Moore should pass baton to Hallman

By Shane from Centerpoint
There will come a time in the not to distant future when the University of Alabama athletic program is going to need a new leader to take the Athletic Department to a higher level so the Crimson Tide can count themselves among the nation’s elite once again. I believe Gene Hallman would be the logical choice for the job. Alabama needs an injection of youth and someone who understands how to run the program like the large corporation that it has become. Alabama also needs one of it’s own, someone who has ties to the institution. Hallman, who currently runs established sports enterprises, fits all the criteria I mentioned above.

The Alabama Athletic Department has already stepped up to the plate in football with the hiring of head coach Nick Saban. This was a fantastic hire by current A.D., Mal Moore and serves to cap-off a magnificent job by coach Moore with the athletic facilities improvements as well as his accomplishments in the fund raising field. Mal has made sure that Alabama can compete with anybody in the country when it comes to providing for student-athletes.

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When Moore finally hangs up his cleats, Bama is going to need to make the leap into the modern era. Everybody knows there are many things that can be improved upon concerning Tide athletics. This will be a time when an innovative leader can make the necessary changes that will only enhance our chances in every aspect of competition.

Gene Hallman knows the Crimson Tide football program well. He is already deeply entrenched in one of the most difficult parts to manage – the traffic, parking and game day experience for home games. His handling of the restructuring of the entire deal and the sheer number of responsibilities that accompany it shed a positive light on Hallman’s capabilities.

Some things in life are just meant to be. Yes, I suspect Hallman would probably have to take a cut in pay and he does seem comfortable in his current career. Nevertheless, if momma calls, Gene will simply have to listen. Alabama needs men of his caliber to guide the program forward. I think his business expertise, along with his love of Alabama football, would be a potent combination.

I’m sure there are other excellent potential candidates for the post, but none like Hallman, who is made for the job. The Athletic Department’s next leader needs to understand what the program has been through this decade so that he will know where to enact change. Gene has been as close to the program as any anybody.

On the national level, Hallman would cast a long shadow and the perception of the institution as a whole, would instantly take a huge step up the ladder of progression. He is well known throughout the South and liked by all. I also believe his leadership capabilities encompass every aspect the job would require – including the hiring and firing of coaches.

Some people have called for Mal Moore to step down. I’m not one of those who think that is true. I just believe it would be wise of someone at Alabama to start communicating with Gene to influence him so he might begin to think about all the great things he could do for his University. A forward thinker who is involved in the decision making process could possibly sign up one of the best potential Athletic Director’s in the nation.

Look, I’m not nominating Gene Hallman for President of the United States, but I think he would make an excellent Athletic Director for the Alabama Crimson Tide.