No Justice for Anyone in new Southern Baptist Convention

The problems in the Southern Baptist Convention of Leftward Drift were on display in the People’s Republic of California Tuesday as the first day of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Annual Meeting began. Two issues highlight how far Southern Baptists are from the Bible and God. First, the SBC ignored the pleas for justice from a sex abuse victim because she happens to be married to a conservative pastor. Second, the SBC approved the Sex Abuse Task Force recommendations that fail to include any sort of due process protections–protections required by the Bible.

By an overwhelming vote, the SBC approved both recommendations of the Sex Abuse Task Force. Recommendations that drew strong rebukes in print and from the floor for the failure to provide any sort of biblical safeguards.

Highlighting the problem with adoption of the recommendations were two huge stories released yesterday.

The Daily Wire exposed the significant errors and omissions contained in the Guidepost report (a key part of the Sex Abuse Task Force recommendations.)

The Daily Wire report is extensive. It provides investigative reporting showing the deficiencies in the report and the conflict of interest behind the Task Force. Also, it exposes the errors in one sex abuse survivor’s story. It is a must read.

Second, The Baptist Message provided even more details about errors within the Guidepost report. You need to read this too. You will see how far short of due process these investigations were.

The new SBC and the empowered Credentials Committee (remember the committee that cannot define What Is A Pastor?) will oversee what will likely be Woke Show Trials.

This is going to be a huge problem.

No justice for Tom and Jennifer Buck at Southern Baptist Convention.

If you are a sex abuse victim, the Southern Baptist Convention wants to care for you. If you are a conservative sex abuse victim, the Southern Baptist Convention hates you and will muzzle you. Tom Buck and Jennifer Buck asked for an impartial investigation into an alleged blackmail attempt that exploited Jennifer Buck’s story of abuse (Jennifer Buck tells how Woke SBC Elites weaponized her story.) They were denied justice as the matter was referred back to an SBC entity—an SBC entity that already declared itself and its people completely innocent.

Southern Baptists noticed the difference between the treatment of World Economic Forum stooge Rick Warren and the Bucks.

“Ed Litton gave Rick Warren the floor to speak as long as he wanted, but they cut off Jennifer Buck. I thought they cared about women? What’s happening here is that have selective caring. What did they just do to Jennifer Buck? They shut her down,” said Terri Green.

Watch the video.

“Shameful behavior from the SBC,” said Todd Starnes.

He is right. It was shameful.

If Tom and Jennifer Buck or any Southern Baptist wants justice, they will not get it from the Southern Baptist Convention. SEBTS investigated itself and found no problems. And messengers meeting in Anaheim were fine with it. In fact, they referred the matter back to SEBTS.

If you have been harmed by the SBC, you have two options: turn to God or turn to Caesar to address it.

Many including the Bucks are going to rest on the assurance of justice in eternity.

Tom Buck said, “The SBC is selective in the survivors they care about! The good news is that even though we didn’t get justice now, we’ll get it in eternity. We did everything humanly possible and will fully trust the Lord’s sovereign hand as we move on. We won’t allow a bitter root to grow!”

This is good where possible; however, sometimes one must seek justice here and now.

If it is a crime or if the attacks on a person continue, then sometimes the only choice is to go to Caesar.

Ordinarily, one would say a Christian should not take a Christian to court; however, that only applies 1. between fellow Christians (and does anyone think the way the SBC acted it is run by Christians?), and 2. within the confines of a church where all parties are under the same disciplinary process. None of that exists in the SBC. There is no tribunal. It is why Will McRaney was forced to seek Caesar’s justice because the NAMB trustees would not do their job. Just like SEBTS trustees are not doing their job regarding Keith Whitfield and Karen Swallow Prior.

If Whitfield and Karen Swallow Prior are allowed to go unpunished by Southern Baptists, the denomination carries with it a stain—the stain of hypocrisy and further abusing a sex abuse survivor for political ends.

It is shameful.