Southern Baptist Pastors attack Conservative Baptist Network (CBN) and churches ‘sympathetic’ to CBN causes in desire to drive conservatives out of the growing Woke SBC.

The leftists are in charge of the Southern Baptist Convention and now they want to expel conservatives. Leftists controlled the SBC President post for three years under J.D. Greear, one year under Ed Litton and the present year under Bart Barber. Now that they have total power, the Woke SBC Elites want to destroy conservatives and force them from the convention. One pastor proposed kicking out any church associated with the Conservative Baptist Network.

Joel Rainey, a leftist pastor in the SBC, suggested a ban for any church involved with or even “sympathetic” to CBN. What the leftists running SBC are telling you is that there is no room in their Woke SBC for pastors like Voddie Baucham, Mike Stone, or Tom Ascol; also, in Rainey’s view there is no room in the Woke SBC for conservative men like Rod Martin, Tony Perkins, Mike Huckabee, or Todd Starnes.

Rainey ranted, “Proposed amendment to the SBC Constitution: ‘…..any church in cooperation at any level with the @BaptistNetwork including but not limited to having a pastor sympathetic to CBN causes, shall be deemed not in friendly cooperation with this Convention.’ Titus 3:10 is long overdue.”

What CBN causes trigger Rainey? That was a question Megan Basham asked. Good question.

Is it the CBN’s stand against women preachers? Is it the CBN’s call to ban abortions? Is it the CBN’s call to stop spreading Critical Race Theory in the SBC? What exactly is it that triggers Rainey and his ilk?

Rainey’s Twitter bio brags about writing for the Washington Post and Christianity Today.

Talk about leftist credentials! Yet, according to leftists like this—there is no drift in the SBC. In fact, Rainey defended the ERLC from allegations of “leftward drift” in this tweet. In other words, he is a demented liar.

What prompted this lunatic’s attack on CBN? Here is a clue. This “pastor” said, “CBN leaders tried, and failed, using legitimate parliamentary means to have their voices have sway–three years consecutively.  Now they are just lying.  That’s adversarial by default and it’s time for them to go.”

What does he claim to be a lie? Obviously, this new explosive White Paper produced by the CBN that exposes the leftists running the Southern Baptist Convention. It is exhaustive and contains years of evidence. So, naturally, liars like Joel Rainey are whining about it on Twitter.

Fellow Woke SBC “pastors” expressed their support for the idea. These include Josh King who said, “I’d settle for just a resolution. At some point someone with authority needs to say enough is enough.” Also, promoting the insane plan to kick out conservative churches was Brent Hobbs. Hobbs said, “I dislike narrowing parameters of cooperation in principle, but this may be a needed step. I would vote yes.” You can see their responses on the Twitter thread preserved here.

The leftist reaction is nothing new. When the CBN founding was announced, a current SBC Executive Committee member labeled the group “butthurt.” These are the “Christian” men wo claim to be peacemakers.