How to defeat Leftists: Vivek Ramaswamy hosts James Lindsay for a conversation about leftist tactics. This important talk provides a warning about how leftists push conservatives toward reactions that undermine the very things conservatives want to protect.

Two leading conservative thinkers provided insights on how to win the Culture War on an episode of The Vivek Show. Their key point: We must understand the left has a plan and will utilize misdirection to achieve their totalitarian goals. This is one of the most important discussions you’ll see all year.

The left is thinking several moves ahead. They utilize concepts from Rules for Radicals and the updated version Beautiful Trouble, according to Lindsay.

One of their core principles is that your real action is your Target’s reaction,” Lindsay said.

He continued, “That is operational thinking. They are trying to provoke you into reacting a particular way so they can frame that reaction or use that reaction to gain their advantage.”

Thus, the left creates a problem like rampant sexual indoctrination in schools that prompts conservatives to withdraw from schools. The result? School Choice. School Choice is a great idea; however, the Left was ready to exploit school choice programs by rigging the game.

“Total transparency plus choice can get you to a pretty good place; however, what we then see is where now that we have school choice bills passing and becoming the law of the land in States across the country those parents then have the opportunity to send their kids to any number of accredited private schools include even Christian Schools,” Ramaswamy said. He asked, “What happens then?

Lindsay replied, “They capture the accrediting bodies. In fact, they’ve pre-captured the accrediting bodies—every professional association in the country more or less has already captured you’re it doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about the NAIS, the National Association of Independent Schools. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about the Christian equivalent, which I just did a thread on Twitter recently about this how they are completely in on the diversity Equity inclusion program that’s your Christian schools.”

You can see one Lindsay’s threads on Christian School accreditors here.

You can also read some of our reporting on the DEI takeover of the world’s largest Christian School accreditation body—the ACSI. First, Christian School Association Goes Woke. Then an important analysis that highlights just how far the Wokeness goes with the accreditor.

Ramaswamy and Lindsay discussed Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.

Lindsay said, “There’s a principle in The Art of War, chapter seven, where Sun Tzu says that if you want to defeat your enemy you don’t surround the whole army because the army will fight to the death. So, you surround them on three sides and give them a way out. When they see a path to life, they’ll take it. If you surround them entirely, they’ll fight to the death.”

Sun Tzu called this a “Golden Bridge.” It directs the enemy’s retreat into a preferred path so that you can gain ground or perhaps even attack them at a more opportune time and place.

Another key tactic that combines with this is how leftists create a fixation on the right that can be exploited.

For example, free markets.

Ramaswamy said, “That’s exactly what’s happened in the rise of one of my core topics over the last year, the rise of the ESG movement, where we debated through the front door for 35 years 40 years—the perils of big government—when the other side said okay you guys said you like capitalism great we’re just going to go through the back door to get done through your system what you thought you we couldn’t get done through the front door under the Constitution.”

Leftists utilized the free market to undermine the free market through its capture of elites running large institutions like BlackRock, Vanguard, etc.

Do leftists want conservatives to embrace Christian Nationalism?

While not discussed in the podcast, it is known to almost everyone that James Lindsay has been an outspoken critic of Christian Nationalism. This podcast explains why in a very clear way—Lindsay sees the left exploiting the demoralization of conservatives to foster balkanization.

Lindsay said on the podcast, “We always are getting surrounded and then we’re given only one option. Oh, No! They’ve got every institution. What’s left? National divorce. Balkanize the country. Split up. It’s the only thing left. It’s already too late. It’s all we can do, and they get this doomsday mentality and then hold out a path to life the so-called black pill.”

All of this is very important. Leftists are very good at fixing our gaze on one threat, while exploiting areas (blind spots) to accomplish their aims.

We all love the free market; however, one must always remember that the left uses our commitment to something to overthrow that very thing. For example, the idiocy of David French and Asa Hutchinson defending parental rights to allow transgender treatment or Drag Queen Story Hours.

The left will use your ideological and moral commitments against you. If you are aware of that, then you can respond in an appropriate manner.

Again, this is one of the most important things you’ll see all year. Watch the whole thing.