Tuberville vs. Auburn

Tuberville in talks with LSU?

Auburn has decided to play tough with Tommy Tuberville, if reports from and are accurate. According to both of those outlets, Auburn has offered Tuberville a two-year extension; however, Tuberville would only earn a $200,000 raise next year as stipulated currently in his contract. Unless something is missing and left out of the reports, this is a big screw you to Tuberville.

I suspect this offer would’ve been better had Tuberville and his camp not waged a war in the press by making him a candidate for every major job open this season. Well that isn’t fair. Tuberville isn’t a candidate for Michigan. But Tuberville’s people have been pimping him for the A&M job, and now the Arkansas job. The truth is A&M decided early on to not go after Tuberville. How do we know that? Even before the Franchione coup de grace, Pay Dye let slip his source at A&M said Tuberville was not a serious candidate.

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According to multiple media reports, the Auburn offer is essentially the same one delivered Tuesday, and it does include improvements to facilities.
Is Tuberville a serious candidate for Arkansas? Possibly. But couldn’t this be similar to the Steve Spurrier to Alabama smokescreen, when even seemingly reliable sources were saying it was a done deal?

It would seem an ideal smokescreen if a report from is accurate. posted a report which cited sources close to Tuberville saying, Tuberville’s agent Jimmy Sexton has already been in talks with LSU, and that there was mutual interest provided the buyout could be reduced.

Of course, Auburn says the buyout is ironclad.

But wouldn’t an Auburn trustee pay the buyout if he was given the chance?

This situation is either a Tuberville miscalculation, or a fractious family squabble. It would seem at this point, with Auburn’s offer and Tuberville’s imitation of a prostitute, there is little chance he could return as an effective leader of the Auburn football program. How can you recruit after a disaster like this? How could you hire assistants after a disaster like this?

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The funniest person I know gave me a joke to share with everyone. Here it is: How do you get an Auburn graduate off your door step?
Pay for the pizza.

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