Rump Executive Committee elects Woke, Leftists to top positions.

The Southern Baptist Convention’s rump Executive Committee elected new officers and in what should surprise nobody—the new chairman and vice-chairman are Woke. The EC lost several members in a mass protest resignation last year and the remaining members met Monday in Anaheim to elect new officers for the upcoming year.

Jared Wellman, a Woke stooge, was elected chairman and David Sons, a Woke supporter of Barack Obama was elected vice-chairman, according to the Tennessean.

Here is what you need to know about the new Leftists running the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. First, Wellman has lied about the Conservative Baptist Network and is an intensely Woke partisan who supported the Pro-LGBTQ Guidepost investigation.

What should alarm everyone is the pro-Barack Obama insanity from new Vice-chair David Sons. Sons claimed that Barack Obama “interweaves passages of Scripture into his eulogy for @repjohnlewis speaks to his familiarity with the text. Disagree with him politically if you like, but it is hard to doubt his knowledge of the Bible and of the Spirit who authored it.”

Catch that? David Sons claims the radical Leftist, anti-Christian and pro-abortion Barack Obama knows the Holy Spirit. In other words, Sons is claiming that pro-abortion Democrats like Obama are saved!

While Sons supported Obama, he shared Russell Moore’s deranged attacks on Donald Trump.

In other words, the Leftists are in charge of the Executive Committee. This makes it even more important that every single person in Anaheim turns out today to vote for Voddie Baucham at the Pastors’ Conference and turns out tomorrow to vote for Tom Ascol for SBC President and Javier Chavez for SBC Recording Secretary.

This is your last chance to Save the SBC.