Redemption Church makes lame excuse for hiding the evidence in Sermongate

Redemption Church released one of the dumbest statements ever. Seriously, read this defense for the church hiding over 140 sermons by Ed Litton. The sermons disappeared following bombshell allegations that Litton plagiarized a sermon on Romans.

According to BP, “By the action of the leadership at Redemption Church we have taken down sermon series prior to 2020 because people were going through sermons in an attempt to discredit and malign our pastor,” the statement from the elders said. “It is our highest priority to care for and shepherd our church.”

Hiding evidence shows that the leadership of Redemption Church knows a closer scrutiny of Ed Litton’s sermons would be damning.

There is no other explanation.

You can see new videos exposing Ed Litton’s alleged plagiarism and see Justin Peters making a new plagiarism allegation from this most recent Sunday sermon.

So, instead of prioritizing the reputation of the church, these “leaders” are protecting Ed Litton.

This is not the action of shepherds. This is the action of enablers.

The elders at Redemption Church are obviously not interested in shepherding their church. If they were, they would not hide sermons.

Instead, they would welcome the scrutiny. A thorough investigation would give the church members, the community, and the Southern Baptist Convention the confidence that this was not a widespread problem.

Hiding the evidence shows that Redemption Church, the elders and even Ed Litton himself knows that there is much more to be found in those hidden sermons.

The question now really becomes what did the elders at Redemption Church know about Ed Litton’s plagiarism, and when did they know it?

Redemption Church’s action discredited itself. It shows their instinct is not to deal with issues openly. No, the goal is to bury it in hopes it will go away.

This shows Ed Litton cannot be trusted to handle abuse allegations or any allegations. He has abandoned any semblance of moral authority.

He must resign at once.