Banana Republic at McLean Bible Church as regime threatens anyone speaking at a Congregational Meeting.

By now you have probably watched the video of McLean Bible Church’s July 18 Congregational Meeting. That video exposed the way the MBC regime conducts itself–ignoring parliamentary procedure in an effort to silence longtime ministry leaders seeking to address the assembly.

In other words, MBC Elites ignore the concerns of the church family. So, it will come as no surprise how MBC operated during the prior June 30 business meeting. In that meeting church security opened with this friendly and welcoming greeting.

Here is a transcript of how McLean Bible Church engages with dissent.

“If any person disrupts or shouts out at any point during the meeting, whoever is speaking on stage at that point will immediately back away from the microphone while our security team immediately comes to escort that person out of the meeting.

“If you are sitting near the person who has disrupted or shouted out during the meeting, please feel free to move away from that area appropriately and expediently. This will help both you and our security team or FRT team.

“If anyone disrupts or shouts out during the meeting and refuses to leave with our First Response Team then security and possible law enforcement will be asked to intervene.

“If anyone here is representing any sort of media, official or unofficial, including online platforms blog or social media channels, etc. we ask that you would identify yourself. This is a private meeting of McLean Bible church family and is not open to media so we kindly ask that you would leave the meeting at this point.”

This is Big Evangelicalism. This is the regime telling you to sit down, shut up, and do what they say–and oh, don’t forget to keep giving.

This is what a Banana Republic looks like. Remember, this church even eliminated its secret ballot!