What will he do about Kevin Ezell’s betrayal?

The seminal moment of the 2021 Southern Baptist Convention came when Al Mohler was asked about Ed Litton’s heretical view of the Trinity.

This moment came during the Seminary President’s Combined Report to the Southern Baptist Convention’s Annual Meeting. Mohler was asked by a very articulate speaker about Ed Litton’s Church Statement on God that can only described as Partialism—something called a heresy by many theologians and error by others.

For example, Dr. James White, author of a book on the Trinity, said, “No one with a serious understanding of historic Christian theology says the divine Persons are ‘three parts of God.’ The statement was in error, and naive. Take it for what it says.”

So, the Southern Baptist Convention elected a man who not only lied about Critical Race Theory by calling it a hoax, but someone with an unorthodox or at least sloppy theology of God.

This is becoming a trend in the Southern Baptist Convention.

But back to Al Mohler.

He was asked to comment because he remains highly influential. Yes, Al Mohler still has power despite his defeat by Woke forces and conservatives. Coming in third was not what Al Mohler or his supporters wanted.

However, Al Mohler’s third-place finish was not really the handiwork of the Conservative Baptist Network.

No. His third-place finish was the direct result of his former protégé Kevin Ezell.

As we now know, Ezell used NAMB to collude with the Ed Litton Presidential campaign.

In other words, speaking in a language that a Winston Churchill fan like Al Mohler would understand, Robert Harley was toppled by Henry St. John. Oxford was broken by Bolingbroke.

However, just like history, one should not expect Oxford to go quietly.

The future of the Southern Baptist Convention and Al Mohler’s legacy depends on how Mohler responds to this affront by a man who leads NAMB because of Mohler’s beneficence. If history is a guide, this means Mohler will have much to say in the coming months.