offer, possibly even UA.

  12. 17
    Sheer Darkness

    Bama in NY, isn’t it obvious another AUtard’s vagina is throbbing because Saban is taking away all of their would be recruits? It’s always typical for an AUtard’s swiftest retaliation to be false implications on the kids. So to whichever AUtard claiming Saban is recruiting criminals, just know that Tubby was recruiting those same guys as well. I guess they chose THE University of Alabama over THE Polytechnic Institute of Alabama simply because they felt they lacked the common character shared by the rest of the team. Or any other excuses of yours, covering up failure, will work also.

    Oh, and Kevin, weren’t you the same/one of the many modern day API Nostradamus’ who claimed Nick Saban would never take the head coaching position at Alabama? You could seriously make a living off of accurate predictions and bold statements. Maybe you should also provide your fellow AUtards with a friendly forewarning on the exact date and time of the next twister that will rip through the API trailer park. Put that rare gift to good use, why don’t ya!

  13. 18

    And Ronnie James Dio should pass the torch to Jack Black.
    It is difficult to believe that any of the Aubbos that are posting here know a damn thing they are talking about. But they wouldnt be Aubbos if they knew what they were talking about, would they?

  14. 19

    As a former Red Elephant Club President I have to say shane has hit an all time low. Before Hallman we couls at least get close to the stadium to park. Now the closet we can get is The University Mall!!
    Now it’s all about the money the parking can generate. Traffic has never been worse in Tuscaloosa after a game. Hallman’s fix has done nothing be slow things down.
    The ONE good thing Hallman suggested was the Jumbotron on the Quad. Everyone seemed to love it so Hallman moves it to somewhere else. It’s not like it was causing a traffic jam because there are no cars allowed within 10 blocks.
    If The University wants to TOTALLY loose the common Tide Fan then put Hallman in charge.
    NOW Shane and Finebaum’s agenda is out there for EVERYONE to see. The only question is…What’s in it for these two??

  15. 21


    I have to disagree. You can count one one hand the number of home games that I’ve missed since 1999, and I’d say that traffic has been better than ever since Gene Hallman took over a couple seasons ago. He had signs posted to show fans several different routes to take to and from the stadium, drastically reducing the amount of traffic on the major routes to the stadium.

    As far as the parking goes, I’m glad to see the athletics department taking every opportunity to generate revenue. Let’s face it, the times we live in command top dollar for collegiate athletics. Our Athletics Department’s budget is higher than ever, because it has to be, in order to stay competitive to the other SEC athletics departments. I’m not saying wright or wrong, I’m just saying that these are the times we live in and blaming Hallman for making a business decision is just sour grapes.

  16. 22
    m johnson

    Sec Authentics. Go back to the third grade and try to gather a little basic grammer knowledge. Right, as in right or wrong is spelled RIGHT, not wright. The mental aptitude of Bammers never ceases to amaze….

  17. 23

    Bama fan in NYC,
    They are still a team and when one player sells drugs in the parking lot it casts a shadow on the whole squad. Saban has only had one recruiting class but he is still the head coach and until he lays down the law these guys will continue to push the boundaries. Admit it, if you are an Alabama Alum the 10 arrests certainly embarrass you. If you live in NYC it is tough to explain to the people up there all the problems in Tuscaloosa.

  18. 24
    Mr. Holmes

    M. Johnson, we can’t all be proud Sociology majors of Alabama Polytechnic Institute now can we?

    I wouldn’t be the first to criticize Hallman because after all, he has changed the gameday experience immensely (public transit system, gigantic HD screen for the tailgaters, multiple activities for children and adults scattered across the campus, etc. etc.). Sure, parking is a serious issue, but what more could he do to improve the situation? Demolish The Strip for a multi-story parking garage so that our billionaire boosters can have an all access parking spot to keep them from having to walk three blocks to the stadium? Hallman would be the best choice to date.

  19. 25

    Before the Barnies get too far ahead of themselves, tell us what Jay Jacobs has done in his “illustrious” four year tenure down in Nowhere, Alabama, other than following in the footsteps of Mal Moore by constructing a new basketball stadium whose blue-prints are identically similar to Coleman Coliseum’s (though will still be about 7,000 seats shorter). Of course, we all know API is always the first to mimic us or recycle our old garbage for their own.

  20. 26

    Speaking of recruits, Alabama Tech’s vaunted 2009 recruiting class just got a little bigger today with the commitment of Brandon Jacobs, a 6’0, 235 pound RB / LB prospect out of Georgia.

    Much like most other Tech commitments, Jacobs said he was interested in essentially all of the top programs several months ago, but he never received very much interest from any of them. He camped at Georgia, but UGA showed him no attention, and he didn’t get any attention from the rest of the top schools either. Tech offered him in May, and they have been going after him very hard.

    The recruiting “experts” are relatively middling on Jacobs. thinks fairly highly of him, as they have him a three-star and the 12th overall fullback prospect. Rivals also has him as a three-star prospect, and the 51st overall inside linebacker prospect.

    At the end of the day, Jacobs chose Alabama Tech over firm offers from Wake Forest and UAB. Apparently he is a solid baseball prospect as well, and has stated that he will take his official visits this Fall despite his commitment.

    I just hope it works out as well for them as it did with the last Brandon Jacobs they recruited.

  21. 27

    all i can say is tailgate in opelika one weekend then tailgate in ttown the following weekend. you’ll see which tailgating experience you prefer over the other so obviously hallman is doing something right.

    count this as my signature:

  22. 28

    Has anyone ever owned Bruno Grocery Stock in the past ? Oh shit. That’s how the Alabama Sports Foundation got the money to become the “Big Cheese”. Everybody that had the stock got screwed except Ronnie ! Am I a Liar folks ? Does anybody remember this screwing ? Scrushy got his bedside lessons from this.
    To hell with the whole bunch. It is for PROFIT and this whole damn “media” is for sale and can be bought with some free tickets, liquor (lick her too I reckon ) , and Food.

  23. 29
    Ballplay Indian

    SHEER DARKNESS AND NYC…. Does the name Jeremy “armed robbery” Elder come to mind? Yep he was one o Sabans boys. Check for yourself if you dont believe it. Point is , not that many of The Sabans boys (his recruits) have been incarcerated yet. Like it or not the Saban is the HEAD COACH !!!!! The buck stops with him. He coulve and shouldve sent a message in the LAMO game last year but chose not to. Coaches sould do more than teach football. They are to build relationships with their players. They are to mentor their players. They are to KNOW THEIR PLAYERS !!!! The Saban is akin to a dam robot when it comes to that. A HIRED GUN TO DO NOTHING BUT WIN FOOTBALL GAMES IS WHAT YALL PAID FOR !!!
    Problem is that it seems he cant do that . Dude has the personality of a doorknob. The Chette Williams bashing that Shane had a boner about for the last year and a half shows the delusion of Bamma football fans. You see Chette mentores, builds relationships, cares about, and most importantly, KNOWS his players. That is something that is foreign to Bammas coaching staff. What is scarier to me than if The Saban KNEW about Johns , is the fact that he DIDNT KNOW.

  24. 30
    Ballplay Indian

    I hate goerge w…..Didnt you know that B.Jacobs only had offers frome Wake Forrest and U.A.B.? Bamma didnt want him. He doesnt have enough stars. Auburn sux. Yada yada yada. There I saved yall the trouble.

  25. 31

    What is Shane’s goal in making such drivel available on the web? Knowing that Finebaum is a friend to Hallman, could it be Shane is attempting to further ingratiate himself. An image I wish I could purge from my mind is the semi-orgasmic trance he drifts into whenever he hears those cherished words from his idol, “good call, Shane.” Such blatant kissing up is just too, too obvious.

    A second possibility? Maybe Shane is attempting improve his lot in life. Perhaps he’s learned Mr. Hallman has an opening for ice delivery to his office, home, or skybox?

    Gene Hallman must be really pumped to know he has such a well-known, respected UAT grad lobbying for his cause.

  26. 33
    Ballplay Indian

    GOERGE W ….Let me spell it out for you and the rest of the Bammers. Coach Tubberville does more than look at athletic ability when recruiting a prospect. He looks at POTENTIAL, that means what they are capable of becoming. In Bammas case their recruits have the potential of perol after 10 – 20 served. The last Brandon Jacobs was third freekin string for a reason. Carnell and Ronnie were the reasons. I dont blame the guy for leaving . He was an awesome player, just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Remember all the remarks about this years class being substandard. When they are kicking Bammas butt on the feild , what will be your excuses. After this year youll be out of excuses. Did that clarify it for you? Carl Stewart comes to mind when I look at a player like Jacobs. He pretty much kicked yalls asses last year didnt he?

  27. 34

    Or, Beach Forecast, maybe Shane is just misleading gullible Barnies, such as yourself, so you guys can stir the pot for him. But, hey, what other purpose do you second-rate stepkids have to do in life, other than keeping tabs with your fatherly superior while simultaneously making it known you’ve won the previous six*** meetings against us, while other teams have defeated us during our days of despair and moved on about their lives? Seriously, does it make you feel even more inferior (if that’s remotely possible) knowing OUR GAMEDAY TRAFFIC MANAGER is a potential candidate to replace Mal Moore when he steps down?

  28. 35


    I fully concur with the fact that it’s obvious Coach Tuberville ONLY recruits kids with high potential because he seen A LOT of high potential in 3/4ths of Alabama’s 2008 roster, but unfortunately DIDN’T LAND THEM. But ironically enough, while Shula was the coach, he had no problem with landing QUALITY TALENT instead of plain “high potential”. What’s funny is, you guys had no problem admitting the truth BEFORE our downfall. In another words, he “only recruited high potential before Alabama’s probationary period/only recruited what he could get until Alabama paved the way to success for him”.

    And by the way, we seen the potential in those kids at Ole Miss that he recruited. We also seen the potential they showed the SEC on the field as well:





    So scratch quality character and jot down high potential. That’s the new fad. Keep that excuse in mind my fellow Bammers. We may have to use it against LSU fans someday in the near future.

    What’s your next excuse going to be? Tuberville feels sorry for the underprivileged? Better yet, on a more logical note, Tuberville’s days of running the show are over. He’s back to his original form and that’s that. End of discussion, whether you admit/like it or not.

  29. 36

    Pluto, do you mean Saban should’ve sent the same message that Tuberville sent in his first few years at The Alabama Polytechnic Institute? Or at Ole Miss? I know not every coach has a proven track record as far as victories and proper disciplinary procedures are concerned, like Tuberville.

    Perhaps I should refresh your feeble memory:

    You should bother to read it more than once also.

    Clifton Robertson: Second-degree rape, assault.

    Deandre Green and Brandon Reed: Illegally discharging an ILLEGAL firearm during an on campus concert/rodeo, and illegal possession and use of a teammate’s debit card.

    Derek Magwood: Theft.

    Demontray Carter and Reggie Worthy: harrassment.

    And what about Lorenzo Diamond’s wife shooting him in the stomach (I’m certain she shot him for no apparent reason whatsoever; he didn’t antagonize her one bit)?

    Then there’s Lemarcus Rowell, Montae Pitts, Kevin Sears, King Dunlap, Tray Blackmon, Robert Baker, and Brad Lester.

    Goodness, even I will admit Tuberville IS as tough as touted!

    Go ahead and target Saban while he’s at his weakest at Alabama. I understand this it’s a rare occasion and the tables will soon turn, but get a good hypocritical laugh out while it’s there.

  30. 37
    Ballplay Indian

    Guys…sigh….weak,weak and lame arguments posted. Goerge no one on our side HAS to make up an excuse boy. Not one !!!You see , the deal is , to the victors belong the spoils . As long as we continue to win, We can say whatever the heck we want to. Auburn has won more Conference games since 2000 than ANYBODY. I know that gripes your tail, But deal with it like a man please. Just man up and drink you shut up juice like a big boy. For gosh sakes win one on the field before you gloat about being back, cause the fact of the matter is your NOT BACK !!!!

    Christopherson….To compare Auburns black sheep to UA s is like comparing someone who recieved a traffic violation to Jeffery Dahmer. It makes zero sense. Tray Blackman recieved a 6 game suspension for a P. I. charge. What did the legacy bar crew get? Just answer the question. What did they get? They got NOTHING, thats what they got . Sears ? Come on, your really grasping at straws there. He was dealt with accordingly. Suspended for the capital one bowl against Wisky. And it hurt us. if I recall Lester missed HALF of last year due to suspension. Answer me this , if yall have the balls too. Other than the players who are going to PRISON , who has The SAban suspended for over half a game? After all these areests , who has been suspended for over HALF A GAME? You cant cause there aint nobody. Saban is a JOKE for a disciplinarian. Till that happens the tables will not turn. THe discussion will not be over. Yall will not be back. And Auburn will NOT lose.

  31. 39
    Ballplay Indian

    And Goerge Aside from a few Stallings years , your “downfall’ started after the Bahr died.

  32. 40
    Tyler @ UCF


    They failed to admit it, before hand, simply because HE WAS A FAILURE. However, the delusion has found a resting place in the minds of all Alabama Polytechnical fans, and Tuberville is suddenly the second coming. I’m curious though, what excuses will be made when this poor talent displays similar results to what his kids displayed at Ole Miss?

    And why do people think Hallman would make a terrible AD? Could he possibly be any worse than Moore? Other than the hiring of Nick Saban, all Mal has done for us is improve our facilities to the point where they’re some of the best in the nation. Any AD could’ve done the same with the right amount of money.

  33. 41
    Bama Fan In N Y C

    Ballplay, there’s absolutely not a single shadow of a doubt you guys have won more conference games this decade. But why is that? Why is it after a decade of being an afterthought you suddenly transform into the premier team, AFTER Alabama is slammed with NCAA sanctions? Is it ironic your greatest period in modern day history strangely occurred during our worst? I understand it’s something to be proud of, but on the other hand, it’s pathetic-it’s pathetic knowing you guys can only win when we’re at our worst. The state always tends to flip-flop, again, strangely enough, when Alabama seems to fall off the map. What’s even more pathetic is knowing you guys refuse to admit that, for some odd reason. The only time of which it didn’t was in the 1980s. I’ve said it time and time again and I’ll only repeat myself: it’s a record procedure you guys have which is taking advantage of our weakened state. Bear Bryant had absolutely nothing to do with it. We obliterated you before the Bear era, and we’ve done so after it.

    If you can’t admit that then that’s your problem, not ours.

  34. 42

    Here is something interesting for bammer fans. A blogger wrote the reasons why he hates bammer fans. Here it is:
    I digress . . . In the Spirit of Sports Purgatory, and in response to the environment I dwell in amongst my Bama brethren, I give you my Top Three reasons why I Hate Alabama Fans:

    1. There’s An Excuse for Everything:
    I remember observing Auburn fans during their miserable run between Terry Bowden and Tommy Tuberville’s tenure, and the statement I heard most often was, “We’re just terrible right now” or something similar.
    “In the past eight years, I have heard every reason conceivable to man as to why Alabama is horrible, including “scholarships being cut,” “If Brodie hadn’t been hurt,” “We had a bad coach” and it just keeps going. Those are great excuses, but the reason Alabama is losing so much is that they’re just not good. Case closed.

    2. They Don’t Quit Talking.
    Now this is just me, but if my team had been beaten six years in a row by my archrival, I would like to think that somewhere around year three, I would just shut up. I remember last season when Alabama had beaten Tennessee and Auburn was coming off its poor start against South Florida and Mississippi State, and you would have thought that the past five years had just not happened. Of course, that was weeks before that all-inspiring $4 million dollar 7-6 finish. I will say that after the Louisiana-Monroe debacle, they did go into hiding for a few hours, but the next day the NASCAR stadium was full and beers were still being sold so you knew they were alive and kicking.

    3. They Refuse to Deal with Facts
    It’s simply insane if you take the time to do any research at all how ludicrous and subjective The University of Alabama’s football tradition really is. Consider these facts, and because it seems to really bother Alabama fans, I will use Auburn in my comparisons. In my lifetime of nearly 30 years, Alabama is 13-16 against Auburn. In that same period of time, Auburn has won more SEC championships, been undefeated twice and beaten Alabama more times than they’ve lost. Do you want to know what the typical response to these facts are? “Roll Tide.” Powerful.

  35. 43

    If I recall, Brad Lester took a leave of absence last season, which was the reason he missed half of the season. Tuberville even said so himself. Motavious Pitts was kicked off the team? So was Jimmy Johns. But who cares right?

    And the Legacy crew? If you’re referring to the recent mishaps, DID YOU NOT WATCH THE SURVEILLANCE VIDEO? Tell me this: his behavior wasn’t a fraction of what Brad Lester or Trey Blackmon’s was. Yet, you’re implying the guy should be kicked off the team and receive an immediate banning from ever coming from within twenty feet of UA’s campus. What you saw was the type of behavior that every single one of both our team members and yours participates in every single weekend. It was nothing close to “disorderly conduct”. If it were one of your players, you would agree.

    And you called Saban a joke of a disciplinarian, that’s a very hypocritical comment coming from a supposedly avid Tuberville supporter. As was said, he’s had his fair share of disciplinary mishaps over his time, so what’s the difference?

    I can assure you not every recruit he’s hoping to sign in the forthcoming future, isn’t golden boys themselves. Even though Alabama is taking most of his head-to-head recruits away, you can bank on the fact that Tuberville is going to encounter more problems with these 0.2 star recruits he’s stealing from Alabama State, Alabama A&M, UAB, USA, and The University of North Texas for the Qualified Financial Aid Students. And when it happens, we’ll be right here to remind you of it, and reverse the facts.

  36. 44
    Ballplay Indian

    NYC…Youve completely lost your mind if you dont think Bryant put yall on the map in CFB. Princeton Harvard and Yale have as many or more national championships than yall. My point is that pre WW2 football is irrelevent. Bryant changed the way the game was played and the way the rules were written. Post Bryant era Bama football sux and you know it. Save a few Stallings years in the 90s. This is not the glory days of Auburn football. Dye won 4 sec rings. I think that qualifies. Were you on probation then? Since Stallings left Bama yall have shot YOURSELVES in the foot so many times it is sad. The scholly cuts yall recieved were because of actions on behalf of YOUR football program. THE PROGRAM IS WHATS IN DISARRAY. The looses that resulted are no different than if you lost them on the feild. Why? Because they were a DIRECT result of the actions of THE PROGRAM !!! And to say that we are good cause yall arent just sounds like sour grapes. There are 12 teams in the SEC not 2. AU has a winning record against ALL 12 since 2000. If not close enough to it that I Dont have to look it up. WE are the winningist SEC team since 2000. Wether you all like it or not THAT is something to hang your hat on. You guys give yourselves wayy too much credit. The Dubose era was pre NCAA sanctions right. It seems I remember a 3-8 year somewhere in there. The NCAA excuse is dam old. We caught it in the 80’s . I never once heard an Auburn fan bitch about it either. Kentucky caught it and still found a way to win. Probation and scolly cuts are NOT the reason yall stink. Bad decisions by the football program are why yall stink.Can one Bama fan just admit that? It would be refreshing to see.

  37. 45
    Ballplay Indian

    LCN the legacy crew refers to one of about FIVE thugs that were arrested. Remind me . How many weeks did the thug get that told the cop F. you and F. Saban? Lester did not take a leave of abscence. He was suspended. FOR 6 GAMES CAUSE OF ACEDIMICS. Blackman got sent home last year before summer practice to clean up his act. He was told if he didnt he was gone. He did. For yall to compare Tubbervilles punishment to The Sabans is commical. Remaind me , How long was D.J. Halls suspension during the LAMO game? And yall lost to boot. Rumor is that the seniors instructed him that thy were going to lay down if he didnt play him. What a hard core ball buster The Saban is. Wow half a game for a loss akin to Pearl Harbor. He could have sent a message but he didnt. Now its time to pay the fiddler.

  38. 46
    Redneck Tider

    On a more personal note, I can recall when it was announced that Tommy Tuberville stepped down from Ole Miss and took over the job at Alabama Polytechnic Institute in place of Tator Tot Bowden.

    This comes from yet another famous blog I wrote, I MEAN I stole from another Aubarn forum:

    Never once did I blame Eric Ramsey for our downfall in the 1990s. Never once did I admit Alabammer cheated in 7 of their 9 wins the decade of the 90s. I always took defeat like a man. Never once did I cry about Tator Tot’s immature behavior. Never once did I point a finger at anyone else other than myself. Never once did I slap false facts in the face of my enemy. I stood by Aubarn through the thick and the thin. I’ve attended every rodeo and every home football game since the beginning of time. Never once did I curse Pat Dye, or cover up the fact that he was an overrated cheater. Never once did I blame or point fingers at any of my players or coaches after the South Florida and MSU loss last season. Never once did I toss Brandon Cocks under the bus. Never once did I visit the website and email the moderator praising him for such a good cause. I admit it when we suck and I’ll never cover that up. That’s always been the case. Alabama fans claim probation ran their program into the dirt. Even though the facts are there, and I refuse to review them, still how can probation literally destroy a football program? How can horrific injuries while being on probation, ruin a season? How can a lack of scholarship athletes run a program into the dirt? How can having nearly an equal amount of walk-ons not be nearly as good as scholarship players? How can probation turn premier recruits away? How can a worthy coach such as Mike Shula be the reason for your failures? How can a coach lose a game for you? How can one quarterback lose a game for you?

    I also enjoy touching little children in ways that makes them feel inwardly uncomfortable. But that’s just me. We’re all different in various ways.

  39. 48
    Bama Fan In N Y C

    Ballplay, first and foremost allow me to clear up the fact that I’M NOT discrediting your “streak” in the 1980s. That’s precisely why I said that’s the only period in time of which you guys defeated us while both teams were on equal terms.

    Secondly, Bear Bryant was not the founder of the Alabama tradition. He was simply the enhancer. Before Bryant took over, we had previously won 5 National Championships and ans 6 SEC titles. Not to mention we were the first Southern-American team to win the Rose Bowl and consistently play/win in it. We had already established our name, long before the Bryant era.

    Thirdly, don’t forget the late-great Pat Dye also finished compiled an impressive overall record of 6-6 against Alabama. What was the average API fan’s excuse, after swearing he would never lose to Gene Stallings (just as you guys said about Shug going against Bear Bryant)? Oh, he was old. Oh, Eric Ramsey. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

    Next up, Alabama also compiled a 4-7 record in 1997, while not on probation. Guess what, I believe you guys defeated us by 1 point, correct? But guess what else, in 1998 and 1999, YOU LOST to the same coach who went on to post the 3-8 record in 2000. A coach of Mike Shula’s caliber, only without the downside of NCAA sanctions.

    You can claim the sanctions had absolutely nothing to do with our downfall (which is very typical of the common Barnie). But when you only win a grand total of 4 out of 12 Iron Bowls, then THE YEAR WE ARE PLACED ON PROBATION, you oddly win the next six*, then I guess I’ll have to agree that NCAA violations had absolutely NOTHING to do with it. If you honestly think your sanctions could compare to ours, keep in mind ours were the worst ever to be handed down by the money-hungry NCAA. We were placed on probation in 1995, but was it an issue? Absolutely not, because it was a mere slap on the wrist, just as all of yours have been.

    It’s strange seeing how probation and factor in a myriad of coaching changes, played no role in our sudden downfall. And you’re implying that probation had nothing to do with Auburn, Alabama suddenly becoming a committing hotspot, which lead to your sudden success in the NCAA, while simultaneously, Alabama struggled to make recruiting endsmeant?

    All Auburn did was simply fill our void courtesy of the NCAA. Where you are right now (or was) is where we’d currently be had it not been for our crime. Accept and admit the facts because they certainly don’t lie. You don’t go from everything to nothing in no time and all and that’s the a rule of thumb.

  40. 49
    Ballplay Indian

    nyc crack kills…Your delusion wont let you see that the glamour once known as Alabama Football is worn, tarnished, or completely gone. This isnt 1978 any more. The past 30 years belong to us. This isnt a recent trend.Its a long term trend. No one seems to want to address the fact that all your pain and suffering was self inflicted. Self inflicted by the program itself no less. Which in turn means , to put it bluntly, your entire program is in shambles. To give credit where its due there does seem to be some improvement in some areas. There is still a loooooong way to go. i guaruntee yall this, if our players started getting in trouble with the law, they would be suspended or kicked off the team. Tubbs is a good COACH not just a good recruiter. The whole probation excuse is out of hand . please find another.

  41. 50

    For the sake of all that is holy, neither team is perfect, so why do all of you insist on continuously arguing? It’s pointless because neither any of you are going to convince one another into believing what you so firmly believe. Alabama was at the darkest point in their history. Probation was the leading factor as was mediocre nearly an entire decade of mediocre clowns known as coaches. Auburn, on the other hand, is at one of their brightest points and nothing will change anytime soon. Alabama won’t continue to share the SEC cellar with Ole Miss and Mississippi State. They will rebound eventually. Maybe not this year, or next, but there will come a day when all of this is water under the bridge. Losing always leads to a handful of excuses, whether they’re truly relevant or not. For someone to say Auburn fans have never had an excuse for a loss is a lie, plain and simple. No matter who you are, hardly anyone will never admit they suck and that’s always been the case, not just Alabama or Auburn, but everyone, and it always will be.

  42. 51

    love the fact that the delusional, mullet wearing bammer fans have to use my name and post such stunning statments. It really says it all for bammer fans.

  43. 52
    Sorrow Free Trial

    Tubbs is a good recruiter? Don’t you mean was a good recruiter? Or should you say, Mike Shula recruited for him? What was he before the Shula/probationary era? Whatever he was then, he is once again.

    The past 30 years belongs to you? Why must you end it at 30? Why can’t you add on another 10 to break even? Better yet, you may as well stack on the overall records. Who does it belong to? Certainly not you!

    Probation is an excuse? Well don’t tell that to us, tell that to everyone who isn’t an AUtard, because obviously they’re semi-intelligent enough to notice our downfall didn’t occur 30 years ago, because we as well were a great team in the 1980s, but y’all were slightly better, nor did it occur in the 1990s either because we were a good team as well. We only posted one losing record in the entire decade. Our downfall occurred immediately after the NCAA’s gavel was slammed. Our downfall opened up several doors for many other teams, namely Auburn. How, you may question? Well, for one, common sense would tell even the worthless recruit that five years of scholarship restrictions and two years of bowl restrictions doesn’t sound very promising. In three of those years, Alabama finished behind Ole Miss and Mississippi State in recruiting, while Auburn’s recruiting rankings slowly elevated to new heights; something they hadn’t seen in a perpetual forever, which was finishing, not just ahead of Alabama, but waaaaaay ahead of Alabama. On the other hand, you’ve got a sub par, mediocre coach by the name of Tommy Tuberville, who’s now setting on top of a gold mine. The same could’ve been said for Ed Orgeron had he left Ole Miss for Auburn in 98. He’d straddle the fence, while his seat continued to boil, then after one hindering block goes down (Alabama), it’s smooth sailing from then on out. From there on out speaks for itself. Just look at the statistics after Alabama’s D-Day and compare them to those prior to it. The brain-deads call it an excuse, while the average human beings call it a fact.

    Talk about someone being delusional…

  44. 53
    Redneck Tider

    I also have a mullet myself that my sister/wife perms daily, in the master bedroom of our luxurious Wire Road Single Wide. I also enjoy hanging out at the gauntlet in Aubarn; it’s near Wire Road, where you can find every form of Rebel Flag known to man. I keep my Ford F9000 Monster Truck parked outside the front of my double-wide, just in case I get an emergency call concerning one of those damned vandalists in our outdated downtown area, being on the lose again. By the way, I’m throwing another rodeo this weekend and afterwards, we’re all gonna head down to the SkyBarn and hear some good ole’ fashion country music courtesy of the A-List band, and most known band to ever tour through Aubarn known as Northern Railroad. Immediately following the concert, we’re gonna all dress up as Klansmen and parade through downtown, partnering up with our fellow fraternity students. When we get done, we’re gonna toss all of our used toilet papers in the corroded trees of downtown, and watch the nature freaks complain about why our trees are dying.

    If anyone cares to join, please shoot me an email at

  45. 54
    Bama Amy

    Ballplay Indian

    You’re currently standing in enemy territory speaking utter nonsense. If you expect a warm welcome instead of a hostile retaliation after superfluously running your mouth to its capacity, then what are you doing here?

    If you’re lost, or have no clue as to what google is, I could recommend to you a couple of decent Alabama Tech forums you may thoroughly enjoy.

    Please let me know because I’m always willing to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate aka Alabama Tech fans.

  46. 55

    Ballplay Indian it’s obvious that you’re a total douche bag consistent with 99.9% of nearly every other insane-brained AUtard out there. They run their mouth more than any other fan base known to mankind, yet are so clueless about each and everything they try and say. “Never has a school boasted so much, yet claimed so little”. It’s called jealousy. It’s called the little man’s disease. It’s called being the ugly little redheaded stepchild for as long as AU’s been around. Nothing will ever change that fact.

    You live, eat, sleep, digest, and breath the number six, because it’s all you have to bring to your program’s dining room table. Yet, nevermind mind the fact that you’ve outnumbered the Tide during the course of those six years. It’s easy to set back in your lazy boy and touch base on every single flaw of another team, simply because you’ve ridden their mishaps since day one.

    Regardless as to whether you like it or not, your fun in the sun will soon be over. When that day comes, and it’s closer than you are anticipating, you’ll perish along with the rest of your napoleon syndrome suffering fan base due to shame and a broken heart. You’re to the point of no return, and after your streak is over, don’t flee from the group and decide to show back up years later after another brief winning streak surfaces. Man up and return and say then what you’re saying now.

  47. 56
    Shanehaters A-K-A APIman

    IhateGeorgeW. Says:
    July 5th, 2008 at 2:18 pm
    I stand by what I say (and what everyone outside of Opelika, Alabama says as well): API fans will forever suffer from little man’s syndrome simply because they’re not Alabama. They’re the red headed stepchild of the state and even win they win, they still don’t gain the proper respect they feel they deserve. So, to conquer that anguish, they attack anything positively affiliated with Alabama in herds, yet only gains laughter in return for their feeble inferiority.

    SHANEHATERS-aka APIman Says:
    July 5th, 2008 at 2:59 pm
    007 Says:
    July 2nd, 2008 at 9:53 pm
    It’s always typical for the ugly little redheaded stepchild (suffering from Napoleon syndrome) to make every humanly possible attempt to flame the bigger brother. Hate. Envy. Jealousy. Inferiority Complex. It all sums up your basic WAR EAGLE fan


  48. 57


    I regret getting your blood pressure up. I never meant to endanger your health or make you cross.

    Shane was the point of my post and how ridiculous it was for someone of his stature to presume to insert himself in the selection of a replacement for Mal.

    For Shane to attempt place himself in that whole uat AD selection conversation would be akin to you or me suggesting how the Queen of England should run her personal staff. I hope you’ll concur it’s just mindboggling.


  49. 58
    Ballplay Indian

    nyc…sigh…Im not sayin sanctions didnt affect your program. What im askin is whos fault is it? The blame rests with the football program. That in my opinion is just as bad as crappy play calling, bad recruiting etc. Just one more question. When can our anuall ass kickings of Bamma start counting again?

    ryno …I wont argue with that.

    Juicy j…just more irrelevent blather .Heard that same crap for three years now. Shut up and win one on the feild.

    Bama Amy ….Go iron my shirt.

  50. 59

    Redneck, you actually left the most critical power point off the list:

    never once will i blame tuberville’s half-ass recruiting efforts on his sudden decision to recruit class and character instead of talent. i will admit when he has his ass handed to him on the recruiting trail. there’s no point in sugarcoating his inability to compete and land big time talent when it’s evident he lost by a mile.

    Count this as my signature:

  51. 60
    Ballplay Indian

    and sorrow free how do you explain the Auburn Tigers dominating the SEC since 2000 ? You can make all the excuses in the world why Bama is subpar right now, but when you start sayin the only reason we have been good is because yall have been kept down by the EVIL NCAA. Well, that is just bull. Yall are no longer a dominant team in the SEC. There are 11 other teams who could beat yall on any Saturday. But what I really cant figure out is how yall spin the same stuff with every coach and every season. Its just recycled crap. Just because you recycle it dont mean its not crap. Yalls is the only fanbase in the country except Notre Dames that is soooo arrogant for no appearant reason. Go to any national board and see for yourselves.

  52. 61
    Bama Fan In N Y C

    Ballplay, I’ll be serious and respectful for once.

    I won’t disagree with your last statement. Our sanctions were self-imposed, make no mistake about it. But can we as avid fans help that? We have no control whatsoever over what goes down behind the scenes, yet we get the bad end of the stick. That goes for both of our programs.

    Our program rightfully deserved everything that they had coming to them, but should the players and fans suffer for what the “behind the scenes mafia” does? On a neutral note, despite the fact you believe our team and fan base is nothing but a handful of ghetto fabulous thugs, we’re still innocent people who pay for other people’s crimes.

    Many people complain about the cheated success of USC. Should their players and fans pay for what their scandal plagued board of trustees do behind the scenes? No. Absolutely not. I understand it’s life and it’s one of the many obstacles life throws our way, but adversity isn’t an easy tribulation to overcome.

  53. 62

    “Yalls is the only fanbase in the country except Notre Dames that is soooo arrogant for no appearant reason. Go to any national board and see for yourselves.”

    i wouldn’t be so sure about that. you ask any Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Ole Miss, South Carolina (and even LSU before Saban was hired at UA), who their most hated SEC team is and the first team that comes to mind is auburn university. why? cause their fans are nothing but whiny little crybabies who complain about everything and respond to a victory the way a three year old does a cookie! even ask USC and OU fans who their most hated SEC team is. The average fan will straight up tell you Auburn U. and how long did it take you to figure out alabama was no longer a dominant team? are you a rocket scientist? and i can explain why bama tech is the winningest sec program since 2000 and that’s because your major victories didn’t occur until the year 2004. your sec record before the year 2004 was 23-18, since tuberville took the job. but seeing how our slide didn’t effect bama tech in a positive way, i guess the rest of my conversation is pointless. i guess you guys were just kidding around when you flirted with the possibility of firing your former below average coach who quickly transformed into a demigod. but it had nothing to do with his the team who gave him everything he needed to succeed, which was of course alabama.

    count this as my signature:

  54. 63
    Ballplay Indian

    Humility is a quality not ususally associated with a Bammer. NYC you may have changed my mind about 0.1% of Alabamas fanbase. But really, When can we start counting an Iron Bowl victory as legitimate? This year ,next year? Because I am telling yall now 09 is going to be our year. So be careful how you answer. But please SOMEBODY enlighten me on when we can count a victory over Alabama as a “real” victory?
    I mean since yall know all the anwers as to why yall stink, surely yall can tell me when yall will “RISE AGAAAIN” . I swear I see it on every thread. So somebody tell me when. When does it count?

  55. 64
    Barnie Basher

    Here’s an idea to pitch at you Mr. Ball play, I understand you pompously believe you’re the most logical and reasonable football fan on the planet, so maybe you could explain, in great detail if I may add, just exactly why Tuberville is barely defeating an Alabama team, who you claim, is far from even tasting mediocrity?

    Maybe you can enlighten us on why you allowed a Mike Shula led, Alabama team, who limped into the game with over 7 offensive starters setting out due to injuries including not a first, or second, but third string quarterback taking the snaps for us, nearly defeat your supposedly all-time greatest team, in 2004?

    Maybe you can enlighten us on why he only has one signature victory over Alabama, which occurred in 2005, yet was still forced to hold his breath in the end?

    Maybe you can enlighten us on why it took Quentin Groves having to force Parker to fumble twice on the five yard line, setting up two easy touchdowns for A Moo, which ultimately led to a seven point victory in 2006?

    Maybe you can enlighten us on why it took a dropped pass, which led to an interception on a potential scoring drive, and a questionable and bogus “late hit” call, after an incomplete pass was thrown on fourth down, which then led to the go ahead touchdown to seal the victory to seal another seven point win in 2007? Don’t forget this is a team who lost to LOUISIANA-MONROE!

    Maybe you can enlighten us on why he’s relying too heavily on turnovers and costly penalties to walk away shaking in his sneakers?

    Just remember, that was all against talent that was far less superior than yours. This was against the same caliber talent as the top universities in Mississippi!

  56. 65

    Christopherson, are you as stupid as you sound? Do you sell Ice for a living? Tell Shane I said hello.

  57. 66
    Ballplay Indian

    Berman..crap just rolls off your keyboard dont it son. O.K. lets get this straight. “the only reason yall have the edge in wins is causa of your undeafeted 04 season”. No sh*#& !!!! That would be called winning. Something foriegn to you. Try 11-2 the next year as well . Should we not count that. Any way you slice it WE are the dominate team in the SEC since 2000. That includes GEORGIA, FLORIDA, LSU, TENNESSEE, and all the teams that are factors, or that matter . Did you notice that Bama was not on the list? Look , I know that it isnt easy to digest. But I am just sick of it. Im 37 years old. Why would I tell you that ? For this reason alone. I was 8 years old when the tide won there last one under Bear. I can honostly say I DO NOT remember any of it. Of course that was a different time , and Alabama fans were different people then. I can remember 1 national title , of course the 92 title. Still 1 more than I remember Auburn having. Hats off. During that same time I Do remember the great 80s AU teams. I remember 2 undefeated teams since 93. Ive seen , as most have ,better football played by Auburn during my LIFE than Alabama. If you are my age or younger (and I aint young) youve seen the same thing too.

  58. 67
    Ballplay Indian

    Barnie Basher.. Im sorry that Auburn didnt kick yalls asses to Bama specs. I cant believe I had to say that. But dont worry , with the spread in effect that will be a thing of the past.

    No really. you need to read what you type. That is screwed up. Bragging about losing? Yeah Yall are back allright.

  59. 68
    The Joker

    Why so serious?

    Why do we bother with these backwoods bafoons?

    Nothing will ever satisfy them. That’s why they’re here. A win over Alabama isn’t enough. Six consecutive wins over Alabama still isn’t enough. Not even nothing alone is enough.

    Tubby is going to hit rock bottom again and there’s no doubt about that. He’s already recruiting bottomless talent that powerhouse programs like UAB and Georgia State prowl over every day of the week. He seen the light last season and fortunately for him, Will Muschamp saved his respect and season. He won’t have the luxury of relying on Muschamp next season. He tried getting out as it was obvious, but the Opelika BOS are a lot smarter than they appear.

    Give Opelika another two seasons or so, and Tubby will be on his ass, which was where he was headed before his overrated undefeated season or the self-destruction of bama, and Opelika will be on their knees begging for Petrino to pick up Tubby’s slack.

  60. 69

    no, that job will belong to tony franklin. you can bet on that. he’ll take over the head coaching position after tubs is ran off, then he’ll turn alabama tech in and fulfill his dreams by taking over the job at troy state as a head coach.

    Count this as my signature:

  61. 70
    Ballplay Indian

    I guess no one has the brains or balls to answer my question. When can we count an Iron bowl victory as legit? This year ? only if we lose? next year , only if we lose? When? 2010? When can we count it? When are yall officially “BACK”?

    And please quit putting asterisks by the #6*****. It makes yall look bitter.

  62. 71
    Ballplay Indian

    When you hold a bammers feet to the fire he runs for the hills. Cockroaches vs the light. Superman vs Kryptonite. Bammers vs logic. Its all the same. Somebody please answer the question.

  63. 72

    The question that was never answered is if Alabama has 57 National Championships and has “owned” Auburn since the beginning of college football and then had the luxury of playing 41 straight games at their home field in Birmingham then why do they only have a 5 game lead in the overall series? Tough to explain but I am ready for some Bama spin.

  64. 73
    Barnie Basher

    57 National Championships? So I take it you’re implying our unanimous 12 championships are bogus? That’s typical Alabama Polytechnic Institute knowledge for you.

    Allow me to fill you in on the common knowledge that you lack, David. I’ll even be kind enough to enlighten you on many of Alabama Polytechnic Institute’s major championship flaws.

    Remember, prior to the AP/UPI title era, the Rose Bowl was deemed the heavyweight bowl and the winner was considered “Champions of the Universe.” Keep in mind a champion wasn’t voted, but determined by who won the Rose Bowl. In fact, those many polls didn’t debut until years after the game was played.

    1925: Rose Bowl 10-0

    1926: Rose Bowl 9-0-1 (Tie game with Stanford)

    1930: Rose Bowl 10-0-0

    1934: Rose Bowl 10-0

    As of now, the AP and UPI titles are in effect. They were the deciding source on who was deemed national champions for the following years. And if you have a problem with the AP/UPI poll voting Alabama over USC, after losing to USC midway through the regular season, then take that up with the Associated Press or UPI. Also, while your at it, you may wanna complain to the BCS for selecting Florida over Alabama Polytechnic Institute in 2006, after losing to API, and for selecting LSU over Arkansas and Kentucky after losing to them in 2007, yet still managing to finish ahead of them. Also keep in mind during this time, Alabama wasn’t the only team to finish ahead of teams who defeated them in the regular season.

    One more thing, if you have a problem with Alabama being voted champions after losing their bowl game, well please know that Alabama Polytechnic Institute DIDN’T EVEN PLAY IN A BOWL GAME IN 1957! You know why? Simply because before the 1980s, bowl games were considered “exhibition” games and the AP/UPI polls selected their champions AT THE END OF THE REGULAR SEASON.

    1961: AP/UPI

    1964: AP/UPI

    1965: AP

    1973: UPI

    1978: AP

    1979: AP

    1992: AP

    And here is a detailed list of our many unclaimed titles:

    1936: Alabama finished the season 8-0-1, but didn’t claim a National Title because we finished the season ranked 4th in the AP/UPI.

    1937: Alabama finishes the season 9-1, losing to USC in the Rose Bowl and ending the season ranked 4th in the AP/UPI.

    1945: Alabama finished the season 10-0, blowing out USC in the Rose Bowl, but didn’t claim a title because we finished the season ranked number 2, behind number 1, Army. Some argue that the 1945 team may have been Bama’s greatest of all time. Many believed this was due in large part to the bias toward southern programs.

    1962: Alabama finished the season 10-1 with a Orange Bowl victory over Oklahoma, but didn’t claim a title because we finished the season ranked fifth in AP/UPI.

    1966 (See the new novel, “The Missing Ring”): The most controversial season in all of collegiate football. This is where the Northern/Western States’ bias towards the Southern States plays yet another huge roll in college football. Alabama was aiming for their third straight National Championship season. Ending the previous season ranked number 1, Alabama was questionably preseason ranked “3rd” in 1966. In the other major poll, the AP poll, Alabama started the season ranked first, but was questionable moved to third at the season’s end?!?!?! At the season’s end, we finished undefeated, destroying Nebraska in the Orange Bowl 34-7. However, first ranked Notre Dame and second ranked Michigan State intentionally played to a 10-10 tie in their final game against each other (which wasn’t even a bowl game). Instead of Alabama moving to first place, we were oddly held at third. The Southern nation always felt (and some still do) that this was done intentionally to keep a Southern team from winning their third consecutive title. In addition, a quick review of the results from BAMA’s ’66 season shows a team that by far outclassed all of the competition it faced. Bama manhandled every opponent only giving up a total of 37 points all season long while shutting out the 7 of the 11 of the opponents they played. Fortunately, at least one well known individual of that time also felt that BAMA was a deserving team that year. Vince Lombardi , after winning the Super Bowl, was asked if the Packers had removed all doubt as to who was the best football team in the world. Lombardi replied, “Well, I don’t know. We haven’t played Alabama yet!”

    1974: Alabama finished the season ranked fifth in AP/UPI, as well as lost their bowl game against Notre Dame.

    1975: Alabama finished the season 11-1 with a 13-6 victory over Penn State in the Sugar Bowl, but did not claim a title because they finished the season ranked third in AP/UPI.

    1977: Alabama finished the season ranked 11-1 with a 35-6 Sugar Bowl victory over Ohio State, but did not claim a title because we finished the season ranked second in AP/UPI.

    And here is a detailed list, of which you guys boldly state you should claim if you went about by Alabama logic:

    1957: The only legit title API has. Despite the fact that they finished the regular season 10-0, while on probation, they finished that season ranked number 1.

    1983: API’s only loss was to the Texas Longhorns, but they did in fact defeat Michigan in the Sugar Bowl. But they couldn’t claim a title because they finished that season ranked third behind Miami and Nebraska. If they say they deserve the title this year, then so does Alabama for the 1975, 1977 seasons in which we finished 11-1 with a Sugar Bowl victory as well, but did not claim the title because we didn’t finish that season ranked first in the country. Not to mention the 1966 Sugar Bowl victory in which we finished the season undefeated with a Sugar Bowl victory, but was denied the title because we finished third.

    1993: API finished the season “undefeated.” However, they did not compete in the SEC Championship or bowl game. They finished the season ranked “fourth, ” but shouldn’t have been considered in the rankings due to it being unfair to the other teams that they did not play in a bowl game while the others did. That’s similar to when Alabama finished undefeated in the regular season in 1994 (the very next season), but lost to Florida in the SEC Championship game by one point. In another words, Alabama was one point away from a perfect season. Since this is the case, we finished fourth in 1994, winning all of our regular season games as well, plus a bowl game. Therefore, we should “claim” the 1994 season as an “undefeated” season as well!

    I’ll mention 2004, though nobody voted them champions, other than the Opelika/Awbarn Farmer’s Market. API did in fact finish the season undefeated. But a lackluster performance against an Alabama team who limped into the game with what little key starters they had. And a questionable call to win a one point game over LSU, hindered them from consideration. A win is a win, indeed, but, unlike API, normal people are going to look into the details. Plus, you ran your mouth to its extremity about USC and Oklahoma who were both MORE DESERVING than you guys were. Not to mention the close call over Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl closed that case… Seriously, who throws a National Championship parade and orders National Championship rings for a team that didn’t even play for the BCS title?

    Also, l’ve noticed API’s claims SEC West titles when they didn’t even play in the championship games because of tie-breakers.

    What about their six SEC titles – Prior to 1992, the first year in which the SEC Championship game was played?

    1988: They shared a title with LSU, but LSU won more SEC games than API did in 1988.

    1989: They share a title with Alabama, who ALSO had more SEC wins than they did.

    So what do you have to say in place of your ignorance, AUtard?

  65. 74

    Let’s see David, if my memory serves me right, the Iron Bowl was played at a neutral site. Half the stands were Crimson and White. The other half were Wire Road Blue and Rodeo Orange.

    No matter if it’s five wins or not, just remember you’ll never exceed that illustrious mark. The closest you’ll ever come to even dreaming of it is one victory over us.

    Now it’s your turn to do the explaining. Why can’t you explain to us how you win only 3-4 meetings over a 12 year span, while the both of us competed on a level playing field, then suddenly win the next 6 after the we were forced to compete on an uneven playing field?

    And to the Indian who enjoys playing with balls, I’ll answer your question in the form of a quote Kirk Herbstreet once said after your third straight win over us in 2004: After speaking about injuries and scholarship limitations, he then went on to say, ‘With what little they had, Alabama played their hearts out and I think it would be more fair to both Alabama and Auburn if an asterisk was placed above the final score of that game.’

  66. 75

    David, is that your version of an excuse as to why Aubarn is currently on the all-time losing end of the rivalry? What about basketball and baseball too? Were 41 baseball and basketball series played in Birmingham as well?

  67. 76

    in all actuality, you sir david, should count your many blessings. had it not been for the iron bowl’s long and overdue hiatus, the series record would be so lopsided right now, there’d be no hope left for alabama tech whatsoever.

    count this as my signature:

  68. 77

    So nobody can tell us why the greatest college program in the history of organized football who enjoyed playing at their home field 41 straight years(to call Legion Field a neutral site is insulting) enjoys only a 5 game edge over their downtroden instate rival? Let’s be honest here Alabama has only 6 National Championships (which is impressive) but has only won one since the NCAA leveled the playing field. To go back to the 1920’s and claim championships before they were voted on is a little pathetic. Bama fans need to realize they call it history for a reason.
    I will not even get into the 10 arrests this year which would prevent most fans to hide their heads in shame. I will give it to you, the Crimson Tide faithful have no shame to get on here and talk about moral victories against Auburn over the past 6 years. I mean come on call a loss a loss and do not make any excuses. We would respect you a whole lot more.
    I still think it is the best college football rivalry in America. Where else can you talk college football year round?

  69. 78
    Barnie Basher

    Before I begin, I’d first like to apologize for my pity insults as you seem like a classy guy. Now to continue forth…

    “To go back to the 1920’s and claim championships before they were voted on is a little pathetic.”

    Okay, a PUBLIC UNIVERSITY, regardless as to whether it’s Bammer or Auburn, doesn’t claim illegitimate championships because they’re there for the taking. Back then, polls weren’t even thought of at the time being. The Rose Bowl was THE premier bowl game. Why do you think such a big deal was made all across the South (even in Auburn) when Alabama earned the rights to play in the bowl? Simply because the winner of that game was THE national champions of that year. It’s a lot similar to the BCS. Whoever wins THE BCS game, is automatically national champions for that year. It’s not a matter of how many polls voted you or not, because back then, polls weren’t even thought of. It all came down to this single game of epic proportions. If you want us to do away with these titles, then someone should go back in time and change the rules and the rules should apply to every team who ever won the Rose Bowl, before the AP and UPI titles were introduced.

    1925: Alabama defeated Washington 20-19 in the Rose Bowl, posting a 10-0 record (the best in the country).

    1926: Alabama played Stanford to a 7-7 tie, in the Rose Bowl, giving each team a share of the title. We also posted a record of 9-0-1 that season as well.

    1930: Alabama defeated Washington State 24-0 in the Rose Bowl, finishing the season with a 10-0 record.

    1934: Alabama defeated Stanford 29-13 in the Rose Bowl, finishing the season 10-0.

    If jealousy isn’t the case, I don’t understand why Auburn fans have such a problem with our national titles, yet they have not a single problem in the world with any other team’s. Just remember, all of the past Rose Bowl victors, before the AP/UPI era, were recognized as national champions and after that, everyone who was voted in by the AP or UPI poll were national champions for those certain years. In modern day history, it’s now determined by the winner of the BCS bowl game, which is much similar to the Rose Bowl game from way back when.

    In all truthfulness, I have nothing against Auburn. I hate their fan base more than I hate the actual team. And before Tuberville held up fingers for the first time, I always cheered you guys on. I sympathized him the day he shed tears during the Tiger Walk as he thought it was his last game. It’s the fans that I dislike, and I know for certain that’s the case with you as well. You seem like a classy gentlemen, so I have no problem politefuly reasoning with you.

  70. 79

    For the sake and history of, not Alabama football, but college football in general, I wish the BCS game was the Rose Bowl year in and year out.

    The 2006 game was a modern day classic – Almost like if Hulk Hogan were to take on Ric Flair at the next Wrestlemania.

  71. 80

    You say 12 National Championships I say 6. I don’t think you will get an Auburn guy to agree to the higher number. You do make a good case.

    I think Auburn and Alabama fans need to realize they have a lot more in common than they think. They love the college game which is admirable. I live in an NFL city and the pro game can not touch the college game and the difference is the passion the fans bring to the rivalries. I think it is silly when people make these message boards personal.

    The fun of these boards is to tease the other teams supporters. I never thought Auburn would beat Bama 6 times in a row (sanctions or no sanctions) so let us enjoy it for awhile. I hope Tubberville and Saban stick around for at least another 10 years because I think the Auburn-Alabama game will take back it’s rightful place as the best college football rivalry in the nation.

  72. 81

    Ballpay Indian says:

    and sorrow free (trial) how do you explain the Auburn Tigers dominating the SEC since 2000 ?”

    Maybe someone can correct me where I am wrong but….
    Most years Auburn finishes 4th in the SEC.
    But dont worry Ballplay in a year or 2 Bama will return the state of Alabama to its rightfull place among the elite in college football.
    The way I see it Tubby has had 10 years to get Auburn somewhere and he hasnt done much better than Tator Tot or Hair Dye. Dominanace? More like a distraction while Bama was in the doghouse.

  73. 83
    Donnie Darko

    To David and Barner Basher

    Your arguments are the exact reason why a playoff system is desperately needed in college football. Until that eventful day comes, there will never be a true champion.

    Take last year for instance, was LSU the best team in the country? From a viewer’s perspective, I’d say absolutely not. I know of two other teams that could’ve easily snapped LSU into two different pieces, and they were UGA and USC.

    The BCS is nothing more than a media conspiracy. Until more and more avid supporters rise up against it, more deserving teams will be left out in the cold.

  74. 84

    A playoff system would take all the fun and excitement out of college football…. Even if a playoff system is installed, there will still be loads of controversy. Nothing will ever change no matter what. I say let sleeping dogs lie.

  75. 85
    Ballplay Indian

    David…Man you just opened up pandoras box..Never , under any circumstances, ever argue with the Bammers about how many championships they have. Every inbred tothless bammer in the state will jump on your back. its like talking to a tree. Valiant attempt , but forget it . They will never understand you, because you are speaking logically. And always count on people like Barni Basher to write a freekin novel. Barnie, I read War and Peace in less time.

    TMAC…..Overall record there DORK. And we have 5 outright SEC championship at least since I have been old enough to remember. (last 30 years) . How many does Bama have? And I am not worried. But yor right about one thing ,youll be in yalls rightfull place. THE SEC CELLAR. Since Ive been watching football thats where yall have been living. LSU and Auburn are the players in the west and you know it. Bama = nonfactor. In the coming back to back Iron Bowl losses (and they will be blowouts, not the close ones yall like to brag about) Saban will get the boot , and yall will be back to square 1…

    Please , is there no Bammer that can answer the question I posted earlier? When are yall officially back? When can we count our victories over the “WEAKEND GIANT”? When? After The Saban has 4 full years of recruiting? When? In one column Shane said it would be 06!!! When does it count? …………insert crickets here………..chirp ….chirp…..chirp……

  76. 86
    Ballplay Indian

    David….I see your logic..But lets assume the Bammers have the 12..O.K. Lets also assume that those 41 Legion Feild games were “NEUTRAL” .. Give that to em..There can be NO excuse for them not to have the overall lead. We WILL obtain the overall lead in the next 8 – 10 year… There will be many a wife/sister/cousin getting a beatdown that night. I honostly CAN NOT WAIT for the IRON BOWL this year. Can the Bammers say the same?

    Still waiting……..

  77. 87
    Ballplay Indian

    oh and Barnie B…..I know I can sound a little cross at times, but this should sum it up. Going into this year ( 08 ) , The A.U. tigers are consistantly ranked aroumd #10. Not bad considering the CFB programs ahead of us . We have a chance to play in the BCS championship game. We are the favorites to win the west. WE ARE THERE NOW !!!!! Not in 2 -3 years . Not when we RISE UP AGAIN. We are there now. I feel confidant about this years squad. A MNC? not likely but not impossible either. An SEC championship ? Perhaps so. Which in my opinion is as good as a MNC. We are where yall aspire to be……NOW !!!!…Yall may or may not accept that FACT. But it is a FACT. We are little bro to no one. Admit it . That is the first step to recovery. And before you get too confidant about the future, look at the 09 A.U. squad. We will have one of the best returning O lines in football. The defense will be vets and will play lights out across the board. Another year for Burns under the spread. A senior Ben Tate. A junior mario Fannin. Im tellin ya now, you heard it now, If we win this year , and we should. There is no way yall win in 09. Hence 3 losses for The Saban, Hence he gets canned.

  78. 88
    Shanehaters A-K-A APIman

    rak28 Says:
    July 7th, 2008 at 4:31 pm
    Wow! I didn’t think Auburn fans liked Shane, much less read his columns. Every one of you AU blogger’s are losers. You can’t wait to read Shane’s next post! By the way…. Gene Hallman will never be AD at UA.

    You just wanted to speak didnt ya!

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