Samford University goes Woke, mandates CRT-inspired diversity in coursework, trainings.

REPORT: Samford University executive overseeing new racially inspired diversity training tweeted attacks on white people.

Another Baptist institution of higher learning has fallen to the Woke Revolution. Samford University in Homewood just outside of Birmingham, Alabama, mandates Woke indoctrination in its core classes. Samford was founded by Alabama Baptists in 1841.

According to a report in First Things, “Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, promises to spread it (Wokeness) to every class on campus. The university recently released a ‘Report of the Task Force on Racial Justice’ that recommends lessons on anti-racism be inserted in both core curriculum and disciplinary courses across the university. That means that math, science, and music classes must take out something to make room for lectures on why America is systemically racist.”

This is the bitter fruits of Wokeness.

Now, it is no longer isolated at elite and secular institutions. It is spreading through Christian higher education around America.

And that is not all. First Things tells us a little about the racial motivations behind the top Samford leadership promoting the Woke indoctrination. The Samford University administrator tasked with overseeing the curricula changes has tweeted or retweeted racially infused rhetoric that appears to be influenced by CRT.

According to First Things, “The man commissioned to oversee those curricular changes has retweeted messages that ‘some white people were going to have to die’ for lynching to stop, that we live in a white supremacist society, and that America is no different today from what it was in the 1950s and ’60s.”

Also, the racial identity politics is not restricted to the classrooms. Even extracurricular activities must further indoctrinate.

According to First Things, “The Samford Report, recently endorsed by its board of trustees, recommends that every student organization be required to stage at least one event on race each year ‘to remain in good status with the university.’ Parents might wonder why a math or chess club must talk about race in order to survive.”

While Samford was founded by Baptists, its relationship with the Alabama Baptist Convention changed in 1994, when Samford’s trustee board became self-perpetuating—thus eliminating oversight of its trustees by the Alabama Baptist Convention. In 2017, Samford voluntarily stopped receiving CP money from the Alabama Baptist Convention.

Check out the entire First Things article as it also examines the Woke infiltration of Wheaton and Baylor.