SBC Annual Meeting set for Anaheim—but why?

If you plan to attend the Southern Baptist Convention’s Annual Meeting 2021 set for the People’s Republic of California, then you could face a requirement to prove your vaccination status and wear a mask.

According to the latest information posted by Anaheim, indoor meetings of over 1,000 people require both proof of vaccination or a negative test and masking for both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Effective December 15, 2021, the California Department of Public Health is requiring:

Masks to be worn in all indoor public settings regardless of vaccine status through January 15, 2022, in which California will make further recommendations as needed.

Attendees to provide one of the following prior to attending an event:

Proof of vaccination

OR A negative antigen COVID-19 test within one day of the event

OR A negative PCR test within two days of the event

Note that this guidance from California on masking is set for “further recommendations” on January 15. It could be allowed to expire. Of course, this is California.

There is no guarantee this will not become a permanent fixture for any convention held in the state. For example, Oregon drafted rules to make mask wearing indefinite, in other words, permanent.

Which prompts every conservative to ask: Why have SBC Elites continued with the plan to hold the Annual Meeting in California despite the Covid hysteria of Blue States?

Not only is it a costly trip far from where most Southern Baptists live, but it subjects messengers to the hassle of public travel where deranged Karens are ready to harass anyone who disobeys Woke mask orthodoxy.

Also, it subjects Southern Baptists to the requirement of invasive COVID testing or taking a vaccination for the privilege of attending.

The meeting should have been moved months ago.

Will these requirements go away prior to the June meeting? Why would anyone expect the Woke tyrants to change their behavior at this point?

SBC Elites really don’t care if the vaccination rules stay or go.

They are fine if it discourages conservatives from attending.

They do not care if the trip is too expensive for the average Southern Baptists.

These fat cats collecting salaries paid for by the tiny, rural churches are more than happy if fewer people attend the Annual Meeting. That way, they can have an easier time controlling the outcome of elections by doing exactly what the Washington Post revealed NAMB did in 2021—pay for people to attend and vote for Woke plagiarist, unrepentant liar, and MSNBC darling Ed Litton.

The fact that SBC entities are paying for messengers to attend the Annual Meeting is a disgrace. It is vote rigging to such a degree that it should horrify all.

And this unseemly tactic looms ever larger with the SBC Annual Meeting set for such a distant, unfriendly land.

Once again, SBC Elites do not care about the average SBC pastors or messenger. They are happy holding a convention at a place that furthers Joe Biden’s unconstitutional mask mandate. Doubt the SBC Elites are in favor of this government overreach? Just pay attention to how SEBTS is forcing healthy, young students (in other words those who really do not need the vaccine) to become vaccinated in order to take mission trips necessary to complete their degree.

It is clear: SBC Elites care more about lucre and pleasing CNN that serving the people of the Southern Baptist Convention.