The new Southern Baptist Convention President talks about racial reconciliation but has no people of color listed on his church staff page.

Ed Litton, the new Southern Baptist Convention president, has no black staff members at Redemption Church. The lack of diversity on his church staff stands in stark contrast with Ed Litton’s public calls for racial reconciliation.

Litton was described by the secular press “as the man best equipped to build bridges and promote unity.” Also, the mainstream media gushed that Ed Litton is “a new president who has worked to bridge racial divides in the church.”

In 2019, Litton preached a sermon to the Southern Baptist Convention Pastor’s Conference where he blamed the pastors in attendance for lynchings dating back to the 19th century.

However, how much of Litton’s rhetoric is reflected in his church management? Does Ed Litton practice what he preaches?

A review of Redemption Church of Mobile, Alabama staff page on its website shows a lack of diversity.

In other words, it looks very white.

Where are the People of Color?

Also, where is the diversity policy?

In other words, Litton says one thing and does another.

Of course, this isn’t shocking. This is the same type of thing done by Russell Moore. Russell Moore talked and talked about diversity and racial reconciliation; however, as we reported in 2020, the ERLC had no black workers on staff.

It is all about the photo op and saying the right things for the Washington Post.

However, this sure seems like saying one thing for the press and doing another.

Isn’t there a word for that?

Leftists always talk more than they act. They are always willing to demand action of others—action they are often unwilling or too indolent to take for themselves.

It looks like even though Russell Moore has left the Southern Baptist Convention that it will still have someone willing to virtue signal to the mainstream press—while doing nothing about it other than talking.