Ed Litton goes Woke at SBC 2019

How Woke is the new president of the Southern Baptist Convention? Well, Ed Litton’s social media paints an interesting picture—it shows a Southern Baptist pastor willing to make his church look bad so he can virtue signal on Twitter.

The new SBC President Ed Litton tweeted, “When we acknowledge Black History Month in a predominantly White Congregation, I am asked, Why not White History Month? My answer; ‘Every month is White history month.’”

This tweet is interesting on so many levels. First, the new SBC President Ed Litton has no black church staff listed on his church website .

That’s right, the new SBC President who makes a point of telling his “White Congregation” all about Black History Month does not even have a black person on his church staff.

If that does not capture the spirit of Wokeness, then I don’t know what does.

Second, does this really happen, or is this a convenient opportunity to virtue signal via Twitter?

What astounds me about modern day pastors like Ed Litton is that instead of caring for their congregation and loving them like children, these pastors run to social media to make the congregation look bad.  

And that is just what Ed Litton did. He made those who attend Redemption Church look like they begrudge Black History Month. It makes his congregation look petty.

That’s an odd thing to do for someone trying to foster racial reconciliation.

It is not an odd thing to do for someone looking to virtue signal.

Maybe pastors, especially pastors whose website recently contained a heretical description of the Trinity, should spend less time virtue signaling to the Woke Twitter mob and more time on doing the job of a pastor.

That might actually result in real racial reconciliation.

Virtue signaling on Twitter won’t do it.