SBC Voices, a site that divides the Southern Baptist Convention with conspiracy theories, was rebuked for sharing a demonstrably false attack on the Conservative Baptist Network. A post at written by SBC Executive Committee member and Conservative Baptist Network leader Rod D. Martin annihilates the SBC Voices lies.

Martin writes, “Jared is angry that his preferred candidates lost election after election last week by margins of 2-1 or greater (a point Jared conveniently omits). As is so often the case in today’s America, his response to repeated defeat is to claim that we cheat.”

How very Leftist!

Martin then offers four particularly important factual rebuttals to the lies published by SBC Voices and EC member Jared Wellman.

Martin sums it up: “I will not call on Jared to resign his office, as he did me. I will merely call on him to be ashamed of himself.”

Read it.

All of it.

Enjoy it.

Then read the Leftist tears published at SBC Voices and enjoy those too.

The SBC Voices crowd thinks they are entitled to run the SBC. However, the posts they publish are anything but representative of the SBC—they publish Dwight McKissic—an SBC pastor who bragged he voted for Hillary Clinton.

That’s not only sad. Voting for Hillary was evil. It was sinful. McKissick’s church should be considered for discipline and removal from the SBC.

But that is SBC Voices. They attack conservatives. They empower Leftists.

Fortunately, they are a dying website. As Rod D. Martin noted, “My response to Jared Wellman’s hit piece against us. I am told that 2,000 people PER MINUTE are reading it as we speak. I think the site where Jared published his libel has about 2,000 readers total.”

Thankfully, there are leaders like Rod D. Martin, Mike Stone and websites like Todd Starnes giving voice to the conservatives masses—masses oppressed by the SBC Elites who are in a hissy that Conservatives won the last round of EC elections.

Martin is right. This is a typical Leftist gambit. It is just like the 2016 Presidential Election. Hillary Clinton forgot where Wisconsin was, never visited it and lost the election. So, Hillary and her ilk accused Trump of cheating.

Now SBC Voices are acting just like political Leftists.


But informative. SBC Voices spreading these lies once again proves the need for the Conservative Baptist Network.