A member of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention trivialized and mocked the suffering inflicted by SBC Elites on conservative pastor Tom Buck and his wife Jennifer Buck.

Adam Wyatt took to Twitter to offer some vague, unrequested but sage advice.

Wyatt said, “Just saying: I don’t give privileged and private information to any person I don’t trust.”

Of course, everyone knew he was talking about the situation involving Tom and Jennifer Buck.

Wyatt was immediately challenged about it.

Jeff Wright asked, “Adam, I gotta ask since SBC Twitter is taking a look at what SEBTS did to Tom & Jennifer Buck: is this to be read in that context? I ask because, if so, it sure looks like victim blaming. I’ll be glad to hear what prompted the tweet if it isn’t related to the Bucks.”

And Wyatt makes it worse—instead of saying it does not involve the Bucks, Wyatt mocks the suffering of Tom and Jennifer Buck.

Believe it or not I don’t see all my tweets through the lens of SBC drama,” Wyatt said.


What the Bucks are going through is much more than drama.

Calling it drama reveals Adam Wyatt’s partisan, mean spirit.

Wyatt is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee. The Executive Committee has come under fire for its alleged mishandling of abuse claims and for mistreating abuse victims.

Tom and Jennifer Buck are abuse survivors as they revealed in a tearful video released last night.

“I thought when somebody suffered abuse in their past, they were supposed to be cared for and the reality is we have felt anything but that,” Tom Buck said.

Of course, Adam Wyatt’s latest tweet is another sign of how seared the consciences are of SBC Elites.

In case you don’t know the story: Tom and Jennifer Buck had a private rough draft shared by SBC Elites in an attempt to disparage, mock and destroy conservative Pastor Tom Buck.

SBC Executive Committee member Adam Wyatt shows just how little SBC Elites care about abuse survivors.

As Tom Buck said, “We just want them to care. Caring well would be an excess at this point,” Tom Buck said. “Right now, they don’t care at all.”