A politician who calls Tim Keller her pastor is running for Congress in NY-10 and earned a perfect score from Planned Parenthood while serving in the New York State Assembly. Yuh-Line Niou is a member of the Democratic Party serving District 65 in the New York Assembly. Niou had great praise for her pastor Tim Keller.

Yuh-Line Niou said, “An older but lovely and beautifully relevant article written by my pastor @timkellernyc that he just reposted.  Opinion | How Do Christians Fit Into the Two-Party System? They Don’t – The New York Times.”

One Twitter user noted that Niou calls herself a “proven progressive” and embraces Critical Race Theory. This is alarming.

However, what should most concern Christians is that Niou’s progressivism earned her a perfect score from Planned Parenthood.

You can see Planned Parenthood Empire State’s New York State Assembly rankings here. Niou earned a perfect rating. She supported Medicaid for Abortion funding in New York. She supported repealing the Walking While Trans Ban (which was a law repealing a 1976 law that police used to fight prostitution.) She supported Sexual and Reproductive Health for Incarcerated Individuals.

So, someone who calls Tim Keller their pastor has a perfect score for supporting abortion and voted to repeal a law designed to fight prostitution. Do you notice a trend here?

And Yuh-Line Niou’s record is uniformly bad on other issues too. She voted to expand Red Flag laws in New York.

Niou even voted for a bill making it illegal to threaten to report someone to ICE for being an illegal immigrant.

When Niou calls herself a progressive, she wasn’t kidding. She is a full-fledged leftist.

These are the people being discipled by Tim Keller. This is someone who should be under church discipline. Yet, Keller’s teachings on politics are what allow this to happen. Go back to the tweet where Niou reveals Keller is her pastor. In that tweet, Niou is praising Keller’s Third-Way on politics. Keller argues that it is OK for Christians to be members of any political party—they can even be socialists!

Keller argued in the New York Times, “I know of a man from Mississippi who was a conservative Republican and a traditional Presbyterian. He visited the Scottish Highlands and found the churches there as strict and as orthodox as he had hoped. No one so much as turned on a television on a Sunday. Everyone memorized catechisms and Scripture. But one day he discovered that the Scottish Christian friends he admired were (in his view) socialists. Their understanding of government economic policy and the state’s responsibilities was by his lights very left-wing, yet also grounded in their Christian convictions. He returned to the United States not more politically liberal but, in his words, ‘humbled and chastened.’ He realized that thoughtful Christians, all trying to obey God’s call, could reasonably appear at different places on the political spectrum, with loyalties to different political strategies.”

Keller’s teaching here is that a Christian can be a socialist—someone who thinks stealing the means of production (private property) through either high taxes or outright nationalization is acceptable. Thus, in Keller’s view, disobeying the commandment against stealing is just fine if the government does it.

Is it any wonder then that someone who calls Keller her pastor earned a perfect score from Planned Parenthood?

Discipleship matters. What the church teaches on discipleship makes that clear. How many pastors today mirror Keller’s Third-Way politics? This is a serious threat to the church!