Conservative Southern Baptist pastor Tom Buck and his wife were the victims of a blackmail attempt to silence the outspoken conservative pastor.

Why are people who support Bart Barber so heavily involved in this blackmail scheme?

SBC Elites are petrified of Tom Ascol as SBC President.

The plot to harm Tom Buck is now a full-scale case of blackmail as Woke Evangelicals attempt to muzzle the outspoken conservative pastor as the nation’s largest Protestant denomination prepares to elect its next president.

Jennifer Buck revealed, “My rough draft was spread around the SBC as gossip before we were blackmailed w/ it. Untold numbers had it – several admit having it. None will reveal who gave it to them. Is there not anyone with integrity in the SBC who will confess where they got it? Who are they covering for?”

How were Tom Buck and Jennifer Buck blackmailed with the rough draft of an essay?

Tom was told never to release the videos of the Zoom call with Willy Rice,” or else. With the or else being that a rough draft of his wife’s essay would be released to the public. An essay that detailed God’s healing in their marriage despite difficulties. A release would harm Buck’s reputation, family, and ministry, he was warned.

The message was clear: That is a nice ministry and family you have there. It would be a shame if anything happened to it.

One  mystery remains—who made the telephone call that warned Tom Buck to keep the videos secret or else?

So far, there is no evidence this case has been presented to police or federal investigators. However, there is probably enough here to justify such a referral. Certainly, this is dirty politics.

Evangelist Tim Lee pointed out the obvious—SBC Elites perfected the art of dirty politics against conservatives. He said, “People in the #SBC tried their best to destroy Pastor Mike Stone last year. A Godly man with high character and integrity. They did it on purpose just to accomplish a political victory for their candidate. Now it’s Deja Vu all over again. Pitiful.”

Why was Tom Buck targeted?

Tom Buck is a conservative Southern Baptist pastor who stands against the Leftward Drift of the SBC. He is against wokeness.

“Our senior pastor has been very vocal about many troubling issues in the SBC, like ERLC’s endorsement of Living Out, the SBC’s adoption of Resolution 9, and NAMB planting churches with women pastors, to name a few…But nothing our pastor has said gives SBC leaders the right to seek to destroy our pastor and his wife,” said a statement from the elders of First Baptist Church of Lindale, Texas.

The statement makes it clear that SBC leaders were involved in this attempt to intimidate Buck into silence. What is unclear are which SBC leaders. That remains to be determined.

Also, Tom Buck is one of a group of 13 Southern Baptists nominating Tom Ascol for SBC President.

The SBC Elite are petrified of Tom Ascol as SBC President.

He must be stopped. That means protecting Willy Rice.

Of course, there was no saving Willy Rice after Rice released the disastrous Friday video and Sunday sermon. Deacongate destroyed his campaign.

SBC Elites settled on Bart Barber.

Rice dropped out and the next day Barber was announced as a candidate for SBC President.

Barber has a long history of supporting lifelong Democrat Russell Moore.

Bart Barber was named as Chairman the Resolutions Committee for this year’s by—wait for it—Ed Litton.

Reportedly, Ed Litton and Litton’s associate Joshua Wester were part of a team advising Willy Rice. Also on that team, according to Protestia was Keith Whitfield.

SBC Underground broke the story that Keith Whitfield was the person who approached Karen Swallow Prior to verify the document.

Why did Whitfield, a provost at SEBTS and husband to a former SBC VP and current communications leader at J.D. Greear’s church, reach out to Karen Swallow Prior?

Because Karen Swallow Prior was the only person sent the draft by the Bucks.

“The only person with whom Jennifer shared the rough draft was Karen Prior,” according to elders of FBC Lindale.

Apparently, either intentionally or unintentionally, Karen Swallow Prior spread the essay around the SBC. Because, as Jennifer Buck said, many people involved with SBC politics on the side of Woke SBC Elites had the blackmail document.

Of course, why did Whitfield know to contact Karen Swallow Prior about the draft? Apparently, it was public knowledge that Karen Swallow Prior was the expert on this document. That in itself is informative.

Karen Swallow Prior & SBC Voices

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) is the nexus of those involved in the plot to harm Tom Buck. But from there it branches out to several SBC leaders and personalities including the progressive SBC Voices blog.

And it appears that Karen Swallow Prior intentionally was spreading the Jennifer Buck’s rough draft around to people—including, based on a leaked telephone recording, a writer for SBC Voices.

In this recording of a phone call between Tom Buck and Pastor of First Baptist Church Westwego Jay Adkins and Pastor Todd Benkert of Oak Creek Community Church, you can hear multiple lies from Adkins and Benkert.

That pastors lie like this is disgusting enough; however, at least Tom Buck exposed them both and got the truth.

You should note that Benkert first claims to have received the rough draft anonymously. Then, he says someone texted it to him—something rather interesting that becomes much more interesting when Benkert inadvertently reveals he was talking to Karen Swallow Prior around the time he got the draft.

“Why were you talking to Karen Pryor about it?” Buck asked.

The answer: “Because,” followed by a pause of about three seconds while he doesn’t know what to say. You can almost hear him cringe over how he just burned his source.

He then continued, “Because I know she is involved in this, so I needed to vent to somebody.”

Feel free to laugh.

Benkert has since deleted his once active Twitter account.

Does Todd Benkert’s Oak Creek Community Church know about Benkert’s lies and involvement in smearing Tom Buck?

Does Jay Adkins First Baptist Church of Westwego know about his lies and involvement in smearing Tom Buck?

Oh, and remember Bart Barber? The SBC Elite candidate for SBC President? Bart Barber has a long history of writing for and supporting SBC Voices. The Bart Barber archives at SBC Voices runs to 12 pages. And the SBC Voices crew is loudly supporting Bart Barber in his SBC Presidential bid.

Why are Bart Barber’s loudest and most enthusiastic supporters spreading around this rough draft?

Why are so many Bart Barber supporters in the SBC Elite attempting to blackmail Tom Buck?