A reminder why we are Against Pence and why you should be too.

Former Vice President Mike Pence sided with the Washington Deep State in remarks delivered in New Hampshire.

“I also want to remind my fellow Republicans we can hold the Attorney General accountable for the decision he made without attacking the rank-and-file law enforcement personnel at the FBI,” Mike Pence said in this video clip from a speech delivered August 17, 2022, in New Hampshire. “The Republican Party is the party of law and order.”

This is a good reminder of what we’ve argued Against Pence as Republican presidential nominee. Pence folded like a cheap suit when governor of Indiana and attacked by big business over the state’s religious freedom law.

But Pence’s latest remark shows he is out of touch with reality. The GOP is the Party of Law and Order; however, this requires the Rule of Law—the balanced application of law and not the arbitrary enforcement of law against political enemies. Democrats and their allies in the bureaucracy are waging war against conservatives. We are a Banana Republic.

To attack those like the rogue FBI agents furthering their political agenda is not to attack good law enforcement officers. Yet, we must admit there is a problem of partisanship at the FBI.

Look at the uneven way the FBI handled Donald Trump compared with Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden.

The FBI operates in the exact same way that the mainstream press operates—mistakes always favor once side and harshness is reserved for Republicans.

So, for the Republican Party to be the Party of Law and Order, we must punish not only the AG but the bureaucrats and others responsible for the repeated weaponization of law enforcement against conservatives.

To see how bad the FBI has become since the glory days of the great Communist fighter J. Edgar Hoover, look at the reporting of Julie Kelly. Kelly both on Twitter and for American Greatness chronicles how the FBI Kidnapping Caper Was Flagrant Election Interference.

There are troubles at the FBI.

Republicans should admit that. Without admitting it, we can’t fix it when the GOP retakes power.

Maybe Mike Pence doesn’t want to fix it. Perhaps Mike Pence is fine without the Swamp just the way it is.

Pence is on the side of Big Evangelical Elites like lifelong Democrat Russell Moore. That tells the discerning conservative all they need to know to join us in standing against Mike Pence in the 2024 GOP Presidential Race.