A recently surfaced document from David Platt reveals the calculated process of how he and his wingmen toppled McLean Bible Church’s 60-year leadership structure and ultimately seized power. The document requests the elders defer practically all authority to Platt and his directors. The elder board would be left to “provide oversight for fiduciary prudence… doctrinal purity… veto outrageous ministry.”

Having determined to undermine the elder board, Platt elevated three woke yes-men as the elders on July 18, 2021, even after the congregation rejected them at the June 30th, 2021, congregational meeting, for not meeting the biblical qualifications according to 1 Timothy, Titus, 1 Peter, and Acts.

Given the constitutional requirement that there be elders who are the “final authority”, Platt, as the authoritarian dictator that he is, simply found biblically illiterate fanboys to add to the existing cadre of weak-kneed “elders.” The July 18, 2021, McLean Bible Church “business meeting” was merely a symbolic ceremony for Platt’s installed figureheads.

But the genius behind Platt’s installation of the current elder board is that the board actually believes it has authority. Platt handpicked simple men, credulous men, and stroked their egos. He identified timid followers, who lack even a basic understanding of scripture, knowing their woke doctrine complemented his own.

Platt and his wingmen now enjoy full control of McLean Bible Church. This has been evidenced by the inability of the elders to provide answers to even elementary questions from the congregation, showing they are either intentionally covering up information, or completely obtuse. Platt’s current elder board is naïve beyond belief, which meets the criteria for what Platt, his wingman, and the grand puppeteer need.

The last six months have made it increasingly evident to the congregation that these confused elders lack any legitimate real-world leadership experience. They are lemmings, parroting whatever Platt and his wingman tell them to say. The grand puppeteer as a whole must be counting its blessings that Platt and his wingman have these six clueless characters, willing to dance and prance as ordered.

It is not every day one finds six men who, knowingly or unknowingly, are willing to have their strings pulled. Time will tell, but until then, the (puppet) show must/will go on.