Rod Martin: We have duty to run candidate against admitted plagiarist SBC President Ed Litton.

Newly elected Southern Baptist Convention President Ed Litton is likely to be challenged at the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting set for Anaheim in 2022. Traditionally, an SBC President is unopposed if he stands for re-election; however, the plagiarism scandal and significant policy differences between Ed Litton’s Woke Agenda and conservatives change the dynamic.

Speaking on the Sword & the Trowel Podcast, Conservative Baptist Network co-founded Rod Martin said if Ed Litton does not resign, Christians have an obligation to challenge his re-election in 2022.

“If we had elected Mike Stone, if we had flipped just 300 votes out of 15,000 and Mike Stone were president of the SBC right now, they would already be running someone against him,” Martin said. “I have no qualms about running somebody against an admitted plagiarist who is currently President of the SBC. I think that we have a duty to run someone against an admitted plagiarist serving as President of the SBC.”

Martin said not only should Litton expect a challenge if he runs for re-election, but that Litton’s sinfulness merits church discipline.

“Moreover, I don’t understand why he’s not subject to church discipline right now,” Martin said. Indeed, if someone were to file a complaint with the Credentials Committee against the church who has an admitted plagiarist in its pulpit, I think that would be germane and worthwhile. But even if he were the nicest guy in the world, we have meaningful and significant disagreements on the future of the SBC and how it should be conducted and who should be appointed to these different boards. So, I think it would be completely justified and reasonable to run somebody against him in Anaheim. And I fully expect that that you will see a candidate against him in Anaheim.”

Here is the latest on Ed Litton’s plagiarism scandal and Sermongate.

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