Leftist TGC wants to update the work of men like R.C. Sproul, Norman Geisler and John MacArthur with modern scholars.

The Gospel Coalition, a group that discredited itself by embracing the Woke Social Justice movement, is now discussing how to revise and update the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy.

In a new post, The Gospel Coalition writes, “In recent decades, with renewed objections to this doctrine, we’ve challenged a new generation to not only freshly defend, embrace, and champion biblical inerrancy but also to live it out. To that end, TGC is hosting a series about the need to revise and clarify arguments in light of new hermeneutical and cultural arguments.”

In other words, The Gospel Coalition wants to update the work of men like the late R.C. Sproul, the late Norman Geisler, and the legendary John MacArthur with input from contemporary scholars. You can read this to learn about the Chicago Statement and its importance to evangelicalism.

Dr. Bill Roach, a co-author with Dr. Geisler on Defending Inerrancy said, “2015-2021: TGC Endorses Wokeness and Social Justice 2022: TGC Calls for Re-Formulating the Classic Doctrine of Inerrancy. See a trend?!”

Yes, there is a trend. It should alarm everyone.

Especially, as Dr. Roach points out this is an attempt “to revise the most dominant evangelical document of the last 40 years concerning our highest authority the doctrine of Scripture.”

The group that went Woke now wants to update how evangelical Christians understand the doctrine of inerrancy.

No doubt, this will end well.

Remember, a Gospel Coalition leader urged Christians to vote for Hillary Clinton and one blog blamed all white people for the murder of Martin Luther King, and TGC’s website hosted a slander of Kyle Rittenhouse calling Rittenhouse a mass shooter and comparing the Rittenhouse self-defense shooting to the murder perpetrated by Dylan Roof. Also, TGC has called nationalism (the idea that nations deserve self-determination) a heresy. And not to forget, TGC has lied about the American Family Association. Oh, and TGC urged churches to submit and close during the pandemic.

Seriously, one could list item after item showing the Woke Leftist leaning of TGC. In fact, here is a bonus from Dr. Voddie Baucham’s book Fault Lines: Social Justice and Antiracist advocate Jemar Tisby is listed over 40 times on the TGC website. 40 times.

TGC makes very clear it moved Left over the last decade.

Now, this Leftist organization wants to reimagine, perhaps deconstruct, the Chicago Statement on Inerrancy.

How do you feel about that?