Director of Enemies Within the Church organizing aid for persecuted Christians. Urgent need following terror attacks on remote Christian villages, Judd Saul says in social media post.

Christians in the West face increasing repression. However, Christians in other parts of the world face intense persecution. In fact, there was an attack on Christians last night in Kaduna, Nigeria that killed 30 people, according to Judd Saul with the Equipping the Persecuted ministry.

The ministry helps with needs for remote Christians providing aid to widows, orphans and even help with organizing village security to prevent attacks.

Judd Saul is the director of the acclaimed film Enemies Within the Church and works through the ministry Equipping the Persecuted. According to Saul, terrorists focus on children and elderly in their attacks.

Saul posted on Facebook, “Another attack in Kaduna Nigeria happened last night. 30 people dead several more wounded and many homes and businesses were all burned. Our team is still tallying the damage and getting an accurate report…We are raising funds for our upcoming trip to Nigeria. That being said, we need funds ASAP to help out the wounded and the survivors of these attacks.”

The image attached to this story above is one of the victims of the attack. The child suffered a machete attack to his face, Saul said. He said some images were too graphic for posting on social media.

Saul said donations to aid victims can be given online.

Saul said, “Our team is assessing the needs, if you can spare anything extra to help these guys out please donate now to www. . Please take the time out of your schedule to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Nigeria, please pray for our mission.”

You can find out more about Equipping the Persecuted here. You can read how some of the aid was utilized from previous aid trips to Nigeria—including this 2021 trip.

The director of Enemies in the Church is out there fighting real oppression and injustice and not the fake kind invented by Neo-Marxists. You can join the fight too.