David Platt's Social Justice Theology angers conservatives at McLean Bible Church.

Was David Platt granted the ability to foretell the future? How else could McLean Bible Church outline the vote results days before it concluded?

The elders of McLean Bible Church reported the results of a special called vote on a plan to resolve the dispute over last year’s elder election. (You might remember that after David Platt’s candidates lost the first round, Platt tried to cheat by eliminating secret ballot and expelling longtime members in order to deny them their vote.) Now something weird happened. Maybe it is nothing. Or, maybe it is just another sign that you can’t trust the leadership of McLean Bible Church.

The results of the vote held May 18-22, 2022, were announced in an Elder Update dated May 19.

The date was quickly changed when that detail was noticed by online observers. Yet, as you can see in this video—the information was dated May 19 and contained the vote information for the entire May 18-22 vote.


Did David Platt and the elders prophecy the future?

Maybe, like Pravda or Izvestia, they were able to write the news before it happened. Platt has based his McLean Bible Church regime on Stalin’s leadership tactics—after all eliminating the secret ballot is one sharp way of doing business. Sure, it is Stalin’s way but what really matters is maintaining Platt’s Lifestyle of the Rich & Radical.

In any case, with the “overwhelming” vote by the Rump Church (see Rump Parliament) the leadership of McLean Bible Church will attempt to “moot” the court case.

Those very words were used by MBC leadership in a story published by the Washington Times.

According to the Times, “If the church [members are] willing to do that, then it moots the lawsuit, it makes the lawsuit unnecessary because the church has an opportunity now to not only address all the things they’re saying we need to do, but also to express unity that this is indeed who we want to lead the church.”

Moots. That is an interesting term that you hear mostly from lawyers.

So, it seems reasonable that the entire “vote” is part of the legal strategy of McLean Bible Church to avoid accountability for the last year of its actions.

Will it work?

Who knows. Platt is the prophet—someone should consult the DC area Sibylline Oracles and see what his writings say.