Ed Litton must resign or be forced to resign, says Pennsylvania SBC pastor as videos show ‘pathetic’ sermon plagiarism.

Churches and faithful Christians must rethink partnership with SBC if it does not call Ed Litton to repent and resign over Sermongate plagiarism scandal.

A bi-vocational pastor of a Southern Baptist church in Pennsylvania called for Ed Litton to resign as SBC President. In a video posted to YouTube, Pastor Mike Murray said he typically does not follow SBC politics; however, he is alarmed at Litton’s plagiarism. Murray is pastor of Grace Fellowship Church of Levittown, Pa.

Here are a few important quotes from the video.

“I’ve been here for about 12 years and not, honestly, I have not honestly paid that much attention to what goes on in the SBC all of the time. I’m a busy bi-vocational pastor. I work part-time in a local emergency room as an RN and I’m just busy, as you know, and busy with caring for this flock. But someone at the church brought to my attention the plagiarism scandal with Ed Litton.

“I had previously heard that the most progressive candidate won for president of the SBC. I also heard that he was woke, and that he preached with his wife. Even though he did deny that women preached at his church there is video evidence of him preaching at church with his wife. And I watched the videos of him plagiarizing J.D. Greear, and that was very sad. It was really pathetic. Not only did he blatantly plagiarize the sermons and not give J.D. Greear credit, but he also acted as if experiences that J.D. Greear had were his own experiences. In other words, he shared sermon examples as if they were from his personal experience when they were in fact experiences of J.D. Greear…

To be clear this is not a matter of failing to give credit in one isolated quotation or a single sermon example or two examples. This is far more egregious. He oftentimes repeats line for line, sometimes word for word the flow the content and the structure of J.D. Greear’s sermons. It is nothing less than obvious blatant plagiarism. That’s why the world is reporting it as such. It’s dishonest and it’s stealing. It’s actually, it’s disgustingly dishonest

“It also bewildered me that having been caught in doing that he would not step down. That’s very baffling and if for example if he had been caught in adultery, there would be a universal call for him to step down. If he had been caught abusing someone physically or emotionally, there’d be universal call and he would have had to step down. Certainly, any examples of racism or anything like that, well this is also an egregious sin. Plagiarizing is blatant stealing, and as I said, it’s disgustingly dishonest…

Ed Litton needs to step down he needs to step down now. And if he doesn’t I don’t think we as Christians here serving the Lord preaching God’s Word, I don’t think we can be associated with a group that is not going to call him and force him to step down. So, he needs to step down now. And may God have mercy on us and on the SBC and may He advance his work in this world. Amen.”

Again, it is worth highlighting this: Murray works as a pastor and as a RN in the local hospital Emergency Department and does not have the time to follow what happens in Southern Baptist Convention politics. There are about 47,000 SBC churches. At the SBC Convention in Nashville, only 5,570 churches were represented.

While the 5,570 churches sending messengers was higher than many recent meetings, it is still unrepresentative of the typical Southern Baptist church. You should read Mark DeVine’s essay highlighting the divide between SBC Elites and rank-and-file Southern Baptists. In the aptly titled, Southern Baptist Elites May Be Woke, But Southern Baptists Are Not, DeVine explains that it is “not easy to rouse the Southern Baptist masses to activism,” but once roused, history shows the SBC masses willing to fight.

This is what we are seeing in conservative churches across America.

Conservative Christians are not going to take the Woke teachings any longer.

From McLean Bible Church in the elite suburbs of Washington, DC, where the masses are voting with their feet and the remnant with their ballots to end David Platt’s abusive reign, to these small town churches led by faithful bi-vocational ministers, the SBC Elite and Big Eva Wokesters are being put on notice.