Another day and Bart Barber still has not repented of his slander of conservative members of First Baptist Church of Naples, Florida. Barber spread lies about members of FBC Naples—specifically, he lied about the sentiments of the members who were concerned about and voted against hiring a pastor they feared was Woke.

As you can see in this tweet from SBC Presidential candidate Bart Barber, he did not care to hear the side of the church members—he simply spread the lies and called the members of FBC Naples “miscreants” and persons who “disseminated racist sentiments.”

SBC Presidential candidate Bart Barber said, “Celebrating the 81% is the point of considering disciplinary action against anyone who disseminated racist sentiments to influence this process. Congregationalism in its better forms doesn’t leave a whole church holding the bag for what a few miscreants did.”

In an earlier tweet in that thread, Barber urges the church leadership to toss out these “miscreants” from the church.

SBC Presidential candidate Bart Barber said, “Hey @FBCNaples, your governing documents probably do not require a supermajority to remove from membership those people who espouse sentiments or take actions contrary to your church’s statement of faith. Afterwards, it is likely that they do not have voting privileges.”

Removing those “miscreants” and racists from FBC Naples via church discipline and excommunication would then clear the way to strongarm into the church the guy Bart Barber and SBC Elites wanted as pastor.

So much for each Baptist church being independent!

You can get the backstory here: What you need to know about the First Baptist Naples Crisis and here: Woke Purges & Show Trials and what FBC Naples reveals about the future of the SBC. However, why not listen to the actual members side of things?

The members had evidence from social media and a Q&A session held at the church; however, Barber and his ilk didn’t care. The church didn’t hire the many they wanted, and so the people were declared racists.

And Bart Barber has yet to repent of his participation in the political smear perpetrated on the members of FBC Naples.

What kind of President of the Southern Baptist Convention do you think he will make given his unrepentant attitude and willingness to smear people as holding “racist sentiments?”