Another Ed Litton tactic used by Willy Rice.

This time Willy Rice deleted a blog post talking about Sex Abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention.

A February 11, 2019, Pastor’s Blog post by Willy Rice headlined “Sexual Abuse in the SBC” has disappeared from the church website.



“Many churches are still too lax in their policies and seem all too willing to give an offender a ‘second chance’. It should be said that no one who ever sexually abuses a child should ever, EVER, get a second chance at gospel ministry,” Willy Rice wrote. (Oh, you need the link to the saved version. Here you go.)


Ever, Ever?

Maybe this blog post was disappeared because when Willy Rice wrote this, he now says he knew a church deacon committed sexual sin that some would call abuse.

Reportedly, the abuse involved an incident in 2005 where a high school teacher resigned after having sex with an 18-year-old student. The mother of the alleged victim says the teacher was “repeatedly calling” for a long time before the girl’s 18th birthday.

“What a way to lose your virginity,” the mom told the newspaper in 2005.

Now that Rice is running for President of the Southern Baptist Convention, Rice terminated the deacon.

Rice terminated this blog post too.


It shows the hypocrisy of SBC Elites.  They say one thing while doing another.

There is one consistent thing they do however—they follow the Richard Nixon play of deleting the evidence.

Big Eva (Evangelicalism) likes to hide the evidence. If you are an Evangelical Elite, then it is a way of life. Say something stupid that sounds an awful lot like Critical Race Theory? Our seminaries will delete the video and pretend it never existed.

Plagiarized sermons like Ed Litton? You and your church will delete the sermons off YouTube and then lie about the reasons.

Why worry about it? People will forget!

Willy Rice appears to be following the same path. Previously, Willy Rice deleted a blog post attacking Trump voters as idolators.

Rice wasn’t finished with the deletions then.

Is he now?

What else lurks?