A letter to those fighting Big Eva

If the command of the Apostle is not enough to compel you to uniformity, then let me put the practical case. We face an existential crisis. We have enemies in Church and State. This is life or death. What you do now will determine if we have liberty or face the gulag.

Our enemies in the State have erected a Ministry of Truth. The new Minister of Truth is Nina Jancowiz; she once performed profane Harry Potter songs in a “wizarding band” and sings about misinformation on Tik Tok. She is deranged.

Our enemies in Church are agents of deconstruction. These men and women pushed the church toward Critical Race Theory. When that was exposed as a Trojan Horse, they moved toward other attacks—they slur Culture Warriors as Christian Nationalists or those who believe the Bible prohibits women from preaching as proponents of patriarchy. Who knows what the Wokevangelicals will do next—however, rest assured the Woke are unified in their war against the Church.

Absorb that fact.

The Woke are unified.

Do you not understand how serious this is?

If so, why do we have people hunkered down in their own bunkers? Why do we have conservatives building their own kingdoms? Why do we have internal disagreements advertised to our enemies? It is bad enough to have internal problems; however, advertising this weakness to our opponents increases our dangers.

There will be a new chances for division in the ranks of conservatives. It is the only way leftists will destroy us.

However, let us remember that differences of opinion or tactics do not necessarily make someone an enemy.

As Thomas Jefferson said in his First Inaugural, “Every difference of opinion is not a difference of principle. We have called by different names brethren of the same principle. We are all Republicans; we are all Federalists.”

The only way to defeat the forces which threaten our liberty is to build a coalition.

We must unite the small streams of each of our groups into a larger river. What stands against a brook must be swamped by the rushing river. Thus, it is not the constant canalizing of each stream of resistance that will bring victory. The streams of our factions, traditions, and groups must flow together to become a great rushing torrent of reactionary counterrevolution.

Authoritarians are everywhere. Do you not realize it? Michael O’Fallon has warned you. Rod Dreher has warned you. Ben Shapiro has warned you. Why do you not recognize how late the hour is when such a diverse group of conservatives from vastly different traditions are warning you about the same things?

There are key battles coming within the next few months. The Southern Baptist Convention must elect a new president in June. The congressional midterms are this November.

These are pivotal tests.

Will conservatives win?

Not without putting aside petty differences and working together. This is how we can protect our families from the false brethren in church and state.